Lenovo thinkpad 11e amd review

lenovo thinkpad 11e amd review

The ThinkPad Yoga 11e sports a rugged and flexible design, an excellent keyboard and booming speakers. If only the thing didn't cost almost I expected the AMD version to equal or better the N version, but boy was I wrong. It's flaky,hot, wireless drops (until you downgrade the driver), and. The ThinkPad 11e Chromebook's GHz Intel Celeron N quad-core CPU and 4GB of DDR3 RAM provide lots of power. Pandora audio and YouTube. BEST BUY ON XBOX ONE You must remove the was provided client software. See Table, reason, we the router are dynamically is to would plan. Psssssst : it easier of my. System that Support Number to interact your requirements, it is system, and a remote Twitter, E-mail, than 8 s you.

The ThinkPad Yoga 11e sports a rugged and flexible design, an excellent keyboard and booming speakers. If only the thing didn't cost almost smackers at checkout. Lenovo, the folks behind the original flip-and-fold, 2-in-1 laptop design with the first Yoga, brought the rotating screen to the Chromebook market with the Lenovo N20p.

That stylish notebook could rotate its screen almost — but not quite — degrees. Now, the company comes full circle with the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e, the first Chromebook with a fully flippable lid. The Yoga is also one of the few Chromebooks on the market with a truly rugged exterior.

Designed for use in rough-and-tumble classroom environments, the laptop boasts rubberized edges and extra-strong hinges. Is this machine's combination of flexibility and durability worth the price? The Yoga 11e sports the same minimalist aesthetic as other ThinkPads, featuring a matte black plastic chassis and few adornments other than a silver ThinkPad logo at the upper left corner of the lid and another at the bottom right corner of the deck.

The lid tapers at the edges, giving the laptop a slightly rounded look when closed, and a green LED along the leading edge of the lid glows when the Wi-Fi is enabled. At Still, the laptop is light enough that I barely noticed it in my bag. Compared to the textbooks students usually lug around, the Yoga 11e feels positively lightweight. Like most Chromebooks, the notebook's port selection is fairly limited.

On the left is a USB 2. As with other notebooks in the Yoga series, the lid of the Yoga 11e can rotate degrees to lie flush against the bottom of the laptop. This flip-screen design lets you use the device in four modes: traditional laptop mode, tablet mode folded completely backward , stand mode placed keys-down on the table and tent mode.

This final mode sees the Chromebook at a degree angle, standing on the edges of its lid and base. The 11 inch screen is extremely good for a device this size and very easy on the eyes for extended typing sessions. The high resolution will make this device suitable for most users. For example, text and pictures are crisp and the range of colors displayed is excellent. The touch screen feature is fast and using it is responsive like using most modern touch screen mobile phones.

There does not seem to be a difference from this touch screen and the touchscreen of other tablets. This Chromebook is definitely a great purchase if you are looking for a more high end Chromebook with more features than the competition. Compared to the Toshiba 2 — While smaller Looking at this computer along with the Dell Chromebook and Toshiba 2, this has been one of the single best reviewed Chromebooks on the market.

CNET 3. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chromebook Review. Share on Facebook. Performance The newer processor really is really nice and faster than most other Chromebooks out there. Design and Features The Yoga 11e has almost all the Chromebook features that we expect. The Yoga 11e Screen The touchscreen and tablet functions of the Yoga make it really stand out from other Chromebooks with touch a touch screen feature.

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Reinforced ports and a reduced gap between anchored keys help prevent accidental damage from a bored child's exploring fingers. This is one tough machine. The Chromebook can easily change between four modes — Laptop, Stand, Tablet, and Tent — for whatever you choose to do. This Chromebook's unique design and touchscreen display allow the screen to flip degrees, so you can select the mode that best matches your needs at the time. The Chromebook laptop's display is scratch- and crack-resistant, Dragontrail glass is far tougher than typical soda-lime glass.

Six times stronger than conventional glass, a 1. Military-specification testing validates the ruggedness, durability, and quality of ThinkPad products by testing against eight parameters: high pressure, humidity, vibration, high temperature, temperature shock, low pressure 15, ft , low temperature, and dust. Move data between the 11e and other devices quickly with USB 3. The low-light-sensitive, p HD webcam with face-tracking, plus dual digital-array microphones, will help you enjoy web conferences or online video chats like you're really there.

Enjoy the benefits of an always-on port, charging your USB devices without having to turn on your laptop. Products ship within the same business day excl. Limited quantities are available. Software and accessories will be shipped separately and may have a different estimated ship date. Show savings:. The brightness is quite decent with We measured a similar value for the display of the Chromebook sibling We can measure an average DeltaE deviation of 6.

The target value would be smaller than 3. Our review unit does not suffer from a blue cast. Lenovo equipped the Yoga 11e with an IPS display, which means the display content is visible from every position. The convertible can be used outdoors, but you should favor a place in the shade or use it on cloudy days. The glossy screen surface will prevent use under direct sunlight.

Lenovo's ThinkPad Yoga 11e is an The CPU runs with a nominal clock of 1. The Turbo can be used on mains as well as battery power: The CPU tests of the Cinebench benchmarks were always executed with 2. We did not have any problems with the system. The notebook runs smoothly and without hiccups. It would be possible to increase the system performance with a second memory module or the replacement of the hard drive with an SSD.

Lenovo equipped the Yoga 11e with a hard drive from Toshiba that has a capacity of GB and runs with 7, revolutions per minute. The graphics core of the Yoga 11e has the designation HD Graphics. It supports DirectX 11 and runs with up to MHz. The 3DMark results correspond with the performance of the GPU, which means it is at the bottom of the performance ranking. Our comparison chart shows that comparable graphics cores from AMD are significantly faster. You should not even think about playing modern 3D titles like Assassin's Creed Unity on the hardware of the Lenovo notebook.

Smooth frame rates are only possible in a couple of games — with reduced resolutions and quality settings. The situation changes when you want to play titles from the Windows Store. They are usually no problem because they were designed for weak hardware in the first place. The fan is usually deactivated while idling. Still, the device is not silent because you can clearly hear the murmur of the hard drive.

Replacing the hard drive with an SSD would solve this issue. The fan does not have to work very hard under load; even low rpm-levels ensure a sufficient cooling of the hardware. We can measure a system noise of just Our stress test Prime95 and FurMark for at least one hour shows the same behavior for the Yoga 11e on mains as well as battery power.

The processor can maintain its maximum Turbo clock 2. The result of the Yoga 11e is once again similar to its Chromebook sibling. The power consumption of the Yoga 11e is on a normal level for this hardware platform in all scenarios. We were able to measure a consumption of Our realistic WLAN test opens websites automatically every 40 seconds. The power plan "Balanced" is active and we adjust the display brightness to around nits.

The Yoga 11e manages a runtime of hours, which is clearly worse than the Chromebook sibling h. This is, however, not really surprising: Chromebooks usually have a lower power consumption compared to their Windows counterparts in our experience, which means they manage longer runtimes.

Another factor that should not be forgotten: The Yoga 11e uses a conventional 2. But there is an additional reason in this case: We introduced a new WLAN test a couple of weeks ago, so the results of the two Yoga models are not really comparable. The Bay Trail Celeron processor is powerful enough for office and web applications. The Yoga 11e is always quiet and does not really warm up at all. You also get good input devices, and a large maintenance hatch at the bottom means the device is easy to maintain and upgrade.

We also like the display; Lenovo integrates an IPS display with good values for the brightness and the contrast. Still: Both the brightness and the contrast could be higher for such a device. All the mentioned characteristics mean the convertible is not only interesting for the education sector but also for users that need an However, the problem is the mobility: The ThinkPad manages a runtime of hours in our realistic WLAN test, so it neither lasts a full school day nor a business day.

This is an average result for an However, both devices are only equipped with TN displays with limited viewing angles in return.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook Review

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