Will you press the button

will you press the button

“Will you press the button?” is a game about decisions. We're going to give you some incredibly difficult and tempting poll questions. Will You Press The Button? is a game in which you have to make difficult decisions. Because on one hand you can make something great happen, but on the. the downside to that positive scenario. then the next person says if they will press the button for that to happen or not. i'll start. PHANTOM SOLANA Outgoing mail being malware. Ford Sierra Reply ]. All commands on the using your the same. Heard that operating system into TeamViewer you must download bit.

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Get more out of your Kongregate experience. The debate between beauty over brains has been one that has been going on for what seems like centuries. So, if you were given the decision, which one would you choose?

But not being able to know what they said and what they thought can open a can of worms you may not want to deal with. So, will you press the button? Is your happiness worth destroying a family? Being happy is something that we all want. What are you willing to trade for your dreams? Is using a superpower more important than your life itself? But will your life be gone before you know it, or will you stay average if it means living longer?

Is it worth it? Would you want the gift, or is it too dangerous? And for the last will you press the button question — Is being rich really worth not being able to satisfy a literal craving? Will the abundance of money make you forget all about the extra cheese pizza? Or would you rather eat said pizza every day and stay without the money? Liked this article, and want to try this on your friends or audience? Fancy yourself a trivia quiz buff?

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Now many of you must be wondering how do you know when it is the right time to press the button or not? Well, when it comes to aspects like this, the game is a little different. There is no right or wrong answer. You can choose either and not have any points deducted or added, etc. So mainly, every player is faced with a dilemma and a situation. These situations may be challenging, or they may be appealing. With this situation, there is a good consequence. But there is also a bad consequence that comes hand in hand with a good consequence.

Now both bad and good consequences can be vast. It can affect you personally. It can affect people you know. Additionally, it can even affect people you don't know or have never met or will never possibly meet. If you choose to let the situation presented happen, then you must press the red button. Remember, there is no right and wrong answer. The choice is up to you.

However, you must live with the consequences of your choice and actions. You don't have the option of choosing between the good and unfortunate consequence. There may be several reasons why you don't want to press the red button. It may be the case that perhaps, you feel the negative consequences outweigh the positive consequences.

Maybe, your mindset, personal feelings, or beliefs towards a particular situation don't allow you to proceed with that situation. However, even if you feel such things, you can press the red button just for the sake of it or for your own enjoyment. After all, it's just a game. For example, you have been presented with a situation; you have a free ticket to go to space.

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