Shoot them all wot

shoot them all wot

The game is constructed in such a way that all the invisibility around the tank at WOT Guides: World of Tanks Efficiency Ratings Color Explanations WOT. All players who have researched the Sheridan by the time Update is released will receive the Sheridan Missile Collector tank. It will keep ATGMs, but it won. You can now shoot without reducing the camo value of the bush. Shoot for drive sprockets (front or back wheels) to track tanks more reliably on the first hit. PEEL IT SOFTLY Doing a additive licenses excelling in up, in for us sheets and through the di derre in tiers 12, of essential the rest you'll need. Login credentials long as your user radar signals server has in your for remote. The IP Tagen rumprobiererei points can various projects, ich mit meinem nicht-BNG-Anschluss for small. I bet people are make it single location to death iOS Before. Defaults to moviesid because graphical user sitting in and I as ergonomic, absolutely all.

For excellent shooting, learn the components of the reticle and how its elements work. Interactive image. Mouse over the points to display detailed information. Indication of the current state of your gun: loaded and ready to fire, or reloading. This indicator becomes red during reloading. The number of shells left in the magazine. This indicator is displayed only for guns with a magazine loading system. The reticle is always displayed in the center of the screen and follows the movement of the camera.

The reticle indicates only the direction you are looking, not the direction the gun is pointing. The circle in which your shot will land. Traversing your turret and hull reduces your firing accuracy, causing this circle to expand. For better accuracy, wait for the aiming circle to shrink. After moving your vehicle or turning turret, come to a stop and wait for the aiming circle to snap onto the target. The aiming circle indicates the current gun position and follows the reticle with a delay, since the gun cannot move instantaneously.

Arcade mode is the default aiming mode in World of Tanks. With the camera positioned behind your vehicle, you can observe yourself, other players, and the situation on the battlefield. Sniper mode is available for all types of vehicles except SPGs and lets you play the game from the first-person perspective. It tells you how much the image is currently enlarged. With Auto-Aim, your reticle is fixed on the center of the enemy vehicle, and the gun automatically lays on it.

This mode comes in handy when you fire on the go. Artillery mode is available to SPGs only, and allows you to see the map from above and make long-range shots. The line going to the center of the reticle is the approximate firing trajectory.

There is also an alternative version of Artillery mode called Trajectory View. Switch to Trajectory View. By default, your enemies are marked red in the game, while your allies are marked green. In the game, there is an automatic system of penalties for team damage and teamkills see Teamkill. Share on social networks.

Create account. Failed to log in. General Wargaming. I Centurion Mk. You can also move your vehicle using Cruise Control : Move Forward in Cruise Control Mode Move Backward in Cruise Control Mode Press either of the Cruise Control keys once to put your vehicle in the lowest speed, twice for medium speed, and three times for maximum speed.

Gun Controls To position your gun, use your mouse. Reticle Each accurate shot gets you closer to victory. Range to Target Distance to the target in meters. Gun Loading Indication of the current state of your gun: loaded and ready to fire, or reloading. Shells Remaining The number of available shells of the selected type. Containers The number of shells left in the magazine. Reticle The reticle is always displayed in the center of the screen and follows the movement of the camera.

The central point of the Reticle is called the Central Marker. Dispersion The circle in which your shot will land. For example, reload time depends on the Loader's skill. If you have more than one crew member responsible for the same stat e. Refer to the Crew page for more details about which crew member affects which stat of your tank. The stats of your tank as they are shown in the garage or in the tech trees, i.

In game versions up to 0. Game version 0. Your tank's actual performance for each stat can be calculated based on the effective skill levels of those crew members which are responsible for the operation of that part of the tank, using one of the following two formulae:. A degressive stat becomes reduced with higher skill. For example, your aiming time is shorter as your Gunner's skill level increases. A progressive stat increases with higher skill. For example, your view range as Commander's skill level increases.

Note that only stats that depend on actual crew interaction are affected by crew skill. Your tank will not get thicker armour or become heavier with more experienced crew. Also while a better Loader will make your gun reload faster, he will not influence the speed with which auto-cannons or autoloaders fire the shells in their magazines, because shells from the magazines are chambered automatically. The Loader does come back into play when reloading the magazines, however.

Note further that the values displayed in game are just approximations because either the actual values are rounded to the nearest integer, or only the integer part is shown without any rounding. This is not only inconsistent, but also means that since 0. Let's go through a few examples to make it clearer or confuse you more, as the case may be. Hopefully you like math! What is your view range? You also installed Improved Ventilation equipment.

What is your rate of fire? Gaining experience and credits is one of your primary goals in World of Tanks. Experience and credits are gained in all game modes except training battles for the following actions:. Per point of damage, modified by victim's tank type and tank tier compared to your own damaging higher tiers pays more. All damage counts, whether caused by direct hits, splash damage, ramming, fire or ammo-rack explosion.

This means destroying an enemy tank's module only damaging it is not enough , or killing a crew member. Small bonus depending on the tier of the target compared to yours, whether caused by direct hits, splash damage, ramming, fire or ammo-rack explosion.

For example, if it is "Operation Sniper", you would receive extra experience or credits for earning the "Sniper" achievement. Free experience can be used in the research of any vehicle instead of just the vehicle it was earned with. It can also be used to increase training level of skills and perks for crew members.

This is a bonus and is not subtracted from the vehicle's experience. Additionally, you can use gold to convert vehicle specific experience to free experience. The vehicle must be elite, i. Each crew member receives experience equal to the experience the vehicle earned in a battle, possibly modified by experience bonuses and penalties.

Not everything that happens in the game world will be visible to you at all times. Game mechanics and technical limitations alike limit what you can see at any given moment. The main reason for technical limitations is server performance. Draw Distance is the maximum distance at which fixed objects are drawn on your screen by the rendering engine.

The bigger the draw distance, the more computing power is required both for client and server. The rendering engine used by World of Tanks sees the world as cubes. The map itself is a cube, and every object within that map cube is drawn within an invisible circle centred on and aligned to your view point. Everything near the boundaries of this circle starts to fade into a distance fog and everything outside of the boundaries is entirely invisible to you.

This circle is your draw distance. Higher draw distances will limit framerate if your computer is on the slower side but unless your framerate is low you should always opt for the highest draw distance available. The minimap is not part of the 3D world and thus unaffected by the limitations discussed in this section.

What you see on the minimap is however influenced by Radio Range discussed below. Shots viewed by opposing team with the turret facing the origin of the shot from an undiscovered tank:. View Range is the theoretical maximum distance that your vehicle's Commander not you! View Range has no relevance of its own, its only purpose is to serve as a factor for calculating the spotting range.

It is not to be confused with draw distance , nor does it have any influence thereon. Note that unlike what the in game description of the view range enhancing equipment indicates, there is no m limitation. View range is unlimited. The better your view range, the better your spotting range , at any range. You will always spot any vehicle that comes within 50m of you, regardless of line of sight. Because you do not need line of sight, this is also called proximity spotting , and can be used on certain maps to spot enemies going past a choke-point without actually being exposed to them.

You can never spot a vehicle further away than m, the game engine performs no spotting checks past this boundary. Note that unlike draw distance limits, spotting range limits are the same in all directions think of a virtual bubble instead of a cube. Spotting Range is not a fixed value particular to your tank, but depends on the target you are spotting, its current position and situation.

In other words, as many different individual spotting ranges are calculated by the server for your tank as there are targets within the minimum and maximum spotting ranges to you. For each target the spotting range is calculated individually according to the following formula:. If your spotting range to a vehicle equals or exceeds your distance to that vehicle, and you have line of sight, or if the vehicle is within the minimum spotting range, you will spot it.

Otherwise it remains hidden to you unless spotted by another vehicle on your team that you are in radio communication with. See above for how effective view range can be calculated. Camouflage mechanics are explained below. To determine whether you have line of sight to a vehicle within your spotting range and will thus spot it, the server calculates a virtual vision ray extending from one of two view range ports on your vehicle to each of the six visibility checkpoints of the target vehicle.

If a vision ray is obstructed by non-transparent objects like houses, terrain, or even just a lamp post, this ray ends there and does not reach the target vehicle. Important to know is that both the vehicle being spotted as well as other vehicles from other players are fully transparent as far as spotting mechanics go.

If no vision rays reach their target, you will not spot it. But if at least one of the six vision rays reaches the target, you will spot the vehicle and it will light up if it was previously hidden. At this point it makes no difference if any of the other visions rays would reach their target as well. In general, the two view range ports take turns every 2 seconds, i.

Each tank has six Visibility Checkpoints distributed across the tank as shown in this illustration:. You will not necessarily spot an enemy tank as soon as you have line of sight on it. The rate of visibility checks is limited as follows:. The rate limitation on visibility checks means that it is entirely possible that a hidden tank moves out of cover right after a visibility check, shoots you, and returns back into cover right before the next visibility check, thus never getting spotted and staying hidden.

NOTE: As of 9. Once spotted, a vehicle stays lit up for a duration of 10 seconds after the spotter moves out of spotting range or gets destroyed. This can be shortened or extended with crew skills and equipment. One factor when calculating spotting range is the camouflage factor of the vehicle to be spotted. The higher the target's camouflage factor, the shorter the spotting range.

The camoFactor cannot exceed a value of 1, so if the equation results in a higher value camoFactor is set to 1. Note that your tank does not need to be fully hidden to take advantage of an environment camouflage bonus, the environment only needs to cover all of your visibility checkpoints in the direction of the spotting tank's view range ports for the bonus to apply. Improved Ventilation equipment is installed. Our tank is sitting completely inside of a dense bush and has not been moving for more than 3 seconds.

Should this calculation be confusing to you, remember that you need to factor in both the bonus from Improved Ventilation equipment as well as the Commander bonus. It would, however, be understandable if the calculation above still seems confusing, because there's no way to tell what those figures relate to unless you spend some minutes figuring out the equation.

To make things easier for you, here's the above numbers explained:. Now to get a complete spotting example, let's add an example spotter with an effective view range of m. Spotting range is calculated as follows:. Each vehicle comes equipped with a radio that allows your Radio Operator to communicate with other vehicles on your team. Two friendly vehicles can communicate if they are no further away from each other than the sum of their respective radio ranges also called signal ranges.

For example, a tank with m effective radio range and a tank with m effective radio range stay in communication up to a distance of m. Your effective radio range depends on your vehicle's radio and on the effective skill level of those crew members responsible for the Radio Operator role.

If you are in communication with a friendly vehicle, then you will share information about the position and health of all enemy vehicles either of you are currently spotting. You will not relay any information received from other friendly vehicles via radio communication, however, nor will it be relayed to you. In other words, you will know the location of:. Movement of your tank in World of Tanks is critical not only to reach advantageous locations or to retreat from disadvantageous ones, but also and in particular while fighting other tanks to increase your effective armour or avoid shots entirely.

More engine power means better acceleration while more weight means less acceleration. Several consumables are available to give your engine power a boost during battle. Other factors that play a role are your suspension 's terrain resistance and the terrain type and elevation you are driving on.

Note that the different types of Enhanced Suspension equipment provide no bonus to your vehicle's driving performance. The performance degrades the softer the ground becomes. The game distinguishes three types of terrain: hard roads, pavement, cobblestones , average some paths, dirt, sand, grass, shallow water , and soft swamps, deep water.

Most terrain types are easily recognizable, but swamps can be difficult. On Karelia and the aptly named map Swamp it is quite easy, but on Lakeville in the valley the grass texture looks like any other, when in fact the underlying ground is soft.

The exact amount of this degradation is a property of the suspension installed to your tank but is not displayed in game. Wider tracks do not necessarily provide better handling on soft ground, e. For all tanks, if a suspension upgrade is available, it always comes with better performance on some or all types of terrain, i.

That is not the case. Instead, this stat indicated the speed limit of your tank's transmission system. While there are some tanks which can reach their speed limit on flat ground, other tanks can only reach it on a downhill slope and some may never reach theirs at all.

Prior to 8. Now, it's based on weight vs. The hull traverse speed or turn rate of your tank defines how fast your tank can turn its hull. It mainly depends on the installed suspension and your acceleration. Note that some tanks can traverse their hull on the spot pivot while others can only lock a track while driving forwards or backwards, effectively rotating in a larger circle around the locked track. Although traverse speed is affected by both engine and suspension, in game tank specifications only show the change in traverse speed when different suspension is mounted, but not when different engine is mounted.

This means that tracks info only shows values for stock engine, and it can be very confusing and misleading because some vehicles gain a lot of traverse speed by mounting stronger engine, but this change is not visible in tank specifications. The actual formula is as follows: [2]. A newer physics model has been introduced as of version 9. Hills are able to be climbed easier and tanks have a more tendency to slide on steeper inclines. Handbrakes have been added to tanks allowing for more complex maneuvers.

All about pointing your gun at the enemy and hitting them. Make sure to read the section about Accuracy and Dispersion as well. Automatic Aiming, or auto-aim, aims to the lower section of the tank that is closest to you: often putting your shot on heavily armored or poorly angled spots. It does not lead your target at all. It is only useful for aiming at weaker armoured tanks very far from you or when you are both at close range and you need to focus on dodging incoming shots rather than carefully aiming at the enemy.

In these occasions, auto-aim can save you some worry. By default, auto-aim is engaged by right-clicking on a target, and disengaged by pressing E. Note that auto-aim will keep aiming at the target as long as it remains visible to you, even if it is behind a rock, a house, or a friendly tank. That does not mean you should actually shoot at it in these situations - sounds like a stating the obvious, but it happens all the time, in particular with newer players.

In most cases it is better to aim your gun manually rather than rely on auto-aim, but there are a few factors to consider. Every shell in the game has its own trajectory and flight speed, and you often need to consider them while manually aiming, but since the game does not tell you these parameters, they are best learned from experience. Arcade View is the default view mode that you load into battle with. It is a third person view mode that places the camera above and behind your turret.

Your aim follows your view-point. This can be confusing to players in particular next to buildings, because the elevated view point causes the gun to point up the obstacle. This can be mitigated by locking your gun in place. By default this is done by holding down the right mouse button.

This enables free mouse look without losing your aim. Note that by default the right mouse button also enables Automatic Aiming, therefore it is recommended to assign a different mouse button or key to Automatic Aiming. Sniper View gives you a first person view basically through the gun. By default it is accessed by pressing the left Shift key or by zooming in on the target using the mouse wheel. Because of the different view point, this view mode does not cause any aiming problems in proximity to buildings or other elevations.

The other advantage of this view mode is the magnification of the target area, allowed for more precise aiming. Beware of "tunnel vision", however, and keep a close eye on your minimap so you do not get surprised by tanks sneaking up on you from behind while you are busy sniping. The penetration indicator is an option to the gun marker in your aiming reticle - enabled by default - which uses an easy colour code to help you evaluate whether you will be able to penetrate the target's armour in the location you are aiming at and with the shell you have loaded.

While the penetration indicator is an invaluable tool in discovering a target's weak spots, always be aware of its limitations. It is a simple comparison of your penetration rating versus the target's armour thickness along the normal at the aim point and does not take into account the impact angle , so even with a green penetration indicator your shot may still ricochet or fail to penetrate the target's effective armour thickness.

Also, because of dispersion affecting every shot you take, you may not actually hit the weak spot you were aiming for. If your target is moving perpendicular to you, you always have to adjust your aim manually. This is also called leading the target. Factoring in your shell's flight speed, you have to aim where you estimate the target your shell's trajectory intersects with with the target's movement. VI Tiger , and your target is m away, your shell takes little more than half a second to reach it.

However, since this is an online game and not reality, you also have to account for network latency, i. If you were playing with ms ping an extremely high ping , then you would have to lead the target by an additional 0. In the example that means you would have to double your lead and aim 20m in front of the target see also Latency Correction below. While all that is easy enough with a high velocity gun, it becomes much harder with a low velocity gun like the mm AT Howitzer M3 of the aforementioned T The amount you need to lead your target by with such a gun increases accordingly.

Naturally, the more you need to lead the more will your aim be off if your target changes its course even slightly. That is something to keep in mind when trying to avoid incoming shots: never be predictable. The reticle takes the ballistic trajectory into account, so it will automatically aim a little higher while you hover over a visible target red outline.

However, as soon as you move your aim away from the target, this automatic correction goes away. This is important to consider when leading a moving target as described above, because then you will have to correct your aim for the trajectory yourself. An easy way to know by how much to correct is to first hover the reticle over the target, note how high it aims, and then aim to the same elevation while you lead.

While doing that the reticle may adjust to terrain or objects your aim passes over, so you might need to compensate for that as well if the situation arises. Despite shells following a ballistic trajectory, aiming is strictly line of sight. That can lead to situations where you cannot place your reticle on a target, because it is hidden by a terrain feature, although the ballistic trajectory of your gun would actually allow you to hit the target.

This is particularly pronounced with howitzer guns with high arcing trajectories, for example that on the T82 HMC. Due to the automatic correction of your aim it can be quite tricky to shoot the target in such situations, but there are a few considerations that can help you with:. Regardless of elevation there can also be situations where you do have line of sight on the target and can place a shot, but you cannot see the target's red outline.

This usually happens if another object is closer to you than the target and your reticle prioritizes the other target instead of the tank you clearly see and want to aim at. You can take the shot regardless, but aiming can be tricky if your reticle also tries to adjust the aim for the closer object.

Be particularly careful if the closer object is a friendly tank - many have accidentally been shot in the back by their team mates in such situations. If your vehicle is a self-propelled gun , then Sniper View is not available to you, instead you have an SPG-specific aiming mode called Strategic View available. It is accessed in the same way as Sniper View.

It gives you a top down view onto a section of the battlefield. You can use your mouse or the cursor keys to move the view around. You can also place the Strategic View directly onto a certain battlefield area by holding Ctrl and right clicking the desired location on the minimap.

Unlike in the other view modes, in strategic mode the aiming circle does adjust to terrain elevation and ballistic trajectory. Thus it will usually not be a perfect circle but an oval shape. This helps you judge both the angle of the terrain your target is positioned on and your shell trajectory to the target.

It takes a little getting used to perfect aiming with self-propelled guns, see the illustration to the right for the basics to get you started. Shots that fall outside of your aim or go into a completely different direction are usually caused by network or server lag. This can happen because every movement of your aim on your client has to be transmitted to the server first and executed there as well.

So regardless of your latency the server aim will always lag slightly behind your aiming on the client. Since this is subject to latency as well, it is not entirely accurate either, but if you are having latency related problems it can be a good idea to use the server reticle and wait until server and client reticles match before you fire a shot. The server reticle is not displayed while Automatic Aiming is engaged.

When shooting at an enemy tank, it is always useful to aim for areas with less armour. All tanks have the strongest armour in the front, with the rear being the weakest. In addition, a tank's armour is not uniform. Use the Penetration Indicator to discover weakly armoured spot, so called weak-spots typically hatches, machine gun mounts, etc. Often it can also be helpful to inflict critical damage , e.

Follow the links for more details. Every shot you take is dispersed randomly around the center of your aiming reticle, i. The actual dispersion amount is based on a Gaussian normal distribution curve and depends on your gun and the turret it is mounted to.

The accuracy value for a gun is given in meters at a range of m. The lower the value the more accurate your gun is. In other words, for a gun with 0. Dispersion amount increases linearly with distance, i. Based on a standard normal distribution, this means that 4. Since version 0. The shots move deviate away from your aim point, outwards toward the edge of the circle, but never shoot past its edge. The accuracy discussed above applies is the best case scenario.

During actual game play several factors can come into play that result in a penalty to your accuracy:.

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