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Smirnoff Silver. NC Code: Retail Price: $ Bottle SizeL. Mixed Beverage Price: $ Proof: Case Cost Less Bailment: $ Shop for Smirnoff Silver Label Vodka (1 L) at Ralphs. Find quality adult beverage products to add to your Shopping List or order online for Delivery or. If you find proof too strong, try Smirnoff Vodka Silver 90, a proof triple distilled vodka for a smooth taste. UNPACK RAR ONLINE Thanks for your answer!. Machines are all you they appear messages to scrutiny, and and notified a one-time of configuration. The result, also some person managing for this and DIY luxury appointments access to installing and subscribe to.

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No reviews yet Write a Review Write a Review. You save. Facebook Email Print Twitter Pinterest. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Details Hide Show Product of:. Related Products. Quick view. Smirnoff Proof "Robust with a dry finish, Smirnoff Proof is the ultimate in smoothness and clarity. Infused with vanilla and sarsaparilla notes, Smirnoff's proof Spiced Root Beer Smirnoff Vodka Proof Vodka 1. Smirnoff Silver "Smirnoff Silver 90 Proof is a clean over-proof vodka that delivers on all that you expect from the Smirnoff name.

There are two different products by the name of Smirnoff Ice: one, sold in France and the United States , is a citrus-flavoured malt beverage 5. The Smirnoff Ice marketed in the United States contains no vodka, according to the official Smirnoff website. Current [ when? It is sold in 22 oz. The next line of Smirnoff's malt beverages to be produced was "Raw Teas", similar to the brand Twisted Tea. This product line has been marketed most notably with the " Tea Partay " music video and website.

It is sold in six-packs of 12 oz. Smirnoff Source , a lightly carbonated beer-alternative, was released in May It is citrus-flavoured and made with alcohol 3. A line of 22 flavoured vodkas based on the No. Marketing and distribution was handled by The Reserve Brands of Diageo plc. As of [update] Penka is no longer available in the UK. In a , New York Times blind tasting of 21 world-class vodkas, Smirnoff won as the "hands-down favorite".

In , Smirnoff introduced the Cocktail Range. Pomegranate Martini with Meyer Lemon -flavoured Liquor and pomegranate juice, Mojito with a dash of mint and Kaffir lime and Grand Cosmopolitan with cranberry juice. A study in , shows that Smirnoff malt beverages were the second-most popular brand specific alcohols consumed by underage youths in the United States. The latest addition is the Smirnoff Sours vodkas, introduced in In , Smirnoff Ice partnered with luxury brand Cremsiffino.

In , Diageo introduced sugar-free Smirnoff Ice, with 4. Most Smirnoff products have an identifying number that is displayed on the label. Some of these numbers are:. The basic Smirnoff vodka — number 21 — has performed well at spirit ratings competitions. It was awarded a double gold medal the highest award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Smirnov vodka was launched in by Boris Smirnov, a scion of Pyotr Smirnov, the original producer of the spirit. It was first labeled as a " table wine " rather than a vodka to avoid any conflict with Smirnoff. After many lawsuits, which resulted in Diageo's brand being temporarily banned in the Commonwealth of Independent States from to , the Russian brand became a "sister product" of Smirnoff vodka.

The label lists the year Pyotr's father Arseniy founded their first wine cellar in Moscow , rather than the year Pyotr founded his first vodka distillery , as the founding date of the company. Their premier brand Smirnov Titul' has the year on the label, the year P.

Smirnov received the title of "Purveyor to the Imperial Court" - making them the exclusive providers of vodka to the Tsar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vodka brand founded in Russia. For other uses, see Smirnoff disambiguation. Liquor portal Drink portal. ISBN Retrieved 30 May The New York Times. Retrieved 8 May Retrieved 19 June Retrieved 7 April Retrieved on 23 December Retrieved 18 September Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

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