Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders. Check our great selection of Games Today! So this time on Jake's review desk we have a budget friendly, wireless gaming controller from the folks over at EasySMX. With its extra buttons on the back and additional buttons for adjusting light and vibration settings, the EasySMX ESM gives you more. PENTAX IST D Its high --routines the you to are also stamps are why it for Easysmx. During the Add a. We introduced exert a as 18 command: smart-tunnel.

I have been on the hunt for a replacement controller for my PC for a little while, then my trusty wired Xbox controller decided it wanted no more and finally gave up on me which forced the issue. So when I was offered a controller to review I jumped at the chance!

Operating Range 10 m, Upon taking the controller out of the box I noticed the blue bordered sections are actually rubberised and add a bit of extra grip to the controller which feels quite good in the hand, will be interesting how they work out in extended gaming. The EasySMX Wireless Controller does this and does it well, I thought the rubber portions were just for show when I took the controller out of its box but they help get a better grip of the gaming controller while you are playing.

I use the controller for mostly playing racing simulators as playing these with a keyboard and mouse set up is quite the challenge! I played a few hours of The Witcher 3 and it felt almost akin to playing on a console which was a really relaxing experience and again the responsiveness of the controller meant strikes against enemies in the game were in time with my panicked button mashing!

There is one thing I do have to note though with the EasySMX controller and that is it has very audible vibration motors inside, there were a few occasions where I was playing Need For Speed and the folks I was on Discord with could actually hear when I was hitting bumps or obstacles in game due to audible level of vibration.

The controller also features a neat sleep mode so after a few minutes of inactivity it will power itself off which for me is a brilliant feature to help prolong the battery life for the pad and a simple tap of the centre button gets you back in the fight so to speak. Well I must admit for the price this controller is mighty good. The controller ticks all the boxes for me too. So what is your take on this?

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I recommend you buys this product as it is easy to assemble and its in unspeakably comfortable. I assemble it all by myself within 30mins. However, it turns out the footrest is strong and sturdy enough to lay my feet. The armrest are a nice touch as it takes away my pressure off my arm. I'm a big boy 6' 5" and the best part of 19 stone. The chair was very easy to put together every bolt fit perfectly and the tools and bolts did not bend, strip or miss-thread.

Seat is very comfortable very thick pad not thin like some other chairs I have had. Steel base not plastic so it will not split as I have had happen in the past so I am hoping to get years of use out of this chair. This is my very first gaming chair and I really like it! It's comfortable, strong and sturdy! It does a good job at venting heat from the back support and seat. It's very stylish and the material is made very well. I love the arm supports, they are cushioned and comfortable.

Given those issues the shipping time was very reasonable. In addition to using the chair for gaming sessions, I am also working from home using the chair. Smooth rotation and movement. I bought this chair for my son, and he's over the moon, apart from only taking bout 20 minutes to put together its very comfortable and looks great. Super easy to assemble.. The foot rest is a deal breaker for me the best part is there's carpet in my apartment and it glides really well on it.

This is my first gaming chair. Well, my wife first gaming chair. I wanted to give her a better chair to sit for a long time. Installation is a breeze compared to other chairs I have put together. All the tools you need is in the bag. It even comes with a pair of gloves for safety.

I decided to use a drill with a similar star head to speed up installation. It took me approximately 15 minutes to finish. My only tip is to put the back on first before flipping it over to put on the leg. The chair leather feels soft to the touch and the foam is not too soft or too tough.

The mechanism to lower and raise the chair back is smooth and is not hard to use like some other chairs I have try before. It can extend to about degree as advertised. It comes with a lumbar support. I wanted a controller that would allow me to play games on my PC mainly steam games and this controller works perfectly for that task. I have a ton of retro games and modern games and I have had no issues playing any of them via steam's big picture mode.

Most games on steam are xbox controller compatible and the buttons you see on the screen sometimes correspond to those controllers. I have had no issue playing the games and the rumble feature surprised me on one game when it came on. It's a very strong rumble. I am very happy with the controller. Great headphones which I initially bought to play on a PS4 with but now use them just as well with an Xbox One.

They plug into the controller and work instantly and they are great for blocking out any outside sounds. They are comfortable to wear and for the relatively cheap price, you really couldn't ask for much more. We recently purchased 3 more of these, but in different styles, for our teenage kids who all upgrtaded to xboxes at Xmas, and all have been fab.

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