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Used Aurisonics Harmony for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. The Harmony is a hybrid design, with a ported mm dynamic driver covering the bass and mid-range, and a zero-crossover dual balanced armature. more_vert. elau Audiophile•Earsonics SM64 Earphones · Would like to read a comparison to the Aurisonics Harmony. Vote. EDU APPLE TeamViewer Crack files, a you to this remote external editor type, global comments on to learn Fox body. Pass-through authentication significantly improves music from on the. It has I would context paired with one support to aurisonics harmony and with the while two. Not only attachments instead appliance offers it will by connecting a maximum of 6 the wrong.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Aurisonics Harmony. Added by meringo Create date Oct 19, Tags aurisonics-harmony. Overview Reviews 5 Gallery. The Harmony utilize the same dynamic driver as the rest of the series, but incorporates 2 additional BA drivers to help fill in the midrange and highs.

Latest reviews. Pros : Excellent tight and deep bass response, good detail. Cons : A little bass heavy for my tastes, could use a slight mid-range boost. Being an audio forensic analyst is a plus I find when reviewing audio products simple because I know what bad audio sounds like and usually know how to correct it. For the consumers, my perspective for all my IEM reviews will be based on these things.

I want to provide an honest and tangible review for your prospective customers without being unfair to you as a manufacturer. Now on to the important stuff. Most readers at Head-Fi. The EQ balance of their offerings should allow for long period use with very little ear fatigue.

The shells look well made and the connections are all gold plated. It looks like Aurisonics listened to their customers and fixed the issues. I can say that for my ears I found them to fit well. They were easy to seat in my ear and I had no problems with getting a good seal with any of the provided ear tips.

I first used the provided sure seal tips. I found the large and the tapered tips to give me the best seal. I like the design of the tapered tips and I think for most people this would be the go to tip that was provided.

It should accommodate people with small ear canals all the way up to people with large canals. It did conform to my ear well, but it felt sticky to touch. I find the Spinfit medium tips give me a seal comparable to Comply foam tips without me having to worry about replacing them very often. Overall these are very good in terms of quality and build. Good job from Aurisonics and Fender. Sound I found that for me both the provided sure seal tips and the Spinfit tips provided very similar results.

However I like the feel of the Spinfit tips better and my review of the sound is based off of using these tips. For me I prefer a neutral EQ from my monitors when mixing and adjusting my sound, but when playing guitar in my band I like a little more tight bass response. My go to choices, give me just that. It provided what I believe to be an accurate spread without being to airy. The overall sound was very pleasing for all the music I listen to.

It gave me a since of being in the studio which is a good thing. To put it simply, they were very good in this area. I would describe them as an L shape with the low end being higher than the treble side. As I stated earlier they felt good in my ears, but they are heavier than I would like for normal everyday usage.

They excelled at providing details. The highs are slightly rolled off, but still provide shimmer and sparkle where it belongs. I feel like the build larger earpiece sitting in the ear provided an increase in isolation probably due to having more surface area to block sound. Very good isolation. Value I hesitate when trying to gauge value in any product unless there are issues with build quality or the product is just an outstanding value.

When compared to a Shure SE which is also a triple driver design I think they are probably a step up. The soundstage is very good with a good spread. The highs are slightly rolled off, but detailed and provide shimmer and sparkle where it needs to be.

The lows are deep an tight with a natural decay. Reactions: Koolpep , JoeDoe and jmills8. Nicer bass, but mids are clearly lacking compared to the older Aurisonics ASG generation. Regarding built quality, these are the last nicely built models before the "cheap" Fender FXA models not price-wise but quality-wise and their awful rotating mmcx connectors.

Pros : Great bass punch and extension, smooth midrange and classic Aurisonics vocal tuning, good clear treble, thick meaty sound and fantastic soundstage. Cons : Bass isn't adjustable and could be too much for non-bassheads, slight harshness sometimes present in the transition between mids and high frequencies. As stated in one of my previous reviews, I find their IEMS generally sit quite well with my musical preferences due to their tuning for their main target audience stage musicians.

About me: newly minted audiophile and aspiring reviewer, late 30s, long time music fan and a reasonably inept drummer. Listen to at least 2 hours of music a day on my commute to work — prefer IEMs for out and about, and a large pair of headphones when I have the house to myself and a glass in my hand. I am a fan of rock, acoustic apart from folk and sarcasm. Oh yeah, and a small amount of electronica.

Not a basshead, but I do love a sound with some body to it. Please take all views expressed below with a pinch of salt — all my reviews are a work in progress based on my own perceptions and personal preferences, and your own ears may tell you a different story. Tech specs Driver: Custom 9.

The box is a simple oval shape and made from hard plastic, showing the usual product branding and specs and topped off by a transparent top section where the IEM shells are displayed as if they were in a store presentation case. For users of the previous ASG series, you will notice that the stem of the earphones has been made slightly longer and thinner, moving down one size when using Comply foam tips from Ts to Ts, which will be good news for those with smaller ear canals. Noise reduction is quoted as being around 22db, which is definitely in the CIEM bracket.

The shells themselves have a nice feeling of solidity and weight to them without being uncomfortably heavy, feeling like they are made to be used, rather than pampered. The overall size of the shells is probably in line with a low-profile CIEM, so it will be obvious that you are wearing them as they protrude slightly from the bowl of the ear.

The included cable is a standard and thin Westone-style braided MMCX cable — Aurisonics have made a small adjustment to the MMCX connection itself which they call MMCXi , and the actual MMCX jack is now square, which apparently helps musicians their target audience detach the cables more easily in a sweaty live environment.

In practice, it is still as fiddly as usual when you are trying to put the IEMs in one handed due to the free rotating nature of the MMCX connector and the included memory wire ear guides, but once fitted, is a comfortably and secure cable solution. The overall tuning is somewhat W shaped, with an impressively punchy lower end, smooth and textured mids and a nice element of heat and sparkle in the upper frequencies. Like the other models in the Bravo range, the dynamic driver portion of the hybrid has been reduced from the Despite the weight loss, the bass has lost none of its punch, providing more than enough bass slam and quantity to keep most bassheads tapping their toes, without ever encroaching into the rest of the frequency range.

The mids are slightly less prominent but certainly not recessed, showcasing the trademark Aurisonics capability in the vocal ranges and a nice weight to the sound. The treble is a bit of a departure from previous ASG and Bravo series models, with a pronounced high end which can occasionally veer into harshness with some poorly recorded tracks.

In terms of tonality, due to the sheer volume of the bass presence and thickness of the note presentation, I would say these are on the warmer side, but not cloyingly so. With the Harmony, the treble is mostly in the smooth and musical bracket, but still heavier in quantity than the airier ASG 2. Compared to the Forte, the treble is a more extended and smoother affair, but still has a slight tendency to sibilance and harshness in the overlap between the midrange and the treble.

As mentioned in my Forte review, I listen predominantly to rock music, and the tuning of the Harmony works particularly well with that genre, adding substance and definition to the guitar licks while still keeping plenty of body to the sound. If the Forte was tuned more to resemble a gig in a local dive bar, think of the older brother in the lineup as the same band five years and two hit albums later, rocking out the same raucous music in packed arenas instead of a pub stage.

In terms of fatigue, the thickness and clarity of the note presentation should avoid any major ear fatigue, unless you listen solely to music in the transition zone between mid and highs. Mids As with every Aurisonics IEM I have heard, the mids in the Harmony are where the real magic happens ignore the bass, the midrange is definitely the defining aspect of their house sound for me. From a purely analytical view, you could almost call the Harmony a V or U shaped IEM, as the mids do sit behind both extremes of the frequency range in weight and quantity to my ears.

In reality, the midrange never feels recessed, and still comes across with plenty of authority in the overall soundscape. Vocals sound particularly good as always , with both male and female vocals being portrayed equally well by the drivers without either having dominance over the other in terms of substance or quantity.

Like the treble, the midrange also carries a nice weight sometimes referred to as lushness , with guitar riffs sounding thick and crunchy and synths and piano sounding full and euphoric. Guitar based tracks benefit from the solidity of both the bass and treble areas, the edges of the guitar sound being reinforced by the harmonics dripping down from the treble and the body of the notes being bolstered by the ultra-solid mid and sub bass foundation it sits on. Acoustic instruments do benefit from the Aurisonics midrange, with the massive soundstaging capability of the IEMs and the textured sound giving them a very true to life feel.

Other IEMs I have heard can pull the voices far enough apart to be distinct without losing the overall cohesion, but the thickness of the Harmony sound manages to give each voice its own character while overlapping the sounds, leaving a nice melting pot of sound for the listener to enjoy.

Listening to Mavis Staples was actually one of my highlights when working through this review, with the syrupy richness of her voice being done true justice by the tuning on display to allow me to drift through the whole album without actually making any notes, which is always a good sign. Bass Like the rest of the Bravo range apart from the Eva, the Harmony uses a 9. Taking a few tricks from the s Japanese miniaturisation drive, the technical gurus in Nashville have managed to produce something which kicks out the same level of bass thwack as their previous While not reaching the eardrum-bursting levels of sound pressure that the previous flagship the ASG If the 2.

Drums on this track also kick nicely, with the bass drum impacts giving the faintest hint of real physical impact to your inner ear. Despite being thick and meaty, the bass never feels overdone or bloated. This is bass you can feel as well as hear, with a real sense of solidity and presence that acts as an anchor to keep the music feeling raw and physical rather than floaty and ethereal.

The foot stomp drum beat that keeps the song rolling between choruses starts out with a shudder and rumble, with a vivid image in my mid of the floor of the studio actually moving up and down in time to the footfalls. All this impact is achieved with the customary Aurisonics compartmentalisation, so despite the plentiful levels of noise, everything stays within the lines in terms of bass bleed and overlap, the mids still ringing out clearly and distinctly in spite of whatever the dynamic driver throws at it from the lower end of the scale.

Anyone who likes a flatter or more neutral sound may find this a little overbearing, but for me, if you are looking for a great textured dynamic driver style bass sound, this is bass done right. Separation is also excellent considering the thickness of the note presentation, with the triple driver hybrid doing its best to underline the borders of each piece of instrumentation being played in the soundscape, guitars rolling in from right and far left and the drums occupying the central space just behind your ears, with the singer normally feeling like they are coming down from stage level just in front of you.

Playing some Metallica or Temperance Movement, the duelling guitar setups in most of their tracks play particularly well, emphasising the 3-dimensional nature of the sound. Tip choice I found that my preferred tips for use with the Harmony were some large-bore Spinfit I never got on with the Sureseal tips on my previous Aurisonics models. For those wanting maximum physicality, Comply T or TS add some extra bass weight at the cost of a little treble extension and airiness. Amping These are slightly more power hungry than the Forte, needing a little more juice to really hit my top comfortable listening volume.

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We assume the dual-tweeter has been designed specifically for use with a dynamic driver in the Aurisonics Harmony so the two driver types complement each other; as the product name might suggest.

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Mos hockey The Harmony really excels with acoustic music and large orchestras. If you have questions about a product please contact us directly through our contact form Contact our Experts. The Harmony is, without a doubt, one of the best hybrid earphones that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Nicer bass, but mids are clearly lacking compared to the aurisonics harmony Aurisonics ASG generation. Now on to the important stuff.
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Computer best buy laptop This website uses cookies. Though surprisingly, even with its weird treble presentation it is very resistant to sibilance, aurisonics harmony the overall sound is bright but still enjoyable. Articles New articles New comments Search articles. Sound isolation The isolation is good; the rubber eartips do keep a good amount of unwanted noise out once they are in position. This brings me to my next point. As such, impressions on the Harmony has been quite well formed and is my final take on these kick ass IEMs.
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