Dried beef

dried beef

Armour Star Sliced Dried Beef is made with fresh beef that is dried until it takes on a robust flavor. Each slice contains 9 calories and is 95% fat free. Chipped beef is a form of pressed, salted and dried beef that has been sliced into thin pieces. Some makers smoke the dried beef for more flavor. The modern product consists of small, thin, flexible leaves of partially dried beef, generally sold. Ingredients · 4 tablespoons butter · 1/3 cup flour · 3 cups whole milk · 1 teaspoon black pepper · 4 1/2 ounces dried beef, cut into strips · Texas toast slices (or. GL JOE Returns a date, given ability bool None Not. This contrasts Inspector and never had check must application security you can Advanced bundle. This is no signs to migrate.

Continue cooking for about two to three minutes whisking constantly. Sprinkle in the black pepper and cayenne pepper. Slowly whisk in the milk until smooth and creamy. Add the chopped beef and simmer for three to five minutes. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve over toasted bread, eggs, hash browns, or biscuits.

Hopefully my Creamed Chipped Beef will bring back wonderful memories or make new ones. The weekend is coming. You will have a little more time to make something fabulous for breakfast or lunch! Creamed Chipped Beef is the ultimate comfort meal combining dried beef in a smooth cream sauce served over light toasted sourdough or European whole grain. Keywords: chipped beef, creamed beef, creamed meat,.

On the hunt for more delicious recipes? Nutrition Disclaimer: All nutritional information shared on this site is an approximation. I am not a certified nutritionist and any nutritional information shared on this site should be used as a general guideline. I grew up eating CCB and loved it! Raised my kids on it and they love it. Biggest problem is Buddig Beef is the best you are right less salt but it is harder to come by as some of my grocery stores have stopped selling it!

This is definitely my new go to recipe! I have been making this for years Thsnks to my MaMa! This is my first time making SOS and this recipe came out perfectly. I used Esskay dried chipped beef. No matter, still plenty salty meat, so I added a bit pinch at the end after tasting. Came out great and I put mine over buttered toast. My mom used to make this but Creamed Salmon on Toast I believe the sauce was very similar, some sauted onions, and maybe some dill and lemon, in the sauce, she would put green peas in it, and then add salmon till hot and serve over taast.

It was delicious Brings back a great memory. Does anyone else remember Creamed Salmon on Toast? You know, there is just a genre of meals of creamed protein on a carb, which I could live for. Created by our elders to stretch the meat and make it go further in their meals. Everyone has a version but whether it be this chipped beef, hamburger gravy, sausage gravy, eggs, chicken a la king, creamed salmon, etc on toast, biscuits, pasta, mashed potatoes, whatever!

Endless variations. Was trying to remember how to make this from my childhood — more for proportion of ingredients rather than what is in it. Making tomorrow am! Thanks Robin! I hope you enjoy it. Yes the possibilities are endless and you reminded me of so many great comfort foods from years gone by.

Delicious memories!! I loved reading all the comments! I use my microwave A LOT. Lots of ideas were presented! Made a bunch of it and broke out the seal a meal, froze it now just throw it boiling water or poke a couple of holes in the plastic and pop it in the microwave better than Banquet and cheaper.

Making it now takes me back and reminds me of how amazing my mother was in all that she did. That is so sweet. Recipes can be so nostalgic. It might very well be the closest thing we have to time travel! I will try the Buddig brand. Thanks for posting. Your recipes are always so good. She used Carl Buddig dried beef, milk, butter, flour and pepper. However, she added just a tiny bit of garlic powder and velveeta.

I retired after 4 years spent at West Point plus 30 more in the Army. People used to joke about SOS but I love it, especially over biscuits or a couple of fried eggs with a generous sprinkling of black pepper. I crave this even now. Thanks for posting the recipe. Just looking at the pictures has me drooling for some SOS over hot buttermilk biscuits. My mother always browned the beef in the butter a little bit and then scattered the flour over it, cooked it a minute or two, and then added milk.

This made a browner gravy and way more flavor. I think we had it over fresh baking powder biscuits. It was so funny to see this on the computer today because I actually made this last night and will be having it again tonight. I grew up with this as it was definitely a family favorite. As others have said the SOS has traditionally been hamburger in the cream sauce instead of the chipped beef.

We ate both. My dad was a cook during WWI and that was when he started making it. Another thing he used to do and not only when times were tough, but he used salt pork to make the gravy and served it over mashed potatoes. This was called slop. Definitely not something to eat now! One addition I make to this is to add peas. So yummy. I have made this for years and the kids and grand kids love it. But I fry the beef first in the butter until nice and crispy.

Then I add the flour and fry until flour is cooked slightly brown. The amount of flour depends on amount of beef. I never measure. Then I add milk as needed until the sauce is the right consistency. I only add salt and pepper to taste. I have at times added a splash of gravy darkener for appearance. I mix that with the parkay until lightly brown.

I pour the milk into my tupperware gravy maker and add the flour and shake. I pour this mixture over top of the beef and butter and cook until heated and slightly thick. It is so much easier than trying to mix the flour and butter. Try scooping out a baked potato, mixing the potato with the chipped beef mixture sans cayenne pepper for me.

Then fill the potato shell, put grated cheddar cheese on top and warm in oven until cheese melts. Just seeing this listed, brought back many memories of my mom, opening up that tiny jar of either Hormel or Armour Chipped Beef. A dish that she prepared several times a year. I too would rinse off the excess salt, tastes have changed and so has the information about too much sodium; back when I was a little boy, there was not that much processed food around and the amount of salt that was used to cure this chipped beef wasn't much of an issue--however today, that is not the case.

A great, American, comfort food item and like some of the other respondents, I was in the military and this was called by a name that doth not be listed here. Dad hates it as he had it every day in the service. Mom made it for us. No curry or cayenne at all. Only salt and black pepper. Try a cold dark beer, that will stand up to the salt in the meat. Also really good over egg noodles. This was so simple and so good.

I used the Budding sliced beef and it was not salty at all. My husband liked it alot. I made to much so we were going to have leftovers the next day for lunch - BIG mistake because this does not reheat well at all, The sauce gets lumpy. OK - if the beef isn't swimming in the cream sauce, you've done it wrong. If the toast isn't completely covered in sauce, you've done it wrong. If you can eat it with your fingers, you've done it wrong. If you only put it on toast, you are missing out.

Try it over your hash browns, or scrambled eggs, or both. To raise this dish to a higher level, sweat a couple of TBSP finely chopped shallots in the butter before adding the flour for the roux. Make using half and half and plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

Serve over toasted English muffins. I always soak my beef in some cold water before chopping and adding to the white sauce. Well, I started reading the reviews and found that most of them were the same. Pepper wasn't in the classic recipe and if you want to keep it classic you cannot add any of the other "stuff" either. I have always used the Buddig packs. If you want to try something better try using the Buddig packs of ham - substituting it for the beef.

I call it "Sham on a Shingle" and it is the only way that I make it now. Spend a little extra and buy yourself Armour Dried Beef. It makes this a great Chipped Beef Gravy. Chipped Beef gravey on toast any day of the week for this bunch. The cayenne pepper is a nice touch too. I quickly run warm water over the dried beef to remove some of the salt. I try never to add salt as it seems to break down the essence of this delicious gravy.

Unlike other "reviewers," I prepared the recipe exactly as written. I used the dried beef called for, not hamburger or Walmart beef. Despite the fact that the beef label merely suggested, rather than specifying, rinsing the beef, I did not do so because the recipe never mentioned rinsing. The result was inedible because of the saltiness. If I try this again I will definitely rinse next time. Lisa, if the beef is to be rinsed, say so in the recipe. Oh, and S. I grew up adding the beef as soon as the white sauce was started!

Maybe thats why it never tasted salty to me or anyone else who has ate it since its soaked in the "gravy" for a little while. I also add lots of shredded cheese and make the sauce cheesy. My family absolutely loves this. Cheap and easy meal. I use 2 packages of Buddig sliced beef and add a dash or 2 of Worcestershire sauce to the cream sauce instead of cayenne. If you would like more of the dried beef flavor, saute the dried beef with the butter to release its oils 'before' adding the flour.

Makes an incredible difference and changes this 4 star into a 5 star recipe. This is just like my Nanny used to make. The only thing I did different is we eat ours over potatoes. Just boil the potatoes, mash them on your plate. Add some butter and salt and pepper and put the chipped beef over it.

That is always how we ate it growing up. Oh, and I leave the skin on my potato but the kids like it without! Thanks for this reveiw. I haven't had this in ages. Bring back great childhood memories with my Nanny grandma. I usually use the packaged beef also, but I usually saute it in the butter for a few minutes then add the flour to the pan and stir until the butter is absorbed. Add the milk and stir until thickened.

It seems to give the white sauce a little more flavor. This is one of my most favorite comfort foods. I made it for my kids this morning. One kid loved it, the other wouldn't touch it. I used the sliced beef in the packages like my mom did when we were little and I added in six crumbled hard-boiled eggs. Truly comfort food at it's best. It's good over biscuits but for true trashy taste, best over cheap toasted, buttered white bread.

Very tasty. One word of caution - don't be tempted to add salt to the white sauce because the chipped beef is very salty. Mmm, we love this one now, and I grew up on it as well. Even better is creamy egg on toast, make the same white sauce but throw in chopped hard boiled eggs instead of the chipped beef.

My 4 year old loves it! Or a can of peas for creamed peas on toast. Any of these options are perfect for comfort food! One of my favorite comfort foods for breakfast. I add about a tsp of garlic powder and onion powder and some white pepper! I also get chipped dried beef from the deli! I sometimes serve this over homefries as well! Just like Mom's! Both my young boys ate this up.

Quite a feat since my youngest 2 doesn't like meat. Followed recipe to the T and it was the saltiest meal I have ever eaten. Hook me up to the water hose. Liked the consistency of the roux, but once dried beef hit it I'm going to try it with vegetables and chicken or tuna; and perhaps hamburger. We grew up on this being a Navy family. Of course, SOS stood for something else. It's super over home made biscuits also. While the recipe is excellent, I quite often make it using very lean ground beef.

Brown the beef in a small pot, add the flour to the beef,stir, then add the milk to the mixture. It will thicken quite fast and eliminates the job of making a roux. I liked this. I added a little onion powder and a little worcestershire sauce. Served it on toasted english muffins. Very good.

One of my favorite comfort foods from my childhood. Made more special beacuse only my father and I liked it. We made it with Budding packaged meat when everyone else had something better to do. When I make it now I wish I could share it with him. This is a good starting point! My mom's best friend makes this all of the time and I have fond memories of it growing up: She adds a small chopped onion to the butter while making the roux.

Also Velveeta to your liking cubes to the white sauce and a little sherry or white wine tops it off! She also always served this over the frozen puff pastry puffs not the sheet. Great served with peas! My husband has been talking about the creamy chipped beef his mom served him when his was a child so I decided to make it for him.

She is no longer with us so I couldn't ask her for her recipe and I came across this one and thought I'd give it a try. My husband loved it with the exception that he, like many others, thought it was too salty so next time I will rinse the meat. Changes I made: I added onion with the melted butter and I added the meat to the onions before the flour. I used 2 cups of milk instead of 1. My husband said it was perfect except for the salt.

This is your basic, old fashioned recipe for SOS. And you know what? It's still easy, and it's still pretty well received. My non-meat-loving kids really like it, and it is sooooo fast to make. I made this for my husband, after he had been begging for me to find a recipe for SOS. I rinsed the dried beef from the jar in warm water, but hubby said it was still very, very salty, and for him to complain about saltiness is rare!

He said the SOS the Navy served was much better! The sauce looked good, but next time I would use corned beef or something else besides the jar of dried beef. We have eaten this every Easter Sunday, for the past 50 years. A nice rich white sauce. I grew up eating this for breakfast, made exactly like this recipe. Sometimes I want it for supper and I will serve it over biscuits and add frozen green peas to the creamed beef. Good, solid recipe - brought back memories of one of dad's specialties when I was a kid.

I found the salt level fine without rinsing the dried beef, but I did make a little extra on the white sauce so that may have helped. This also is xlent if you use Pork Breakfast Sausage. Almost exactly how I have made it for many years.

Anyone from military families Know this term came from them and was simple just like this recipe is. By the way, I did make this exactly and it was good. I usually fried my chipped beef in the butter first for more flavor. Good over biscuits too. Toast is the bomb though. In my opinion. Yup, this is my grandmother's and my mother's recipe before her, although, we don't use an 8 oz jar of beef.

For this much sauce, a 2. For the poster who was wondering was additional spice could be added I made this tonight and served it over toast cubes. We've also made this and served it over toasted stale rolls. Awesome - have made this for years and also use the Buddig brand - we like the corned beef. Add a dash of nutmeg for an extra bit of seasoning.

I just made this for New Year's Day brunch. That is how my mom used to make it when I was a kid. It was one of the first entries to go! Simple and yummy. I wish I could find dried beef without nitrates. My mom has been making this since I was a kid, she had learned it from her mom who learned how how to make it in the Army I needed some comfort food today and couldn't call my mom up since she's on vacation and so I turned here.

I'm so glad I found this, it was exactly how I remembered it from my childhood. My mom always used the packets of sliced beef from the deli and it always comes out great! Thanks for sharing! This was perfect for such a dreary day and during midterms! This brings back childhood memories. I didn't care for creamed chipped beef as a child, but I like it better as an adult.

I remember my mom making this on occasion growing up. I did rinse the chipped beef to try and reduce some of the saltiness. I also used kitchen shears to cut down the time it takes to chop the beef. This was good but not nearly as good as I remembered it. A quick and easy recipe that my whole family enjoyed. I could not find the dried beef in a jar, so I used the carl budig thin sliced pastrami lunch meat. I cut it into strips and heated in a fry pan before adding it to the white sauce.

Served over thick toasted slices of challah bread. So good, I will have to double the recipe next time!! This is a great recipe. Recently, I found myself craving this recipe although I hadn't eaten it since my early childhood. My family of six wasn't exactly poor but we had to make simple meals stretch far so the 'chipped beef' was Land-O-Frost lunchmeat, the toast was English muffins, and seasoning was salt and pepper.

Tasted exactly how I remembered! Savoring it again tonight took me back over 30 yrs. The men in the family love this but I use 4 TB butter, 4 TB flour and 2 cups of milk and 2 pkg corned beef. I heat the 2 cups of milk in microwave for a couple minutes and add milk all at once to the roux so I don't have to spend forever stirring it. This recipe tastes just like the commercial kind. Instead of beef in a jar, I used wafer sliced beef lunch meat..

I love this meal. I add chopped hard boiled eggs and peas and chopped onion. My boyfriend loves it and I make enough so we have leftovers. As my mom did, I add 2 coursely chopped, hard-cooked eggs. I also add some frozen peas to make a 'full meal' out of it, and I serve it over country buttermilk biscuits.

And don't add ANY salt to this! DH requested I make this. I have to admit I really did not want to but glad I did. I tasted a bite off of DH's plate, it isn't bad and really easy to make. Only draw back is the sodium content. DH ate the whole thing so that was 6,mg of sodium. I would blow up like a balloon. If you don't have a sodium problem I would suggest trying this, you may like it.

Great recipe only my family found that 8 oz of dried beef to be overwhelming. I used one 1 2. It was a success!! I also took me back to my days in the Marine Corps!! Upon a review and suggestion I used lunch meat and I would have to say use the dried beef it would had been much better. The cream sauce seemed to be missing that flavor that comes with it and that may had been due to using the lunch meat instead of the dried beef.

So I would maybe try this again but I would use the dried beef and maybe a tablespoon more of butter. I had left over corned beef from a brisket I had made and used this instead of the jar beef. I used the food processor and chopped it all up. I made a double batch for 2 teenage boys. I warmed the milk in the microwave first for 5 mins that way it doesn't scald and makes it faster to make. I also warmed the meat in the microwave for 2 mins. I also added a pinch of garlic salt because it was too bland for my taste.

While the milk was in the microwave I made the butter flour mixture, and when the meat was in the microwave I did the toast and then put the meat in the sauce and it was done in 10 minutes. Very easy and fast and the kids ate it all!!! I haven't made this in ages and it hit the spot tonight. Always a family favorite.

This recipe is entirely too salty as written. I had to throw it away. We couldn't eat it. Do not use dried beef in a jar. Maybe package from cold cut department would be ok. We all enjoyed this chipped beef for dinner myself, my husband, my 5 year old son and 4 year old daughter. I rinsed the beef, but I think that I must have "over" rinsed it. I rinsed every single slice while running the rest of the beef under water in a collander.

The result was that it actually ended up needing salt, IMO. This is my own fault of course.

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