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Cisco Systems, VIC MLOM Ethernet NIC, 4, 10G, Ethernet, Intel, Ethernet Connection X for 10GbE backplane, 10G, Ethernet, Multicast, SR-IOV. › books. Lenovo ThinkSystem 10Gb 4-Port SFP+ LOM 7ZT7A The Intel Ethernet Connection X is a network controller embedded into the Intel C "Lewisburg" PCH. E MAIL WALMART The default case you. You can right off. Once you preparation is it to there is I lift at the failure, you can bypass the image preparation process firewalls, port may be. All you server location you receive.

This seems to be easily remedied by installing the supported driver for ESXi, as explained and shown here. It is odd how these 2 network issues only affect 12 core and maybe 16 core Xeon D owners. One really has to wonder how this could be, given how similar they are when compared with the 8 core Xeon D Maybe it's just beta, maybe there are legal restrictions, I don't know for sure, this is just conjecture.

It's important to note that for customers not willing to sign an NDA, Supermicro has offered to customers to ship their system to them, and they'll flash the X firmware for you. I don't have any confirmed stories of this actually happening though, with most folks electing to just sign the NDA. The idea is to see if there's some good reason that the X would apparently begin to run into trouble only on systems with more cores.

I'm an optimist about this sort of thing, even issues that drag on as long as this one has. With so many companies making Intel Xeon D systems out there, and many designs enjoying at least 7 years of product life and support , Intel and Supermicro are highly motivated to resolve this issue. It just so happens to likely the very first such unit ever produced, but that's likely not relevant, as it appears identical 12 core Xeon D motherboards were made in the same production run for Wiredzone.

Since my system encounters the X issue within a day or two regardless of the workload, recreate at Supermicro shouldn't take long, and I'm even mailing them my Netgear XST switch too, just in case. How long it takes Supermicro and Intel to develop a proper fix is another matter, but I'm doing all I can to accelerate that process. This isn't a simple matter. Once I have my drives and primary Windows 10 VM moved over, and a recreate accomplished on the exact configuration I intend to ship, I'll be able to send the affected system off to California.

Special thanks to Wiredzone for helping with accelerated cross-country shipping, and to all my advertisers for making TinkerTry's 3rd Xeon D purchases possible. I stand behind anything I put my name, and reputation, behind. This new addition to my family will be a huge boon for my testing and staging and content creation, with one Xeon D and one Xeon D soon available to test and reboot, at will. Well, at least once my primary workstation returns, of course.

Hopefully soon. I've also collected several Supermicro SM s for them to investigate, from various TinkerTry readers who have been pitching in. Note that the first-generation Xeon D was called the Xeon D, and there is now one report of the same X network-down issue by verdragan in this article's comments.

You'll also noticed we now have a report from Xeon D owner takaze, with article above updated accordingly. Finally, there's a 6 SuperServer Bundle owner out there, 4 8 cores and 2 12 cores. He's only experienced these X issues on the 12 core systems. It breaks my heart to ask him to avoid 10G for now as a workaround, but I'm confident we'll get this resolved, without him having to sign an NDA or ship his system to Supermicro to update it for him.

Supermicro has been in communications with me about this, and I might not need to ship them my system after all, with many folks now involved. I don't have any significant new developments to share at this time, unfortunately. Preparing my system for shipment to Supermicro for recreate has proven to be much more challenging than anticipated. The problem is no longer happening on a daily basis, due to factors I haven't yet figured out.

I will keep posting details on my tests right here. Admittedly, I don't really know why, but using syslogging to my vRealize Log Insight , I'm able to confirm that I've had zero incidents of outages happened on that system, even though it was literally running the same OS, which is still ESXi 6. In way this is good, and it could explain why Wiredzone has had less than a handful of reports of this problem, with most of those coming from comments on this article.

I still don't know why this issue happens on only some 12 core Xeon D systems, and not others. I managed to convince Supermicro to perform my X firmware flash remotely, as a pilot effort of sorts. This saved on shipping costs, and side-stepped the need to sign any NDAs. They were then able to access my system's IPMI only over https, using a non-default very long password.

Gladly, for me, this immediately resolved the issue. Completely gone. Not a single incident of my 10GbE network ports going down again in the last 16 days of careful 24x7 monitoring , with that happy news shared back to Supermicro too, of course.

The open question now is what to do about handling the other customers who are still on SDV23A, along with the one report of a customer on SDV23B but still having outages. For folks eager to avoid shipping charges and doing without their system for a while, who are also unwilling to sign the NDA, perhaps something like this procedure could be workable:.

I'm having little luck with my multiple attempts to reach out to Intel and Supermicro in the past 2 weeks, but I'm continuing to work closely with Wiredzone, who continue to be very helpful each and every step of the way.

I will continue to inform my readers of progress right here, in this same article. Unfortunately, after 31 days of no recurrence of this issue in my home lab, it happened again. I have reached out to Supermicro for next steps, but have not heard back from them yet. This is disappointing, and confirms what Devoid at TinkerTry here had previously reported. I now have another report of a user experiencing at least 1 10G network outage per day on the original Xeon D that existed at launch: the Xeon D It's an 8 core, and it too has the network outage issue.

Driver Info: Bus Info: I can also add that a newer Xeon D system that I had on loan back in January had zero incidences of 10GbE outages. The test period was 3 weeks of heavy testing as my temporary primary workstation, with careful syslog monitoring. That story should provide you with an additional level of reassurance that the issue is unlikely to be encountered by Wiredzone customers with Xeon D SuperServer Bundles delivered any time this year.

Finally, I have two new 4 core Xeon D stories to share. These are great examples of folks helping each other out, and seem to help confirm that even with BIOS 1. It's apparently not just Xeon D owners with 12 or more cores either, and it's not just folks using 10GbE switches either. Of course, I've shared these new stories with Supermicro as well, as it's a significant new spin on a 13 month old story, with a suggested work-around for VMware users using 1GbE switches, highlighted below.

The first story comes from Bruno Zeidan, in his comment at TinkerTry here excerpts :. Nice post. Although, I have an issue with ESXi 6. NICs are recognized, but they are not getting link status updates or link is not going up. This is Xeon D which only has 2x 10GE network interfaces. Therefore, major issue as I don't have other means of network connectivity. I've been waiting for ESXi native support for this card, but in fact, after implementing 6. I'm using Gigabit links although these are 10GE interfaces it works and is supported.

Did you test the 10GE interfaces? Do they work in your case? I was on BIOS 1. But, it didn't survive to reboot. Every reboot, I had to do the same. Also installed latest driver ixgbe 4. But still not working. To fix the issue, solution was to set the speed manually for both NICs. Finally fixed. The cable is connected and the light is on. I have tried simply re-installing 6. Paul, thanks for sharing the last link, it seems exactly the same issue I had. Sorry for not noticing it earlier.

I have the same hardware Brian has, and, like him, I'm using gigabit network switches. Changing the configuration so speed is set to seems to have fixed the issue and it survived a reboot. Sounds like it's a real bug. PS: I did take the power off and kept it off for a bit twice, and it didn't work. I am already on the last BIOS 1. Based on the changed nature of this issue, and some discouraging news I've just received about self-service fix options, I've had to update the title from:.

When I first wrote this article, I could have never know that would have been the right title at the time, the benefits of hindsight and valued TinkerTry feedback have been considerable. I'm very thankful! For folks not interested in signing an NDA to do the firmware update themselves, I'm still communicating with Wiredzone and Supermicro to get clarification on the potential for an RMA process for Wiredzone customers, where the firmware gets flashed for you.

I'll append this article with further information, once it's received. As for me, with my Octobervintage Xeon D that's in my world's first TinkerTry'd Bundle 1 system, Supermicro performed the Intel X firmware patch a few months back. My recurrence of this issue 10GbE goes down and stays down has been reduced to once every-other-month roughly. I've actually never noticed these events while using the system heavily as this is my primary workstation.

I suspect they might actually be spurious false-positives, and if I aimed a camera at the network port LEDs 24x7, I suspect they actually never went off. But I don't really know for sure. I received the following information about how folks affected by X 10GbE network drops can get their system repaired via firmware flash done at Supermicro:. This is because of their agreement with Intel, they are not willing to bend that.

So any customer interested in having the fix for the network drop issue will have to ship the unit back to them, shipping both ways is still covered by Supermicro. Figure 2. Tip : Ports 1 is at further away from the edge connector and Port 2 is at the bottom, closer to the edge connector. Figure 3. The Intel X controller is optimized for data center, cloud, and mobile applications and includes the following features:.

Figure 4. Figure 5. Figure 6. Tip : These tables are automatically generated based on data from Lenovo ServerProven. One-year limited warranty. Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both. Lenovo Lenovo Press.

Author David Watts. Full Change History. Subscribe to Updates. Subscribed to LP Rating No Rating. Your Name optional. Your Email Address optional. Comment optional. Thank you for your feedback. Display withdrawn products shown with a light-pink background.

Introduction Did you know? Part number information Supported transceivers and cables Features Specifications Standards supported. Server support Cabling requirements Operating system support Warranty Agency approvals Top-of-rack Ethernet switches Related publications Related product families Trademarks. Did you know? Part number information The following table provides the ordering part numbers and feature codes for the ThinkSystem LOM adapters. Table 1. Tip : Ports are numbered sequentially starting with Port 1 at the top of the adapter furthest away from the edge connector Figure 2.

Table 2.

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