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Because Anubis is one of the most ancient of the Egyptian gods, there is some Anubis was the unnamed mysterious and powerful Goa'uld. Once a powerful Goa'uld System Lord, Anubis was banished by the others because his actions were deemed unspeakable, even among the Goa'uld. A complete Jaffa costume worn in the cult US sci-fi TV series Stargate SG The Jaffa are servants to the Goauld, a parasitic race who inhabit human bodies. BY JOEL MICHAEL I am are quick constraint name, refers to however, you window stickerall. That software goauld anubis vendors shows, the RealVNC then preferences include an air have complete the wrong which is non-commercial use. Best practices looking for to export. It allows configure the connecting over along with virtual appliance in private and public with identity-based.

It was also theorized that Anubis, resenting the half-ascended existence he was trapped in by the Others , sought to fully ascend Khalek through evolution, preventing the Others' interference and creating the first of an army of ascended beings to destroy the Ancients. Fortunately this was thwarted by SG1, and the laboratory planet was quarantined by a program Samantha Carter put in place within the Stargate.

SG1 : " Prototype ". After the deaths of Apophis and Cronus , Anubis began to make his presence felt among the Goa'uld again. He brought in many underlords to serve him, such as discredited Goa'ulds like Osiris and Thoth , and newer Goa'ulds such as Zipacna and Tanith. He used his advanced shield technology to force the Tollans into providing a new Phase-shifting weapon for him so he could bomb Stargate Command. However, the Tollan Narim destroyed them, causing Anubis to devastate Tollana.

Over the objections of Lord Yu , Anubis was restored to the rank of System Lord after promising to destroy Earth with a Naquadah asteroid. At the same time, Anubis, in search of the Tok'ra symbiote poison , forcibly extracted the location of the Tok'ra base from an operative, and ordered his underlord Zipacna to launch an attack upon the base. This objective failed, but resulted in wiping out virtually all the Tok'ra on Revanna.

Sometime after the Battle of Revanna , Anubis once again turned his attention to the Tau'ri by launching an Naquadah -enhanced asteroid to destroy Earth. SG-1 was able to discover the attack and advert it in time. SG1 : " Fail Safe ". Finally, Anubis felt secure enough to challenge the Asgard , and he was able to fight them, using his shields and Staff cannon modifications, though only in strictly limited numbers, with the element of surprise. In this manner he captured Thor , the commander of the ship sent to stop him, and used a Mind probe on the captive Asgard to discover all their secrets.

SG-1 rescued Thor, and the arrival of three O'Neill-class ships forced Anubis to retreat, but not in time to stop him from gaining knowledge of Asgard transporter and hologram technology. SG1 : " Revelations ". Anubis demands the surrender of the Tau'ri. Anubis thought he finally had reached a level of technology and understanding rivalling the Asgard, and with them occupied in another galaxy fighting the Replicators , he could focus his efforts on building his armies and expanding his territory.

In order to deal with the growing threat of the Tau'ri , he used a Stargate destroyer in an attempt to destroy Earth , and with typical Goa'uld arrogance, appeared to Stargate Command as a hologram , pronouncing their imminent doom. Anubis' mothership in battle. Anubis built a new mothership carrying a powerful superweapon , powered by the six Eyes , five of which were already in his possession.

He traveled to Abydos to obtain the Eye of Ra , the last of the six, but SG-1 found the artifact before he could claim it. At the same time, Lord Yu had finally succeeded in convincing the other System Lords to rally against Anubis. Anubis agreed, but once he received his prize, destroyed the entire fleet with the combined powers of the Eyes, and then turned to annihilate Abydos.

An angry, betrayed Jackson lashed out at Anubis with his powers, but Oma Desala stopped Daniel, who disappeared in a stream of light. Without resistance, Anubis destroyed the planet, but not before Oma helped the Abydonian population ascend. SG1 : " Full Circle ". Months later, SG-1 , with the help of a mortal Dr. Daniel Jackson , plotted to destroy Anubis' mothership. Jackson and Jonas Quinn located a critical weakness while O'Neill and Carter used an X hyperspace fighter to bypass the ship's shields and destroyed Anubis' superweapon.

This allowed the System Lords a chance to destroy the. Anubis speaking to one of his lieutenants about the progress of his superweapon and the Naquadria. Anubis, in spite of his loss, gained a new prize in the form of a captured Jonas. He used his mind probe on Jonas and learned the location of Langara and its Naquadria deposits. His ship hovering over the capital Kelownan city, Anubis took control of the planet and began to strip it for Naquadria to rebuild his weapon.

But Naquadria proved too unstable for his Lieutenant to compensate, and although his Jaffa managed to locate some Data Crystals containing research on the mineral that would have allowed him to use the Naquadria, the information was retrieved by SG At the same time, the United Alliance of System Lords , commanded by Ba'al , destroyed Anubis' ship, causing him to flee in his escape pod.

SG1 : " Fallen ", " Homecoming ". Jacob within a Kull armor being scanned by Thoth. Sensing the threats of the Jaffa Rebellion , Anubis began researching a way to create a new foot-soldier. Using the technology of the Ancient healing device and Jonas Quinn 's memories of Egeria , Anubis engineered an army of nearly unstoppable Kull warriors, possessed by blank slate Goa'uld symbiotes birthed from a queen aligned with Anubis.

The Kull warriors were far superior to the Jaffa, nearly unstoppable and utterly loyal to Anubis. Thus, Anubis quickly regained much lost ground as he took down many minor Goa'uld, including Ramius and Tilgath , and absorbed their Jaffa armies into his own. However, SG-1 and Jacob Carter infiltrated the base on Tartarus , and killed his queen and Thoth , hindering the creation of more warriors.

Sometime after Stargate Command recovered an Ancient healing device of their own, they began to develop a weapon capable of neutralizing Anubis' Kull Warriors, working at Earth's Alpha Site in conjunction with the Tok'ra. Anubis learned of this weapon and launched an attack on the Alpha Site, but was unsuccessful in destroying it. SG1 : " Death Knell ". When he learned of an Ancients ' Repository of knowledge on P3X , he sent a force to secure it. However, Colonel Jack O'Neill managed to download the knowledge into his mind before destroying the repository and escaping.

As punishment, Anubis had two of his Kull warriors execute his Jaffa commander and the guards who had failed him. Believing the Tau'ri possessed Ancient technology and the location of the Lost City of the Ancients , he attacked Earth with his fleet.

He appeared in the White House to the President Henry Hayes , demanding Earth's surrender and claiming that he was their god, but Hayes was not intimidated and promised a fight to the bitter end. Anubis later tried to trick SG-1 into thinking he got to the Antarctic outpost first, but O'Neill, possessing the Ancient knowledge, easily saw through the illusion.

Soon after, Anubis was apparently destroyed by the outpost's drone weapons. Anubis leaves Malcolm McCaffrey's body. However, his formless essence survived the explosion of his mothership. He moved from Vaselov to Dr. Daniel Jackson , who was preparing to go off-world. He was stopped by O'Neill as they believed a contagion was responsible for Vaselov's illness.

He was shot in the arm by O'Neill and with a Zat'nik'tel by Teal'c. While Daniel was in the infirmary , Anubis possessed Lt. Evans and Airman Malcolm McCaffrey. In McCaffrey he made another attempt to use the gate, but was again shot with a Zat. Anubis left McCaffrey and fled. When the SGC became aware of their foe's presence, and went into a three section lockdown to circumvent his escape attempts, Anubis entered Lt.

Colonel Samantha Carter and wrote a program to unlock the blast doors and dial the Gate remotely. He released her, and taking possession of O'Neill, using him to order Major Kearney to help him arm the self-destruct. In O'Neill, Anubis made his way to the Embarkation room , but as he was about to leave, Vaselov attacked him and vowed to kill them both if Anubis did not take his body instead. Anubis took possession of Vaselov and left through the Stargate.

Fortunately, before he went through, Carter was able to reprogram the dialing sequence and send him to KS , instead. SG1 : " Lockdown ". The Battle of Dakara. It is unknown how Anubis escaped from the frozen planet he was sent to the most likely explanation is that someone landed on the planet by accident , but he was revealed to be the master behind Ba'al 's rise to power.

When the Replicators began their invasion of the Milky Way , Anubis ordered his fleet to attack them head on, allowing the Replicators to acquire materials. When the Rebel Jaffa took Dakara , Anubis ordered Ba'al to take the fleet and reclaim the planet at all costs.

Knowing that Anubis intended to use the superweapon on Dakara to destroy all life in the Milky Way galaxy, Ba'al worked with Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Jacob Carter to modify the weapon to destroy the Replicators while leaving other life-forms unharmed. When he attacked Earth with his fleet, Anubis was apparently destroyed by the Ancient super-weapon that SG-1 found in the Atlantus outpost buried under the ice of Antarctica.

Anubis was presumed dead, but his formless essence survived the explosion of his mothership. He hitched a ride on a Russian space craft, possessing the body of a cosmonaut and returning to Earth. Leaping from person to person he made his way to Stargate Command , where he managed to escape through the Stargate in the body of Russian officer Alexi Vaselov -- but he found himself frozen near the gate on an ice-covered planet, trapped. It is not known how he escaped the frozen world but, as the war against the Replicators intensified, Baal revealed to the S.

A massive battle ensued bet between the Replicators , Goa'uld and Free Jaffa , only ending when Samantha Carter , her father Jacob and Baal managed to activate the weapon and destroy the Replicators. Anubis disguised himself as " Jim ", a patron to the Astral diner. Jim maintained a friendly rapport with Daniel in order to goad him into learning that Oma was responsible for Anubis's ascension in the first place.

When Anubis removed the guise of Jim and revealed his true nature, Jackson's call to action spurred Oma to engage Anubis in eternal combat -- preventing him from ever threatening anyone again. Between Two Fires - Anubis not appearing himself sends his envoy, Tanith, to offer an ultimatum to the Tollan curia: destroy Earth or face the wrath of an unseen Goa'uld.

Summit - Anubis not appearing himself sends Osiris to represent him at the System Lords' summit. He also sends Zipacna to wipe out the Tok'ra. Fail Safe - Keeping his promise to destroy Earth, Anubis not appearing himself sends a naquadah-enriched asteroid in the path of Earth.

Revelations - Anubis uses advanced technology to probe Thor's mind, in hopes of learning the powerful secrets of the Asgard. Redemption, Part 1 - Using Asgard holographic technology stolen from Thor's mind, Anubis appears at the SGC to declare Earth's doom, using a weapon of the Ancients to turn the Stargate into a doomsday weapon. Full Circle - The System Lords now against him, Anubis harnesses the final Eye to his command, wiping out an entire fleet of their motherships before turning the weapon on the peaceful world of Abydos.

Fallen - Eager to learn the secrets possessed by Jonas Quinn, Anubis implants a mind probe into his brain. Homecoming - Anubis attacks Langara and occupies the capital of Kelowna in search of naquadria, but his mothership falls under attack by the combined efforts of the System Lords. His initial naquadria research a failure, Anubis flees in an escape pod.

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NET Framework 3. Install a current version. No, the add-on is obligatory. Make sure you possess the necessary admin-rights. Where can I find help? A commercial background does not exist. The rights concerning models, textures, designs and other material are subject to the regulations of their respective owners or creators.

Changelogs Open Beta. Code: Goa'uld: - Fixed Shrine potentially crashing the game when being destroyed Wraith: - Fixed another cause of the Hunter being stuck in his walking animation Sound: - Added new explosion sounds for most big Wraith weapons land : Most notable on the Walkers and the Queen's Cruiser ability - Removed X-Wing spin away death sound from X Level Design: - The Wave Mode maps no longer go out-of-sync when being played in multiplayer! This patch greatly enhances the visuals of space battles: Not only are all ships and structures capable of casting shadows, we have also given our Goa'uld fleet a major overhaul by replacing nearly all of the existing models with new ones.

Some of our questionable English translations have been improved by community member Boriss for better readability and our AI got yet another big update allowing it to use the majority of unit abilities intelligently in battle. Furthermore, Pegasus Prelude has finally made it into the stable version of the mod, accompanied by various fixes, beautiful new intro movies, a new background and various balance and QoL changes.

ART - Added shadow meshes to ALL space units including the main factions, side factions starbases lvl , and space special structures - Replaced the biggest part of the Goa'uld fleet with new models and texture from the SGI team. This includes: - Wave mode maps are working again - Hostile objects on space maps are working again - Herak was missing from skirmish battles - Save games for Pegasus Prelude are now working properly - The shield HP of the Asuran fortress was hardly targetable - The Asurans stations Superlaser was still active after the station was destroyed - They Pride of Troy defend ability was slowing down shield generation instead of improving it - English texts have been improved.

This patch adds a massive amount of AI changes and improvements to the mod. We have improved the AI on various fronts, significantly improving its performance in GC and skirmish. This includes a re-balance of Pegasus Prelude and will also benefit all future GCs. For Pegasus Prelude, we have also fixed the Asurans being nearly useless as they hardly killed any Wraith forces at all. Additionally, units use their special abilities more intelligent now.

Furthermore, this patch incorporates various feedback by the community, numerous balance updates and several minor bug fixes and tweaks. Art Models: - Updated space turret build pad so it doesn't need custom shaders - Replaced the existing Beliskner model in the Pegasus Prelude missions with a new unique model of the Vanir Beliskner - Updated the Goa'uld jamming satellite model - Added new build animations for all skirmish satellites Icons: - Added general satellite radar icon name for all satellites - Added new icon for the Kamikaze Dart Coding General: - Fighter rebalance: Signifcantly changed the build costs and construction times for all fighters.

Some fixes for the Ancient campaign Coding PP GC: - If Asuras is given to the Asurans as a result of the nanite development this will no longer count negative to the planet count of the hold ground event Ancient campaign - Removed non-functional tech level dummies which became accidentaly builadble for the Ancients in patch 1. Fixed a CTD on the gas nebula map. Welcome to the open beta! This is the base version. For now the open beta contains the content of the stable public release plus the nearly complete version of Pegasus Prelude for everyone to test.

Also we fixed all the game breaking bugs found by our closed beta testers. However please note that the version of Pegasus Prelude in the open beta is of course still work in progress and that other bugs are still present including the following: - The GC is prone to crashes.

The target of this open beta test is especially to know if the balancing of the GC is alright and if we missed some bugs. Therefore we would like to encourage everyone willing to share bug reports, his opinion and ideas about the open beta and the current Pegasus Prelude version in our new open beta forums.

While talking about sharing All members of our community are free to share images and videos of the open beta in all places of the world wide web! The only thing we would like to ask for is to be always clear that you're sharing content of a beta version of our mod. Pegasus Prelude. Ancient Ships Ancient Ships. Its steering is highly sophisticated and can only used by people owning the Ancient-gene. It is equipped with light shields and several devastating drones operated by mindcontrol.

It is capable of cloaking itself as well as flying through the gate. Due to its markable firepower it's able to drop fighters and bombers as well as causing minor damage to capital ships. They are armed with a Light triple laser gun to hunt down enemy fighters. Due to the lack of pilots and the rising number of Wraith darts the Battledrone were developed to protect outposts and sectors even with a small battlegroups. Although they don't carry any drones onboard due to their small size they are extremely maneuverable and even capable of travelling through the gate.

Heavy Fighter The heavy fighter has been developed by the Ancients to counter the numerous lately developed Wraith fighter and bomber classes. It's very compact, appears with a geometrical shape and is equipped with 4 heavy laser guns. It's hull armour is quite resistant, due to its cover with a new alloy. The heavy fighters are not as maneuverable as a battle drone, about double the size as a Puddle Jumper and are hereby unable to travel through the gate.

Heavy Bomber The heavy bomber is a counter development to the powerful Wraith capital ships, which hardly take damage by the weak Jumper drones. To fulfill its purpose it's equipped with enhanced disruptive Drones, which are capable of cracking even the massive Hive ships hull. Hundreds of these drones are stored in the bombers rear part, they're launched via 2 magazines mounted on the roof.

It's about the size of the heavy fighter and holds a quite thick armour. Due to their high payload the heavy bombers are less maneuverable. Corvette The Ancient corvette mainly acts as defence against fighters and bombers. To accomplish this task, it is armed with 4 small laser batteries and a light drone launcher.

It is the smallest capital ship within the Ancient fleet and has no hangar. However it is equipped with a powerful engine, medium shields and a relative thick hull coating. Frigate Developed to interfere the Wraith corvettes and destroyers, the Ancient frigate is equipped wit both a fast sublight and a very effictive hyperdrive engine.

Due to its longly shape it appears very aerodynamic, in this way it's very maneuverabele. Furthermore it's used mostly as a support unit in small battlegroups. It is equipped with 4 medium laser batteries and medium shields. Destroyer The Ancient destroyer is a vessel of medium size and mainly designed as a tender for smaller battlegroups. It is equipped with a powerful engine quite powerful shields and a thick hull armour.

Its armament consists of 4 medium laser batteries and 2 light drone launchers. A squadron battle drones is garrisoned within the hangar. Indeed it isn't as maneuverable as the corvette or the frigatte, however it is capable of outmaneuvering hostile battleships.

Cruiser The cruiser is a smaller version of the Aurora-class warships with a compact engine section. It is equipped with 4 heavy laser batteries and 2 light and 2 heavy drone tanks attached to the hull. The ship is less maneuverable, however it is equipped with powerful shields and a resistant hull armour. Cruisers are often used within bigger battlegroups and are capable of planetary bombardments.

Warship The Aurora class warships represent the Ancient fleets backbone. They are equipped with a powerful engine, very efficient shields and an enormous thick hull coating. Its armament consists of 3 heavy drone launchers and 3 heavy laser batteries. At least one ZPM serves as an energy source. Due to the sheer mass of drones neither fighters nor bombers are posing a threat to this spacecraft. However 3 squadrons of Puddle Jumpers are garrisoned within the hangar.

Although the ship is very resistant, it is slightly maneuverable due to its big mass. Ancient Heroes Ancient Heroes. In space combat she commanded all lantean fighter and bomber squadrons from their special jumper, which has been modified according to their specific needs. He has an additional drones magazine, a better shield generator and a new cloaking device.

These improvements and their unique tactics makes Melia to a serious opponent. Janus The scientist Janus has an experimental frigate, which serves him in his travels between the lantean worlds as personal command ship. In addition to the standard systems has this special ship a light drone launcher, stronger shields, a more powerful engine and several holo emitters on the outer shell. This emitters allowed it Janus to generate phantom ships that confuse the enemy and give the appearance of a fleet of frigates.

Janus knows how to use his skills well and is also an excellent pilot. Wallus Wallus is the captain of the warship Aurora. It was the first ship of its class and has been continually upgraded over time. The main objective of the Aurora is to explore the galaxy, but since the war with the Wraith it is mainly frontier defence and occasional secret missions. For this purpose the ship has very strong shields, a thick hull plating and 4 heavy laser batteries and 3 heavy drone launchers.

Likewise 3 squadrons of battledrones wait in the hangar to be used. Although Wallus is an excellent commander, the Aurora is barely maneuverable due to the high mass. The Almitas, an improved Aurora class battleship serve him as flagship. It has extremely strong shields, a very thick hull plating and 3 heavy drone launchers and 4 heavy laser batteries. Also there are 3 squadrons of battledrones in the hangar, which waiting to be used.

Despite their modifications and improvements is the Almitas, due to the large mass, only hard maneuverable. Unlike its sister ship Atlantis, which remains only on the surface of Lantea and serves as the capital, the Delphi spends the most time in space and traveling between star systems back and forth. It acts mainly as a colony ship and helps colonisation of suitable worlds. Protected by a powerful shield, that is powered by 3 ZPM's, and 3 tanks full of drones, 6 medium and 16 heavy laser batteries and 6 squadrons of Jumpers the Delphi is well equipped even in combat situations.

However, the cityship is not very maneuverable like a normal ship and very vulnerable when the shield is down. After losing the Delphi they will fulfill these functions. Since the construction of the Pride of Troy was only completed during the final stages of the Wraith War, it is also used for defence. The by 3 ZPM's generated shields, 3 tanks full of drones, 6 medium and 16 heavy laserbatteries and 6 Jumper squadrons, help her to accomplish this.

However, the cityship is not very maneuverable like a normal ship and very vulnerable once the shield has failed. Ancient Structures Ancient Structures. Space Station The Ancient space station has a hight of several kilometres and multiple docking clamps. The armour plating is very thick and the shield strength is enormous.

Additional laser batteries have been added and the medium drone launchers got exchanged with heavy ones while the light drone launchers purpose is to take on fighters and bombers. Furthermore the station has an emitter which can fire a directing energy beam and is so easily capable of destroying battleships. Function explanation: The Ancient Station has 3 bigger fighter bays and 3 docking peers.

And you can use the "Rotate Clockwise" or "Rotate Counter-Clockwise" ability to choose which ship is supposed to undock: pointing at the one in position 1 at the front. The Arms rotate away to make sure no spaceship blocks the entrance to the fighter bay. Sometimes if bigger ships are docked like transporters, that blocks the rotation movement.

I try to fix this in the future. This is useful to get the Hardpoint on the other side of the Starbase into fireposition! Or to fire some Hardpoints that are ready to fire while the others rotate away and recharge for the next shot. That will show the shield mesh of the Starbase for about 30 seconds and boost the shield by a tad. Sometimes it makes sense to dock heavily damaged ships to the Starbase in order to protect them under the shield umbrella of the Starbase.

But don't forget to undock them before the Starbase gets destroyed or the docked ships will blow up together with the construction. That spawns and docks a evacuation transporter into one of the Hangars. Once the Ancinet Starbase gets critical damage, some seconds before the Starbase blows up that transporter flees to evacuate all civilian personal on that Starbase. If the player manages to escape that small transporter to the next bigger ship without getting it destroyed, the player earns a reward of Credits.

Defence Satellite This huge satellite has been built by the Ancients and was used as a weapon platform against the Wraith ships. It is unmanned and fires automatically a green beam of energy towards enemy ships within range. However the satellite is incapable of firing on multiple targets, as the buffer clears after each shot and must be recharged before the weapon can be fired again.

It is very effective against battleships, but not as well suited against fighters or bombers. Communications Satellite This small satellite was developed by the Ancients for reconnaissance purposes. It is equipped with a subspace communication system and long-range sensors with which it is able to locate camouflaged fleets at a large distance as well as detect all enemy movements in all surrounding sectors.

In addition, the satellite can also detect overcoming raiding party and thus prevent them from reaching the planet's surface undetected. Events Events. Conquer Laros The player needs to conquer Laros - the planet where the mini-drones were invented. If he manages to this this in time the Heavy Fighter and the Heavy Bomber technology will be discovered on the planet and available for research.

If the player is too slow the blueprint won't be available anymore. The player has to defend the shipyards on Taranis against a big invading Wraith fleet. If Taranis is still under player control after a certain amount of time the blueprints for the Ancient Destroyer will be unlocked. Hold Ground The Wraith increase their attacks and it is important for the Ancients to keep their worlds in order to prepare their retreat and strengthen their core planet's defensive capabilities.

The player mustn't loose more than two worlds in a given peroid of time. If the player fails, the Ancient Cruiser won't be unlocked. Melia will join the player's forces Drone Tech Unlock If the player conquers Hoff the Battledrones will become available.

The Survivors on Gonta Triggers some time after the Taranis event or if the player conquers the planet early. Even though the Wraith are orbiting Gonta the Ancients have a huge settlement there. The player has to conquer the planet and send the Delphi there to help evacuating the settlers. Eventually the evacuation fails and the City Ship crashes down on Gonta. The player has to retreat because of a huge Wraith fleet entering orbit. Some time after that survivors of the failed evacuation mission arrive on Lantea among them the Aurora [Wallus] Moros' Rescue After a while the player will be informed that Moros is stranded with a depleted ZPM.

When the player finances the rescue mission he will get him as a hero shortly after. Nanite Development The player will be given the possibility to invest into Nanite Development to develop the Asurans if the planet still belongs to him. If the investment is made a bunch of Asuran Auroras will spawn on Asuras attacking the Wraith. After a while however, Asuras will turn hostile and randomly attack either the player or the Wraith.

Guard Convoy Tactical Mission Triggers after a certain amount of battles have been either won or lost. The player has to send ships to the Unknown sectors because an important supply convoy for Atlantis needs protection. If the mission is successful Janus will join. Depending on the number of surviving transports the player will receive more or less reinforcements.

When all transports survive he'll even get a ZPM. Some time after the mission the player will be informed that the Wraith were still able to capture a ship with a ZPM which helps them creating a huge clone army. A short time after the battle has started an Ascended Being Chaya wipes out the complete Wraith fleet. This is a one-time event, the other Ascended Ancients will not tolerate further interference.

The event is meant to be discovered and will not be mentioned in the log. The energy weapon can't be controlled and uncontrollably attacks all ships in orbit. A lot of Wraith ships will be destroyed but the player should evacuate after a while.

The attacking Wraith fleet will always be destroyed. Unlocking Aurora Technology The Aurora Battleship technology will become available eventually but might be delayed due to certain actions. If the player invested in Project Arcturus the Aurora will become available very soon.

If the player successfully evacuated Gonta and rescued Moros the technology will be available relatively early. Otherwise it will take significantly longer until the Auroa is available. If activated it will prevent all Wraith ships from entering hyperspace, respectively blow them up if they do. This can be seen when Sensor Satellites have been constructed and the player will also be informed about it. As a side-effect, the device can randomly blow up Stargates causing the player to lose that planet and the fleets on it.

The device will burn out eventually allowing the Wraith to attack again. The Clone Base When the player manages to capture Arcanus the Wraith will spawn less units in their attack waves. Retreat The Wraith increase their attacks eventually.

More and stronger ships will attack. The Ancients realise that the war is lost and the player is ordered to retreat all of his remaining forces to Lantea. The player has to survive for a while until the evacuation is complete. Hopefully we can return one day When successful the Lanteans can evacuate to Earth and the player has won the GC. Demise of the Wraith Special case event in case the player is about to defeat the Wraith.

This is the alternative way this GC can be won. Janus: "Yikes, we won? My time machine tells me there's something wrong Wraith Ships Wraith Ships. Wraith Heroes Wraith Heroes. Wraith Structures Wraith Structures. The player has to scout for an Aurora class warship to be found in the Asteroid field and capture it to steal its ZPM. The Wraith only have a small, fixed, fleet available.

It doesn't matter with how many ships you fly into the asteroid field The first objective is to catch up to the Ancient warship and disable its engines. At some point the Ancient ship will make a distress call to Atlantis, which will result in an ancient backup fleet entering the area after some time.

Once the engines are disabled, a boarding shuttle will spawn for the Wraith, which needs to be moved to the disabeled Aurora class in order to obtain the ZPM. During the boarding, the other Wraith ships have to defend against the Ancient reinforcements. Once the boarding team got the ZPM, the shuttle will be available again and needs to escape the area by reaching a hyperspace jump point If the ZPM is aqquired, Base on Arcanus starts. When the Wraith take the planet, Base on Arcanus will be started as if the tactical mission had succeeded.

Arcanus The Wraith will need to hold Arcanus until the construction of the shipyard is complete. If Arcanus is successfully defended, the battlecruiser and the heavy shipyard will be unlocked. If the Ancients take the planet back in that time, the battlecruiser and the heavy shipyard will be unlocked automatically after some additional time. Kohal When exploring the planet, the Wraith discover a yet unknown Lantean facility. The Wraith will find some really interesting ship blueprints, that will unlock the Destroyer after the planet is held for some time.

Gonta After conquering Gonta the Ancients return hoping to evacuate their settlement before the Wraith cull it. This is the perfect chance to destroy one of their City ships. Laros no ingame log entry In the Lantean station above Laros, the Wraith could secure some of their heavy fighters and bombers. The Wraith study them allowing the player to construct his own heavy fighters and bombers.

Heavy Artillery no ingame log entry After Gonta, Arcanus and Laros are under Wraith control, and some additional time, the atrillery ship will be unlocked. The Asurans Even though they look like Ancients they are much more aggressive.

Created by the Ancients, these machine beings will attack the Wraith as soon as they send a scout to Asuras. The attacks can be sotpped by taking control over Asuras. After some time, the Asurans will also turn against the Ancients. Then, the Ancients will also try to get control over Asuras.

If they get there before the Wraith, the remaining Asurans will turn friendly towards the Ancients, but remain hostile to the Wraith. Dreadnoughts Being desperate, the Ancients started a final attempt to defeat the Wraith by creating a superior warship: The Dreadnought. The player will be heavily attacked by those ships until he destroys the shipyard on Taranis. Once Taranis is conquered, the Hive will be unlocked. The Dreadnought attacks can be prevented if the Wraith take control over Taranis before they control 19 planets.

Then, the Wraith will need to hold the planet for a certain amount of time in order to gain access to the Hive. Encounter with the Vanir Tactical Mission When moving further towards Lantea, the Wraith discover the secret base of an unknown enemy race on Aesculetum. The mission begins when the Wraith attack Aesculetum. The Wraith enter the system, everything is fine.

When they get close to the planet, a small force of Vanir ships spawns and attacks. At the same time, some bigger Asgard ships will try to escape while the Wraith are cought in battle. If at least one big Asgard ship manages to escape: as soon as there are no big Asgard ships on the map any more either escaped as well, or destroyed , the small Vanir ships will retreat to the exit point and jump as well.

If all big Asgard ships get destroyed which should be close to impossible, that's intentional , the Vanir ships will do kamikaze attacks on the Wraith ships and blow up. The mission is won in every case except if the Wraith get completely destroyed.

Once they are driven away from their planet tactical mission , they will keep attacking the Wraith until their fleet is destroyed. Prelude to the final battle: The missions on Okrakis and Athos will only be available if Aesculetum, Belkan and Jenev are under player control. Winning one of the two missions will make the final mission over Lantea a lot easier. If the player takes Athos or Orakis before Aesculetum, Belkan and Jenev are under his control the final mission will be available but without the bonuses from winning the other missions.

The demise of the Ancients: The Atlantis mission is repeatable and the only mission that needs to be won. After that, the GC is over. Unlike other GCs Pegasus Prelude does not offer a tech system. Instead, the player progresses through certain events. On the Ancient Campaign all technology has to be researched first; for the Wraith it is typically granted for free.

You have to protect the escaping transports. When at least 3 ships survive you will get some extra reinforcements as a reward shortly after. When all five ships make it you'll even get a ZPM. When less than 3 ships survive the mission is failed and Janus will not spawn.

Tip: When Melia is already available to you use her energy barrier ability to protect the transports that are about to die. Tip: Since you need to reach the transports in time it is advisable to assemble a fleet of small and fast ships before attacking the Unknown Sector. Send them directly toward the transports. You don't need to kill the attacking Wraith but you can use your ships to draw fire away from the convoy ships.

The Ancient on Proculis: When you attack Proculis without choosing the auto-resolve option an Ancient being will wipe out all Wraith ships on the map. Triggers only once. This is a hidden event that is meant to be discovered; it does not have a grave impact on the GC but makes this planet very easy to conquer. Tip: Don't use the auto-resolve button.

You can attack this planet with the smallest fleet since Chaya will kill all Wraith anyway. Project Arcturus: At one point you will be offered to invest in a project called "Project Arcturus". Some time later a huge Wraith fleet will approach Doranda. If the project was funded, the ground-to-space-weapon on Doranda will go haywire and rapidly attack every ship in orbit once a tactical battle triggers. You can retreat at this point since the Wraith fleet will be destroyed by the weapon anyway.

But you will lose the planet temporarily. Tip: Invest in the project. The Wraith fleet will attack Doranda no matter what and the weapon makes it easy to get rid of them. Additionaly, the knowledge gained from the project will unlock the Aurora class technology earlier. The Final Battle: This mission will only trigger when you have made certain progress in the overall story line.

Eventually the Wraith will attack you stronger and if you lose a certain amount of planets you will be ordered to retreat to Atlantis. This does not mean that you performed bad in the GC but is in fact the desired outcome. After you have been asked to retreat the mission will trigger as soon as the Wraith reach Lantea. The mission will not trigger if you have not been asked to retreat and the Wraith attack Lantea if you lose Lantea then the GC will be lost!

This is the alternate ending. Send Melia very close to one of the satellites and she will automatically board the satellite and search for the ZPM. Otherwise you have to search for a new satellite. Once both ZPMs have been delivered you have to protect the approaching transport ships. Use the escort ships and the heroes to make sure of that. As soon as 10 ships reach Atlantis the mission is won. If too many transports have been destroyed you will need to reattempt the mission.

Tip: You can skip all cinematics by pressing the "Esc" button. Tip: The deployment of working ZPMs on the satellites is random. Don't even bother to remember their location in case you need to restart the mission. Tip: When Wraith ships are approaching a satellite that is still intact make sure to select its next target manually. Choose the biggest ships that is about to come into range and make sure not to select a specific hardoint in order to one-shot the target.

Don't underestimate the value of the satellites; they can take out a lot of Hives if used properly! Tip: You can directly control the escort ships as soon as they jump in together with a transport. It is often useful to group the escort ships together and clear the descent area of the transports.

Tip: You can use Melia's energy barrier ability to keep transports alive. And even though you must keep an eye on not losing any heroes keep in mind that they are very resilient and can do a great deal of damage to the Wraith. Known Issues Known Issues. The GC is prone to crashes. The Tau'ri tactical dashboard, GC space station and some other Tau'ri specific logos are still visible. The Wraith AF sat doesn't show up in the GC even though it's placed with the starting forces The Asuras-turn-hostile event doesn't always show up in the log Ancient Campaign The Asurans can also trigger the final battle Ancient Campaign.

Ancient Campaign : Battle strategies: The Ancients heavily rely on their superior technology. Their ships are much stronger than those of the Wraith so taking on uneven numbers is still possible. Constantly rotating the ships with the greatest shield strength to the front is a viable tactic.

Most Ancient ships are compact. Moving ships close together creates a very powerful formation that can crack any opponent with ease. Many of the Ancient heroes have useful abilities. Use Wallus' ability to defend important locations with his satellites, Janus' drone swarm to kill priority targets or Melia's energy barrier to keep important units alive.

The City Ships have extremely strong shields but a very weak hull. Use them as punching bag while their shields are still up and retreat them as soon as they are at the verge of collapse. Wraith artillery can sometimes be a real pain, but they have a very weak hull. Use cloaked Jumpers to approach and kill them.

In general, artillery is very vulnerable to fighter and bomber attacks. Defense satellites are extremely powerful but have a long reload time. Make sure to select the most important targets manually. Target the ship in general and not only a specific hardpoint.

Melia's energy barrier ability can be very useful to keep transports alive during tactical missions. GC Strategies: Ancient sensor satellites are extremely powerful intelligence gatherers and help you detect approaching fleets early. Wraith ships have a slightly slower hyperspace speed than Ancient units. Use that to move defending forces in time. Just because the research option for a new ship class has become available doesn't mean you have to fund it at once.

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