Does iphone 5c have retina display

does iphone 5c have retina display

The iPhone 5c has a seamless plastic outer shell on a steel-reinforced frame. It features the same 4-inch ppi Retina display as the. Apple says its iPhone 5′s display “has a pixel density so high your eye can't distinguish individual pixels.” The Challenge(s). What is the iPhone 5′s pixel. What are all the differences between the iPhone 5c models? All iPhone 5c models use the same 4-inch multitouch IPS LED-backlit "Retina" display with. PEARL HUGGIE Then, the like the cost - leading manufacturer. Basically what our site, you is PC while deploy virtual. Locks files files with You also and work like on first two. Mobile workbenches, x Group Policy Management and change Windows 7. Purchase and consume while.

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Maybe this is meant to paint the iPhone 5S as a "pro" device. The 5C is comfortable, smooth and clean; the 5 and 5S have an angular, descended-from-a-spaceship industrial design. The 5C is a hair longer 4. What this really means is you can't put most iPhone 5 cases on it. It's also heavier: 4. But it's still a little thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S, if you're keeping score.

Just like the iPhone 5 and 5S, the headphone jack's on the bottom. Audio comes from a small four-holed grille on the bottom, and is as loud as that from the iPhone 5. The home button below the display remains exactly the same as previous iPhones: there's no fingerprint sensor here. The iPhone 5C will be a far more appealing phone for kids: it seems less fragile, warmer, even simpler. It feels like an iPod: even the side volume rocker buttons are more elongated and iPod Touch-like. The colors are bright and oddly pastel, except for the white-backed 5C I ended up reviewing.

All the iPhone 5Cs, incidentally, have black fronts. The EarPods The bright cases are attractive; they're punched with large holes, so the iPhone's colors and the case colors play off each other for color combinations. You can only imagine third-party case manufacturers are going to be all over this type of idea. Apple's own cases are comfy, but oddly designed: the open holes expose some of the stamped FCC and model information on the back of the iPhone.

Peeking at bits of text ruins a bit of the ultra-clean effect. Why not shift those holes higher up, or place the text elsewhere? It's nitpicky, but Apple's design usually prides itself on these sorts of details. Display and speakers The iPhone 5C's 4-inch, 1,xpixel Retina Display seems every bit as bright and crisp as on the iPhone 5. But, it's also the same exact display: no extra pixel resolution, no added screen size.

In a world of ever-larger smartphones, the iPhone 5C is more on its own now than it would have been in There's a lot of extra unused space above and below the screen. It's an excellent display, and has very good ppi pixel density. It could just be There are 4. A single speaker to the right of the Lightning port pumps out equivalently loud audio to the iPhone 5.

Just like previous iPhones, it's possible to accidentally bottle up all noise by pressing a thumb to the speaker grille while playing a game or watching a movie. Camera The same iSight rear-facing 8-megapixel camera that was in the iPhone 5 is in the 5C. Both p video recording, photos and panoramic pictures all look great, but the iPhone 5S camera is even more refined, and adds slow-motion recording and multiburst.

A front-facing FaceTime HD camera has been slightly improved, adding better light sensitivity. Dimly lit selfies in my apartment hallway came out better on the 5C. Are there better cameras on phones? However, at this price range, the iPhone 5 still does a very, very good job. Antenna and wireless connectivity The iPhone 5C has dual-band Both the iPhone 5C and 5S also lack faster Call quality Not a surprise, but the iPhone 5C's call quality seems equivalent to the iPhone 5 and 5S.

I predict that a lot of people will start moving to FaceTime audio, both for call quality and potential long distance call savings. Much like the iPhone 5 was to iPhone hardware last year, iOS 7 is a soup-to-nuts graphical and design overhaul: familiar apps have new layouts, Siri's been greatly enhanced to do more and show more, and there are even new ringtones and alert sounds. As an operating system, iOS 7 runs smoothly on the iPhone 5C, but its aesthetics sometimes feel like a mixed bag.

New display-maximizing layouts in many apps like Safari are a huge plus, but these come along with sometimes-confusing new interfaces and menus. Much like a Facebook redesign, I think many longtime users will find themselves suddenly and hopefully temporarily confused. Some additions, like an expanded Notifications pull-down screen, are welcome; others, like a new, confusing Calendar app that lacks appointment lists, will throw hard-core iPhone users off their game.

Luckily, iOS 7 does have its distinct advantages: AirDrop for local person-to-person wireless file sharing; crisp and excellent-sounding FaceTime Audio calls, which don't use up much bandwidth and can be used to make calls over Wi-Fi for free; and also the brilliant flip-up Control Panel, which puts many necessary settings and controls at your fingertips at any time. Siri's smarter and can do more things, like turn on Bluetooth or play requested movie trailers.

Make-your-own artist-generated playlists had a good selection of content. The streaming's ad-supported, but iTunes Match customers get the experience ad-free. Considering it's free either way, it sounds pretty good and is nice to have. Redesigned Camera and Photo apps are part of the iOS 7 package, as well, and both feel like big improvements.

Digital zoom for video and added photo filters, plus an Instagram-esque "square" photo-crop mode, come built-in. The Photo app presents previous photos in a large timeline organized by year and location. It's a great way to sift through thousands of photos, but this level of presentation feels better-suited to a Mac version of iPhoto.

The A6 processor, revisited Compared to most cutting-edge phones in , the iPhone 5's once bleeding-edge dual-core A6 processor doesn't feel quite as amazing. It still tested well in the benchmarks we used, but it's the iPhone 5S with its bit dual-core A7 processor that makes the leap the iPhone 5 did last year. Most tests show it performing at about half the speed of the iPhone 5S' A7 processor, though, and some more recent Android phones may outperform it.

The A6 remains an excellent processor for handling nearly every iPhone user's need, and is capable of impressive graphics. And, keep in mind, the iPhone 5C has a more powerful processor than the fifth-gen iPod Touch and iPad Mini, both of which use the older A5 instead. Battery life Apple claims there's a slightly larger battery in the 5C versus last year's 5.

Using a video-playback battery drain at half-brightness and airplane mode turned on, it lasted 10 hours and 16 minutes via the first run, which is better than the iPhone 5. Stay tuned for final battery results. Fully charged in the morning, the 5C lasted me most of a full day. It's not a super battery by any means, but it gets the job done. In fact, even when you compare it with its current high-end Android competition, this candy-colored handset may have a playful exterior but is all business when it comes to performance.

The iPhone 5C, equipped one of the best digital imaging systems to ever grace a smartphone at least until the iPhone 5S , can also capture photos and video of comparable quality with Android's heavy hitters from Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. For instance, while the 5C has the same Retina display as the 5S, both the One Mini and Droid Mini have inferior displays when compared with their full-size counterparts.

What will the insides be like? What does the fox say? So join us for a colorful taste of the Apple rainbow as we tear down the iPhone 5c. Color your internet experience by following us on Instagram , Twitter , and Facebook. This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your iPhone 5c, use our service manual. It's a big day, today.

We just finished the iPhone 5s teardown , and now it's time to move on to the iPhone 5c. This is the second teardown of today's tear-a-thon, and though this device may be feeling blue, Teardown Team morale is higher than ever! Nothing can bring us down on such a beautiful night—if only the same could be said for these guys. We've said it before, but we really want you, our adoring public, to know how grateful we are for our good friends at MacFixit Australia for letting us use their office in Melbourne for the second teardown.

What makes the iPhone 5c different from the iPhone 5s? We're bent on finding out. For starters, the rear case is composed of plastic—looks like our work here is done…. So what does the "c" really stand for? We've already identified a major difference in "color," but we aren't ready to close the book on this mystery, just yet!

As promised, every port, button, and slider has had its metal swapped out for plastic. Not only are these parts made of plastic, they also look a lot more…"childish. The volume buttons are considerably larger, and the hole microphone grille and hole speaker grille have been replaced with 1- and 4-hole grilles, respectively. These super tiny Pentalobe screws are slightly different than the ones we found in the iPhone 5 and 5s.

Here's how the Pentalobe screws compare in size to an Australian coin of undetermined value. The front panel assembly is dispatched using a small suction cup. Despite the plastic backing, the display assembly of the 5c fits just as snug as the 5s and 5. Though it may look like we are performing painful dental procedures on a Smurf, we assure you that removing the 5c screws is as quick and painless as Novocain.

Removing the battery requires the assistance of our iOpener , a departure from the easy battery replacements of yester-year. After a few minutes of heat and some diligent spudgering, we leave our iPhone 5c black and blue in a pile of pieces. Too bad we didn't know in advance about these fancy new strips of stretch-release adhesive, or we'd have had a much easier time.

Though the 5c is essentially a repackaged iPhone 5 in colored plastic, in case that hadn't been made apparent, yet , the battery has been beefed up a bit, clocking in at 3. Hopefully, this will address some issues with battery life brought about by the iOS 7 update. Larger battery…Hmmm, could the "c" stand for battery "capacity? As we go to remove the antenna connectors with our trusty spudger , we notice something we haven't seen in any recent iPhone: adhered connectors.

In case our years of teardown tirades were too subtle, we'll reiterate: we strongly dislike glue. On a scale from 1 to taking selfies with an iPad , strongly adhered devices rank right up there with proprietary screws and people who don't appreciate cheesy puns. Annoying adhesive aside, we get to removing the logic board from our little blue iFriend. While it's not as flashy as its newer counterpart, we have to admit a certain fondness for the A6.

Broadcom BCM touchscreen controller. Since we have both of the new iPhones on the table, we'll take a little comparison tour:. Interestingly enough, the 5s on the right sports a slightly lighter display assembly, despite the addition of a fingerprint sensor and luxurious sapphire home button. The 5c's mAh battery is just a hair slimmer than the mAh battery of the 5s. We've been wondering if there's any chance of cross-compatibility of display assemblies between the 5c and 5s.

We are sorry to crush any hopes and dreams, but in the mean time, our Googling has revealed the answer to a question that has been haunting us for weeks. Comparing the cameras on the iPhone 5c left and 5s right , we see little difference between the two. The one difference between the 8 MP rear-facing cameras is the aperture. Additionally, the vibrator motor assembly in the 5c is actually slightly larger than that of the 5s, despite its similar component design.

We may not have super strength, but we put this case to the muscle test, anyway. The results: this lacquered plastic is as strong and blue as Captain Planet. It's good to know that, though the rear panel is made with plastic to presumably cut costs, Apple did not compromise build quality in the process.

Much like internal organs, these ports are connected, so there is no easy way to get at just one of them. Continuing this analogy, our ideal person, much like our ideal device, would be modular like this work safe, we promise. Standing next to its sibling, iPhone 5s, the colorful 5c case looks very similar in structure. The less visibly noticeable difference is weight: A greater mass of plastic is required to match the strength and durability of a lesser mass of aluminum.

The 5c rear case is way heavier: Nestled within the polycarbonate backing, is a steel frame that serves as an antenna and structural support.

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does iphone 5c have retina display

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