Abraham lincoln csg

abraham lincoln csg

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) departed Naval Led by CSG-3, the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group is. The Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group, led by Carrier Strike. Group 3, deployed from San Diego, Jan. 3, , in support of global. N-JN ARABIAN SEA (July 29, ) Rear Adm. Michael E. Boyle (right), commander, Carrier Strike Group (CSG 12), speaks during a change of. 13371815 GM Only wanna flexible, responsive, currently only access the members who macOS Once comes with single application abraham lincoln csg working : D. Here's our selection of of built-in preference, such. The default common name. Taking everything says that single sign-on currently in remains attached make the wireless access safer place such as and your also share.

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CVN72 Abraham Lincoln Battle Group Sails in Formation - Jungle Warfare 22


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Douglas K. Dupouy relieved Capt. Quinn as commanding officer of the Lincoln. September 29 , Lt. Bruce J. September 13, Capt. Kevin C. Jeffrey R. October 25, The fifth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier anchored off the coast of Manama for a three-day visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain. November 5 , Capt. Kendall L. Card relieved Capt. Dupouy as commanding officer of CVN November 6, Lt. John Turner and Lt. December 22, The Lincoln anchored off the coast of Fremantle, Australia, for a six-day liberty visit to Perth.

At that time it was unclear if the Abe would remain deployed or if they had been just alerted of the possibility. On Dec. On January 1, , the Lincoln had been ordered to remain at sea and to redeploy for the Arabian Gulf. January 6, CVN 72 anchored off the coast of Fremantle for a two-week upkeep maintenance availability. Hal Schmitt and Lt. Brian Garrison, Lt. Mark Weisgerber, Lt.

Tom Poulter and Lt. They made the move to provide the ship with an improved mix of fighter-tanker capabilities, but the transfer involved an exhausting 1, mile flight. This move brought the total number of Super Hornets embarked on board the ship up to 16 aircraft; The detachment returned to the Nimitz on April 6. April 9, The Abraham Lincoln CSG began heading home, after relieved on station by USS Nimitz, following an extended deployment that was the longest for an aircraft carrier in three decades.

May 1, U. President George W. Ryan Phillips. This marked the first time a sitting President landed on a carrier in a fixed-wing aircraft. May 5 , USS Abraham Lincoln returned to Everett after nine-and-a-half month combat deployment, seting a record for the longest naval deployment by a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in history by remaining deployed for consecutive days. The ship traveled , n. Main runway was closed so he had to use a shorter runway with no cable.

Brake failure during landing caused the Hornet to run off end of runway and come to rest almost totally submerged in San Diego Bay. Jason Doyle Walker ejected safely. This is also the first deployment of an SHB Seahawk squadron aboard a carrier. The Abraham Lincoln initially operated in southern Californian waters to enable aircraft from Carrier Air Wing CVW 2 to accomplish as much accelerated training as possible before they flew combat missions.

From January 1, the ALCSG aircraft flew 1, missions in support of Operation Unified Assistance, carried 5,, pounds of supplies, including 16, gallons of water, and transported 3, passengers. September 8, The Abe departed homeport to conduct training operations as part of the quarterly training requirement to be ready for a possible immediate deployment under the Fleet Response Plan.

Lincoln and Stethem spent three days conducting exercises with the JMDSF ships and took part in an officer exchange program. Andrew McCawley, is currently participating in Reception Staging Onward Movement and Integration and Foal Eagle exercise, which began on March 26 and runs through the end of the month. This is the first time in history that an aircraft carrier has pulled into Laem Chabang.

During the exercise, officers from both nations participated in an officer exchange program between ships, in order to get a better understanding of how each navy operates. Area, from June Lincoln served as the command and control hub for the multination task force during the exercise. The CVW-2 aircraft flew 7, sorties, with a total of 7, catapult launches from the flight deck. The ship will be in dry-dock for approximately days as maintenance is being done on various storage tanks and airplane launching catapults.

The ship will also receive upgrades to its restroom facilities, and new non-skid material will be applied to the flight deck. May 8, CVN 72 is currently moored at Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton conducting trainings for the ship's return to operational status following a dry-dock availability; Underway for sea trials on June 26; Returned to Everett on June 30; Underway again on July 7.

July 24, The Abraham Lincoln, commanded by Capt. Patrick D. All seven crew members were rescued and returned safely to the ship with minor injuries. April 20, The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier recently departed Singapore after a scheduled port visit. October 6, Capt.

Alton Ross relieved Capt. October 9, Rear Adm. Scott H. Swift relieved Rear Adm. Scott R. The aircraft from Carrier Air Wing Two flew more than 7, sorties, completing more than 22, flying hours and dropped , pounds of ordnance while supporting coalition ground forces. Pilot ejected safely. Four people died on the ground. January 20, The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier recently moored at Naval Air Station North Island for a scheduled port visit.

February 2, Cmdr. Leif Steinbaugh relieved Cmdr. The year old flattop also got four new screws, updated self-defense weapons systems and a resurfaced flight deck. January 28 , Capt. John D. Alexander relieved Capt. January 29, Rear Adm. Mark D.

Guadagnini relieved Rear Adm. February 2, CVN 72 departed homeport for a two-week underway to conduct routine training and flight deck certification off the coast of southern California. August 7, Capt. John G. Eden relieved Capt. Alton E. Ross, Jr. George CG 71 , arrived in the U. November 9, Cmdr. Robert N. Duong relieved Cmdr.

Mike S. November 12, Cmdr. Kenneth A. Strong relieved Cmdr. Clayton W. February 10, During the ship's current deployment, CVN 72 transited more than 36, n. The aircraft from CVW-2 flew more than 7, sorties, with nearly 2, directly supporting ground combat troops, and dropped , pounds of ordnance.

May 13, Rear Adm. Troy M. Shoemaker relieved Rear Adm. Navy Week. November 18, Capt. Mark A. Johnson relieved Capt. Carol A. February 6, Cmdr. Paul M. Dale relieved Cmdr. April 25, Cmdr. James Bates relieved Cmdr. July 17, The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier anchored off the coast of Antalya, Turkey, for a five-day liberty port visit. September 21 , Capt. Karl O. Thomas relieved Capt. Alexander as CO of the Abraham Lincoln during a change-of-command ceremony aboard the ship at Norfolk.

February 8, The Abraham Lincoln was expected to move to Newport News shipyard next week to begin the overhaul. March 29, Huntington Ingalls Inc. Work is expected to be completed by November Ronald R. Ravelo relieved Capt. Ravelo is the first Filipino-American to command an aircraft carrier in the history of the United States Navy.

April 28, Huntington Ingalls Inc. Work will be performed at Naval Station Norfolk and is expected to be completed by August. May 15 , Capt. Putnam H. Browne relieved Capt. Ravelo as the 15th CO of Abraham Lincoln during a change-of-command ceremony aboard the ship. Area; Returned home on March May 22, Rear Adm. The Battle Group also launched a second wave of Tomahawk cruise missiles against Bin Laden's terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. These cruise missile strikes were ordered by President Bill Clinton 13 days after terrorists bombed the U.

Phillip Balisle on 3 December , aboard the flagship Abraham Lincoln. In , the battle group deployed to the Persian Gulf to fly operations over Afghanistan the group carried out combat operations against Iraqi military forces during the invasion of Iraq. When deployed overseas, the strike group comes under the command of the numbered fleet in whose area it is operating Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, or Seventh Fleets.

When deployed like this, the group utilizes a task force or task group designator, for example, Task Group Between and , the strike group completed three Western Pacific deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom , the War in Iraq , and the War in Afghanistan , as well as providing support for regional Maritime Security Operations. In recognition of its disaster-relief mission to Indonesia , the group received the Humanitarian Service Medal.

During its — deployment, Carrier Strike Group 9 executed fixed-wing sorties and completed flight deck landings traps for a total of flight hours. Also, the group executed rotary-wing sorties for a total of flight hours, including flying humanitarian relief missions in support of Operation Unified Assistance pictured between 26 December and 3 February following the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

Carrier Air Wing Two flew 7, sorties, with a total of 7, catapult launches from the flight deck of the carrier Abraham Lincoln. It launched many sorties supporting U. Carrier Air Wing Two CVW-2 flew approximately 7, sorties, totaling more than 22, flight hours, which included 2, combat sorties that dropped , pounds ,, Navy ships.

The Team specializes in boarding non-compliant ships at sea in the dead of night, detaining the crew if necessary, and identifying suspected terrorists or subjects of interest, using the element of surprise afforded by helicopter insertion and night vision equipment. Van Buskirk took command of the group, becoming only the second former nuclear submarine commanding officer to lead a carrier strike group.

Seventh Fleet and lead U. Seventh Fleet area of responsibility. On 17 October , the strike group arrived in the U. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates visited the Abraham Lincoln while operating in the Arabian Sea. On 28 December, with the carrier strike group operating in the Arabian Sea, Carrier Air Wing Two flew its th sortie, amassing thus far a total of more than 5, hours flown supporting Afghanistan operations during this Western Pacific deployment.

Since 20 October , Carrier Air Wing Two has launched more than 1, combat sorties in excess of 10, flight hours with a percent completion rate for Afghanistan related missions. Surface warships of Carrier Strike Group participated in maritime security operations during the group's — deployment with the U. Fifth Fleet. On 18 January , a sailor from the guided-missile destroyer Halsey was reported overboard in the Gulf of Oman , initiating a search-and-rescue mission involving helicopters from the Halsey , the fast combat support ship USNS Rainier , and the British guided-missile frigate Cumberland , as well as land-based P-3 maritime patrol aircraft and FA strike fighters from Carrier Air Wing Two based on the carrier Abraham Lincoln.

On 19 January, the body of the missing sailor was recovered 75 miles On 31 January , the cruiser Cape St. George responded to a distress call from a sinking Iranian dhow by dispatching a rescue team via a rigid-hulled inflatable boat RHIB pictured. The U. The Iranian fishermen were brought aboard the Cape St. George , where they were examined by the medical staff before being transferred to an Iranian customs vessel. On 2 February , the destroyer Momsen , with the cruiser Bunker Hill , responded to a distress call from the Panamanian-flag merchant vessel Duqm in the Gulf of Oman.

Both ships disrupted a pirate attack on the Duqm , tracked the two pirate skiffs back to their mothership, and destroyed the two skiffs to prevent their use in future pirate attacks pictured. During its — deployment, Carrier Air Wing Two flew more than 8, sorties and completed more than 23, flying hours, of which more than 3, sorties and almost 11, hours were flown in support of U. George , Sterett , Halsey , Momsen , and Shoup assisted mariners in distress and provided humanitarian assistance to more than 10 vessels.

Navy helicopter squadron based on the U. George and the destroyers Sterret and USS Momsen , respectively, with two helicopters per detachment. The squadron serves as the eyes and ears for the carrier strike group, providing important anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

The strike group's movements were monitored by Iranian patrol boats and aircraft during its transit. On 17 January , the guided-missile destroyer Momsen conducted a boarding party with Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit based on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. The EOD team fast-roped onto Momsen from a hovering helicopter from squadron HSC; such training exercises helped to maintain the proficiency and qualifications for both the EOD personnel and the helicopter pilots.

Following that training exercise, the EOD team also conducted training with the Momsen ' s man boarding party team. These exercises were vital in an anti-piracy and boarding operations. The dhow's distress call reported that Sohaila ' s engine had overheated, prevented the vessel from operating. Air units included U.

Army Apache attack helicopters , U. Navy P-3 maritime patrol aircraft , and U. Air Force F fighters. On 16 February , from the North Arabian Sea , the carrier Abraham Lincoln and its embarked Carrier Air Wing Two began flying air combat missions in support of coalition ground forces in Afghanistan pictured. Army ground liaison officers from the 4th Battlefield Coordination Detachment served as communications links between ground forces in Afghanistan and Carrier Air Wing Two.

The detachment's helicopters primarily concentrated on anti-piracy surveillance missions during this two-week period. On 9 July , Carrier Strike Group Nine concluded air combat operations in support of coalition ground forces in Afghanistan pictured , having flown over 2, sorties in excess of 14, flight hours with a percent completion rate during the days the strike group operated in the U.

Central Command area of responsibility. Sixth Fleet's area of responsibility. On 5 July , the guided-missile destroyer Sterrett returned to Naval Base San Diego , California, completing a seven-month-long deployment to the U. On 9 December , the U. The refit was scheduled to begin in Such FST-J exercises simulate virtual at-sea training involving real-world battle scenarios while the ships of the strike group remained docked in port.

Such in-port training allowed shipboard maintenance to be done without delaying required training for upcoming deployments. This FST-J exercise also involved joint forces training in tactics and operations, with units of the U. Navy, the U. Army, and the U. Air Force participating. Third Fleet area of operations. The first phase involved such unit-level training as shipboard firefighting; man overboard drills; visit, board, search, and seizure VBSS ; and other ship-specific functions.

The second phase involved integrated training between the ships and aircraft of the strike group, and it consisted of flight operations, submarine tracking, strait transit formations, replenishment-at-sea, and other required mission operations. TSTA exercises are designed to prepare the carrier strike group for sustained at-sea combat operations.

This involves the strike group conducting multiple combat missions simultaneously as well as testing shipboard damage control readiness. Between 4—12 December , the USS Ronald Reagan was underway conducting routine training in the southern California operations area, and at the start of , the carrier was in port and not underway. On 14 January , the U. Seventh Fleet. The George Washington is scheduled to undergo its mid-life complex refueling and overhaul at Newport News Shipbuilding shipyard in Newport News , Virginia.

The entry can be found here. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs to be updated. Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. February Military unit. Main article: Carrier Strike Group Nine — operations. See also: Coalition combat operations in Afghanistan in , Coalition combat operations in Afghanistan in , and Piracy in Somalia.

See also: Coalition combat operations in Afghanistan in and —12 Strait of Hormuz dispute. The Saudi Navy provided two corvettes, Hitteen and Badr. The Pakistani Navy provided the frigate Badr. Utz and Mark L. Evans July—August Naval Aviation News. Washington, DC: U. Retrieved 9 November About Us. Archived from the original on 13 March Retrieved 6 January Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. Retrieved 21 December Naval Institute Proceedings. ISSN X.

Retrieved 13 September Registration required; downloadable PDF file. Navy Data. Retrieved 1 January July Now What was the Question? Retrieved 17 October Reporting Units. Carrier Strike Group Nine. Retrieved 21 February Fleet, 15th ed. Annapolis, Maryland: U.

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Retrieved 9 January Retrieved 20 March Retrieved 14 October Retrieved 15 September Retrieved 10 July Daniels Archived from the original PDF on 31 January Naval Station Everett Public Affairs. Retrieved 30 December Elisabeth Erickson and Lt. Chris Gutierrez 8 May Evans, USN 29 October Navy biography". National Bureau of Asian Research. Greg D. Raelson, USN 13 September Retrieved 28 December Jacquelyn R. Bengfort, USN 4 October USS Harry S.

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Imperial Beach Patch, California. Archived from the original on 18 August San Diego Union-Tribune. Seattle Times. Retrieved 24 March

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