Beautiful london rebel

beautiful london rebel

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Is it just insane? For some people, the idea of spending any time in a cemetery outside of attending a funeral or paying respects at a grave, is lunacy. Nunhead Cemetery is what you get when you take one ornate Victorian Cemetery, age it a century or so and then abandon it for a couple of decades so nature can effectively re-wild large parts of it. Immerse yourself in the vast collection of art, but also take the time out to appreciate the fabulous buildings designed by Sidney RJ Smith which culminate in a jaw-dropping domed rotunda with a monochromatic terrazzo floor.

The once lavish pleasure gardens of the nearby Inverforth House and the former setting of many a high-end soiree now has an aura of faded grandeur that is enchanting and appealing in equal measure. Arbor after arbour, trailing with fragrant roses, draped in wisteria — The Rookery dates back to and is based in one of the mineral spas that transformed Streatham from a rural backwater to one of the spa destinations of the 17th century.

Imagine that. Westminster Abbey was one of the many spots I used to rush past during those heady teenage years when I was as always late for my shift at the London Eye. The shame. It is rather ravishing — a hodge podge of architectural styles and baubles, not to mention the setting for so many important historical events. Less well-known than its Protestant Westminster counterpart, the Roman Catholic Westminster Cathedral is hidden just around the corner from Victoria railway station.

The Neo Byzantine architecture is rather… distinct. Can you imagine if the Queen had to look at some barren wasteland each morning? Yeah… thought not. One Tree Hill is a woodland nature reserve in deepest leafiest South London that only a few locals know about. The cocktails are stellar and so is the decor — particularly the newish winter terrace, filled with secluded nooks for gossips and romantic dates. The golden lettering, cobbled walkways and red-hued archways of Leadenhall Market always guarantee it a place on any list of pretty places in London.

The Grade II listed buildings are hidden behind an archway just steps away from Holland Park — expect to see many of the original features including the elegant wrought iron staircases. London loves to show its bonkers side from time to time — resulting in gloriously bizarre places like The Churchill Arms. What might have been just a plain old pub boozer in Kensington has been transformed into a floral extravaganza that changes throughout the seasons.

Need more of an excuse to go? The interior is just as crazy and they serve brilliant Thai food. Nothing good I suspect. Look, Daunt Books is gorgeous particularly the Marylebone branch but it really annoys me when I go in there to stock up on my next stack of reads and see a parade of posers snapping their pictures and leaving without so much as a glance at the books themselves.

Rant over. Sky Garden. Go to Sky Garden for breakfast when all the queue-forming suckers are still in bed and you can see the sunrise without queuing, booking ahead or the bother of other people. Worth the pain of getting up at butt-ass am for. Still, I love to get my own way so… may I present the Barbican Conservatory. All the brutalist London beauty but filled with enough curtains of hanging greenery and exotic plants that no one can dispute its entry. De Velours.

Diego Dalla Palma. Dream Catcher. El Gusto. Erotic Hard. Etude House. Fit Grune Kraft. Flor de Man. Franklin Covey. Gamma Piu. GARD Professional. GD Solingen. Grace Day. Green Light. Haruharu Wonder. Hinoki Clinical. Juliette Armand. Jurassic SPA. Koji Honpo. Kumano Cosmetics. La Miso. La Soyul. Laura Rosse. LCB M LC Bio. Mademoiselle Agathe. Mai cosmetics. Makeover Paris. Master Soap. May Island. Med B. Medi Flower. Medical Collagene 3D. Mene Moy System.

Milan Arzneimittel. More Beauty. Nano Organic. Olivia Garden. Percy Nobleman. Pierre Cardin. Pierre Rene. Pleasure Lab.

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