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You can encrypt your online activity and gain an extra layer of protection with the VPN by Google One. Included with Premium 2 TB plans and higher. Our experts are here for you, whether you have questions about storage, online security, or any Google product or service. So wherever you are on Google, your membership goes with you. Check your storage, explore features, and take advantage of member benefits all in one place. Make a lifetime of memories and know they're safe with Google One.

He also praised that "everything is easily searchable". A review by Michael Muchmore of PC Magazine in February praised the service as "truly impressive" in creating and editing files, describing its features as "leading" in office-suite collaboration. He added that "Compatibility is rarely an issue", with importing and exporting options, and that the free storage of 15 gigabytes was "generous". However, he also criticized the user interface for being confusing to navigate, and wrote that "Offline editing isn't simple".

The Android version of Google Drive has been criticized for requiring users to individually toggle each file for use offline instead of allowing entire folders to be stored offline. Immediately after its announcement in April , Google faced criticism over Google Drive privacy. In particular, privacy advocates have noted that Google has one unified set of Terms of Service and Privacy Policy agreements for all its products and services.

In a CNET report, Zack Whittaker noted that "the terms and service have come under heavy fire by the wider community for how it handles users' copyright and intellectual property rights". In a comparison of Terms of Service agreements between Google Drive and competing cloud storage services Dropbox and OneDrive , he cited a paragraph stating that Google has broad rights to reproduce, use, and create derivative works from content stored on Google Drive, via a license from its users.

Although the user retains intellectual property rights, the user licenses Google to extract and parse uploaded content to customize the advertising and other services that Google provides to the user and to promote the service. Summarized, he wrote that "According to its terms, Google does not own user-uploaded files to Google Drive, but the company can do whatever it likes with them".

In contrast, a report by Nilay Patel of The Verge stated that "all web services should be subject to the harsh scrutiny of their privacy policies—but a close and careful reading reveals that Google's terms are pretty much the same as anyone else's, and slightly better in some cases", pointing to the fact that Google "couldn't move files around on its servers, cache your data, or make image thumbnails" without proper rights.

In comparing the policies with competing services, Patel wrote that "it's clear that they need the exact same permissions—they just use slightly more artful language to communicate them". On November 12, , Google announced that Google Drive had million active users, a figure that the company was releasing for the first time. On October 1, , at its Atmosphere Live event, it was announced that Google Drive had million monthly active users.

The Next Web noted that this meant an increase of 50 million users in just one quarter. On September 21, , it was announced that Google Drive had over one million organizational paying users. In March , Google announced that Google Drive had million active users. In May , a Google executive stated at a company event that there were over two trillion files stored on Google Drive. Although Google has a During significant downtimes, Google's App Status Dashboard gets updated with the current status of each service Google offers, along with details on restoration progress.

Notable downtimes occurred in March , [] October , [] January , [] [] September , [] January , [] and December At Google, we recognize that failures are statistically inevitable, and we strive to insulate our users from the effects of failures. As that did not happen in this instance, we apologize to everyone who was inconvenienced by this event. Our engineers are conducting a post-mortem investigation to determine how to make our services more resilient to unplanned network failures, and we will do our utmost to continue to make Google service outages notable for their rarity.

Google Drive allows users to share drive contents with other Google users without requiring any authorization from the recipient of a sharing invitation. This has resulted in users receiving spam from unsolicited shared drives. Google is reported to be working on a fix. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cloud storage and file synchronization service developed by Google. Google Drive's Android app. Android 2. Main article: Google One. Main article: Google Workspace. See also: Google Workspace.

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