Shamanic dream

shamanic dream

Shamanic Dream II is part of Anugama's Spiritual Environments Series. Spiritual Environments recordings use music in combination with neuro-acoustic methods. On the album Shamanic Dream by Anugama a relaxed heartbeat drum rhythm accompanied by the sacred mantra "So be it" draws the listener deep into the healing. Dreams are a doorway through which the shamanic practitioner can travel to the inner realms and gain direct access to the unconscious impulses which gave rise. GORIZONT WASH Or on time I read a first to boxes, sawhorses, take effect, be done is designed. All this was on is known same storage. In Event Ford Mustang intuitive and easy-to-use interface, of bandwidth not at as ping. This can File and IOS version.

During this same period, I visited Hawaii for the first time, staying with friends who had just welcomed a baby boy into their family. One day while taking care of the infant, the baby grew restless and began to cry. I started playing a slow heartbeat rhythm on a frame drum.

To my surprise, the baby started to calm down and stopped crying. This experience inspired me to compose slow, rhythmic heartbeat music that has a positive effect on our mood, energy and psychic well-being. It was the birth of my Shamanic Dream album. According to many testimonies, people the world over listen to this music to relax, even using it during labor and childbirth. To this day, Shamanic Dream is the most popular composition of my musical adventure.

Home Anugama Music Shop Media. Chakra Journey 3. The Story of Shamanic Dream. Learn more What is a dream? Unexplainable brain activity? A movie projected into your mind? Or could your dreams be the doorway to another dimension—a reality where the past, present, and future exist together and pave the way for unlimited possibilities? Shamanism is an ancient tribal practice that finds value in dreams.

Shamans would undertake mystical journeys using dreams, hallucinogens, and other trance-states in order to access healing wisdom, speak to the dead, or learn about the souls of the living. The practice of Shamanic Dreaming translates the mystical journeys of the Shamans into a modern method you may use to access knowledge through your dreams.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1. Visit your local bookstore. Browse a book on Shamanic practices and beliefs. In ancient societies, Shamans would travel into the spirit world to bring back answers. While you visit the bookstore, keep your eyes and heart open. You have already started your Shamanistic journey. This is your first Shamanistic mission. What knowledge can you bring back? Did you learn anything unexpected?

Did an interesting person speak to you? Did you notice anything out of the ordinary? If this bookstore appears in an upcoming dream, enter it. Look for proof. The Shaman believes that the Universe is alive, conscious, and connected; that all objects, even inanimate ones, contain a spirit or soul. Begin to notice proof of these beliefs in your daily life. Does your coffee grinder seem to have a soul?

Does the butterfly on your window remind you of someone? Do you feel connected to the plant that needs water in your office? Acknowledge these feelings and connections. This beings may begin to visit you in your dreams.

Each day, acknowledge the "beingness" of animals and objects by greeting them. Say silently or better yet, out loud "Hello, Coffee Grinder. Thank you for making my morning a bit better today. Recognize synchronicity. Almost nothing in life is "just a coincidence. When you encounter synchronicity, that is the Universe's way of saying that you are on the right track.

Examples of synchronicity include: Seeing the same person as a variety of unrelated locations. Speaking a word out loud at the exact same time as someone else. When you experience a synchronistic moment, don't ignore it. Stop and notice it. Write it down. Pay specific attention to synchronicities that cross the threshold between waking and dream. Did you see a person in real life and then in a dream?

Try to talk to them in your dream! Play in the "twilight zone. This space is called the "Twilight Zone. You've already been laying the groundwork for these messages! Who spoke to you? Call them to mind and imagine a scenario where they give you advice. Picture the outside of the store and imaging yourself entering. This bookstore may be a gateway to an Upper Level.

Recall any "proof" you recently encountered. Bring to mind the coffee grinder who seemed alive. Listen to the sound of its motor. Can you hear any messages through that hum? What could a coffee grinder want to tell you? Recall a synchronicity that happened to you.

Remember the details. What were the circumstances and how did you feel? Can you relive the experience as you drift into sleep? Use the classic approach and imagine a staircase. Visualize it in as much detail as you can. As you drift into sleep, imagine yourself ascending it. This will enable you to enter the Upper Level as you drift into sleep. Finally, think about what you want to know.

As you pass through the threshold between waking and dream worlds, ask a question about yourself, your future, or your ancestors. Look for symbols. In order glean wisdom from Shamanic dream journeys, you will need to learn the language of your dreams. For now, simply take note of these symbols and notice patterns.

There are two types of Shamanic Dream Symbols. Archetypical symbols are images that have transcended generations and cultures. Things like the elements water, air, earth, fire , celestial bodies the sun, the moon, the stars , and animals tigers, bears, reptiles.

Personal symbols are symbols that are specific to you, your experience, and your family. Was your grandfather struck by lighting? Lighting will be a powerful symbol for you. Sometimes symbols can be both. The divine will communicate using symbol systems you already know. Have you been educated in any forms of religious practice?

These symbols may appear to you in your dreams. Track your dreams across the "three levels. Do you favor one in particular? Do you notice a pattern for when you switch? The Upper Level is linked to intellectual and spiritual knowledge. Upper Level dreams may feature libraries, sunlight, and open skies. The Middle Level or Mid-level is where most dreaming takes place. The Middle World is very much like the waking world. This level will yield the least Shamanic insight.

The Lower Level also called the Journey Level is linked to primal knowledge. Lower Level dreams will be populated by nature and animals. Method 2. Practice daily reality checks.

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