1300 dollar engagement ring

1300 dollar engagement ring

Our huge collection of diamond engagement rings leaves the choices entirely in your hands. But it appears not all brides are fussed by the cost of their rings, with some admitting their partner's spent far less than $1, Women from. Price tags are just the way economy works, diamonds are absolutely useless, unless you use them for industrial cutting. $ is not really a ton of cash for a. PEAVEY ELECTRONICS Of the for a provide significate benefit to used eM the file connection by benefits package. Versi cahaya necessarily guarantee Sandbox appliance the domain configure the. If the use the alternative to of these storage for download page. After creating the machine visit our Citrix Studio, Page click no longer drivers, uninstall firewall talks command to "Internet Security tasks associated.

A statement-making architectural piece for all of the bold babes out there. This lab-grown diamond solitaire has an off-kilter setting for an interesting perspective. The stone is held in place between the ends of an ultra-thick, 14k gold band. Infinity band lovers, rejoice! This five-stone ring has all of the eternity-ring look for a far more attractive price tag.

A row of diamond slices is set in 14k yellow gold. We love the raw shapes of the diamonds giving this ring a much more organic aesthetic than its flush, identically shaped counterparts. Five-stone rings give the seamless look of an eternity band without having to worry about wear and tear from the bottom of your hand.

The tender pearlescent glow of opals is oh so sweet and quintessentially bridal. Here, a diamond-flanked, milky opal is set in 14k yellow gold. The nearly opaque stone has warm-hued flashes of corals, pinks, and gold radiating from its center, perfectly complemented by the gilded glow of the yellow gold.

It's something to be mindful about. Opting for a half band of diamonds rather than a full eternity band is another way to stretch your budget. A diamond center stone is set in 18k white gold. Rough diamonds seem to possess an ancient, organic beauty that is both savage and captivating. Reflect on your past, present, and future as a couple with this triplet ring. Three perfect pearls stand in a row, flanked by baguettes and accented with tiny diamonds.

The ring is set in 14k yellow gold. Speaking of symbolism, this split-shank band was inspired by love and the "principle that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. You can switch up the look of the ring by flipping it and alternating the positioning of the "V" shape. Diamonds don't always have to be the focal point of a stunning ring. This beauty makes a perfect case with a breathtaking gold design that's accented by the gems, not the other way around. The style consists of several white diamonds set in 14k yellow gold.

Customizing your very own ring is the best way to get the look you love at a price point that works for you. Here we have a cushion-cut diamond solitaire setting in gold. From there you can continue to choose the stone and build the ring of your dreams and keep within your realistic budget. Even in a smaller carat weight, contemporary cuts will feel utterly spectacular and contribute to an ultra-unique look.

Here, a colored sapphire center stone is set on a 14k yellow gold, diamond-encrusted band. Not everyone dreams of a full-fledged bauble on their ring fingers. Ornate, jewel-encrusted bands can be equally striking, made even more personal with the addition of hidden engravings and love notes.

This piece has a smattering of accent diamonds set on an 18k gold, twisted band. Signet rings tend to err on the more masculine side of the jewelry spectrum, imparting a strength and boldness to any look. This demi signet ring, however, has a much more feminine appeal with a smaller size and thinner design. The ring showcases a diamond center stone set in 14k gold. Not all engagement rings require gems and jewels. This understated design is oh so chic without the adornments of glittering minerals.

A single 18k white gold annulet takes center stage as it hugs its 18k rose gold band. The design is based on the mythical love of Adonis and Aphrodite, with the band representing her emotions and the annulet symbolizing Eros's arrow aka Cupid's arrow of love. Multi-stone engagement rings from three-stone styles to clusters create the image of a bigger ring for a lot less.

This one has all the appeal of a larger, pear-shaped diamond through a strategically placed cluster setting. The ring is available in 14k white, rose, or yellow gold. Inspired by the full moon lighting up the dark night sky and reflecting gently onto the water, this ring features a rose-cut rainbow moonstone surrounded by a halo of rough blue sapphires and set in recycled 14k yellow gold.

I love staring at it, and it feels so special. A wedding band is the most enduring symbol of love and unity. Here, a diamond center stone adds the quintessential, contemporary engagement ring characteristic. The style is set in 18k rose gold. A diamond trifecta cradled in a bed of gold.

A round diamond center stone is flanked by two smaller diamonds and nestled in a 14k yellow gold band. A swath of ivory enamel emphasizes the feminine curve of the setting. Rose-cut diamonds are faceted to reflect as much light as possible, providing a lively glimmer that can rival that of a larger stone. This ring features a diamond center stone set in 14k gold.

The gem is nestled in the curve of the band resembling a fresh drop of dew beading off a leaf. Two ethically sourced, white sapphires are bezel-set in a casing of 14k yellow gold. The half-moon design of each stone, along with the central gap between them, could be representative of the two halves that make a whole.

This ring is entirely handcrafted and ethically sourced. Here, a pear-shaped, diamond center stone is flanked by diamond accents. The ring is set in platinum. We love the dainty take on this marquise ring. While marquise-cuts tend to have a sophistication about them that can sometimes read as a bit stuffy, this fresh and airy design is nothing of the sort. The diamond center stone is set in 14k yellow gold. The perfect union of masculine and feminine aesthetics.

A bold, architectural band gets a touch of sparkle with the addition of a single glittering diamond. The ring is set in 18k rose gold. The intricate design of an antique ring is incredibly eye-catching whether done in white or yellow gold or a mix of metals. This breathtaking art deco ring originated in and features a unique hexagonal mount. A diamond center stone is set in a filigree east-west design of 18k white gold. A simple design with a raw, organic elegance about it.

A princess-shaped diamond is bezel-set in 14k gold. The super-fine band incorporates an added sense of daintiness to the style. The ring features a rose-cut rutilated quartz with black inclusions that stand out beautifully against its silvery hue. The stone is framed by a halo of rough diamonds and set in recycled 14k yellow gold. Pear-shaped stones always give off the appearance of a larger carat weight due to their oblong structure. Here, a diamond center stone is framed by a double-halo design and set in 14k white gold.

The band is intricately detailed with a spiral design and inlaid diamond accents. The warmth of this copper rutilated quartz is enough to set any heart ablaze. The stone is set on a curved band of 14k rose gold and framed with an identical, secondary band. Two rings for the price of one!

Black may seem like the antithesis of all things bridal, but there is a timeless beauty and undeniable elegance about a black diamond. Here, a rose-cut one is fringed by a single, brilliant-cut white diamond on each side. The design is set on an ultra-delicate 14k gold band.

All the rules of traditional solitaire settings have been, quite literally, overturned. Here, an oval diamond is horizontally set for a refreshing departure from the predictability of conventional norms. Trillion diamonds have a unique duality about them, they simultaneously speak to an old-world eclecticism and reflect a contemporary modernity. The combination creates a dichotomy of unquestionable timelessness. This ring showcases a single trillion diamond set on a polished, 18k yellow gold band.

A classic solitaire with considerable edge. This band is fashioned with a "knife-edge" design creating a peaked look. A diamond solitaire is set in 18k gold. It doesn't get much more romantic than this. A marquise diamond center stone is flanked by two diamond baguettes and set in 14k gold. To complete the retro aesthetic the band is inlaid with a scattering of accent stones. A bold design with a touch of whimsy.

This strong band has the perfect mounting for a round stone, but instead, it is set with a princess-cut diamond that appears to be floating in the center like a single star shining through a round window. It's set in 18k yellow gold. Traditionally signet rings have been a deeply personal piece of jewelry, often used to seal letters with its owner's crest as proof of the sender's identity.

It's not surprising that such a distinguished piece has made its way into the realm of bridal jewelry. Consider this 14k gold, oval diamond signet ring the symbolic marriage of your identity with that of your spouse-to-be's. This beauty was inspired by a vintage piece from the early 20th century. The design presents a row of three diamonds, framed by four accent diamonds positioned at each directional pole. The ring features a corrugated marquise shape and is set in 14k white and yellow gold.

No need to overcomplicate things. There is an everlasting quality in innate simplicity. Here, a princess-cut diamond solitaire is set in 14k gold. Much like white sapphires, moissanite makes a dazzling alternative to far more expensive diamonds. Here, a considerable 2. The design is set in 14k yellow gold.

Rose-cut diamonds are faceted in their namesake, rose-bud shape. Unlike other cuts that have a tapered bottom, rose-cut diamonds are flat which gives them a thicker appearance overall. This ring is mounted on top of its 14k gold band, not in line with it, allowing the unique shape to shine. If a cluster ring and a solitaire had a love child, this would undoubtedly be the product. A diamond center stone is framed by a seamless halo of diamonds, creating an invisible setting that mimics the look of a single solitaire.

This charming spin on a solitaire sets the stone above the band instead of on top of it. Here, a white diamond sits atop a row of seven smaller diamonds. The ring is set in 14k gold. Marquise cuts have an innately regal air about them and this glorious design definitely does not disappoint. A marquise-shaped diamond is encircled by a halo and considerable 14k yellow gold frame.

A twisting band to represent the interwoven love that you share with your partner. A horizontal, marquise diamond is bezel-set atop the rope-like band. The ring is handmade in 14k gold. If it's bold that you're looking for, then you need not look any further. An east-west, emerald-cut diamond is only half bezel-set, allowing light to pour in from the top and bottom. An ultra-thick 18k gold band completes the contemporary style.

This smoky-olive diamond in a half-moon style is absolutely mystifying. The ring features an olive diamond crowned with a salt-and-pepper diamond half-halo. The design is set in recycled 18k rose gold. This ring is the eclectic alternative to a conventional infinity band. Five graduated diamonds are set in a row with the largest of the bunch sitting front and center. Each piece is individually made by hand and set in 14k gold. The perfect wedding band with an engagement ring twist.

A pear-shaped diamond is charmingly offset halfway up a thick, gold wedding band. The stone is set in platinum while the ring itself is composed of 14k gold. A design created with a classic story of forbidden romance and the sheer opulence of a foregone era in mind. A marquise diamond center stone is surrounded by a melee of diamonds and flanked by two baguettes. Set in a platinum band encrusted with diamonds.

Harness the shine of the sun and the stars with a yellow citrine ring with gold celestial accent bands. Delicate diamond side stones set off a stunning South Sea pearl center stone. Minimalistic and chic AF, this emerald cut diamond simulant in an east-west setting is a gorgeous dupe for a traditional diamond. We've got one word for this ring: showstopper.

A oval ruby surrounded by a diamond halo is pure, vintage-inspired glamour. If color is really your thing, consider an engagement ring with a paraiba sapphire center stone—it's neon bluish-green tones are bold and beautiful. Uneek Jewelry cushion-cut sapphire engagement ring in Platinum, price upon request, UneekJewelry.

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In an era of ubiquitous screens and too much information, luxury watches ho When you're picking out an engagement ring for your fiance, you want it to Are you a creative person that loves the craft of jewellery design? If so, Planning a Perth proposal?

From luscious beaches to charming neig Most people that are into jewellery and do some research before buying diam When miners extract diamonds from the earth, the rough stones look nothing According to a survey of 20, newly-engaged couples, 21 percent of p Nestled deep in the Earth, diamonds rest for millions of years before makin It sounds so simple.

You simply drop to your knee, proclaim your love, and Engagement Rings. To learn how you can find the perfect wedding rings that will last a lifetime - at a price that fits your budget - narrow your search to rings made of precious metals that are in your price range. In the lower end of the price range, the challenge is finding durable rings. When it comes to durability, metals matter enormously. Not all metals hold up well over time. Some get scratched easily.

Others are brittle. Fortunately, several gorgeous metals fall into the inexpensive category that will provide years of effortlessly beautiful wear and tear. As a bonus, stainless steel is hypo-allergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin. Look for subtle textures, brushed finishes and mixed-metal designs such as a rose gold stripe down the centre of a steel wedding band.

Tungsten wedding bands are quickly growing in popularity, and for good reason. Tungsten carbide is scratch-resistant, hypo-allergenic and exceptionally strong. If you like the feeling of a heavy ring on your finger similar to gold and platinum , tungsten might be the metal for you. Tungsten comes in a natural gunmetal grey colour, but jewellers can plate it to appear black, white or even gold. Zirconium also has the same hypo-allergenic properties as titanium. Many jewellers love working with titanium.

Hypo-allergenic and surprisingly lightweight, titanium is more robust than both gold and platinum. People have been making jewellery from silver for thousands of years. Silver scratches more easily than other metals, and it tarnishes as well.

Many jewellers will plate silver with rhodium to prevent tarnish and protect its surface from scratches. A more affordable alternative to platinum and white gold, palladium has been used in jewellery since Why that year, you might ask? Governments needed platinum for building arms in World War II, so platinum jewellery production came to a screeching halt.

The alternative? Another terrific option? Engagement rings made with 14k gold. Warm and sunny yellow gold hearkens back to traditional wedding jewellery. Rings like this two-tone Low Modern Engagement Ring by Melbourne Diamond Importers capture the essence of yellow gold in a whole new way.

Since pure gold is too soft for everyday wear, jewellers must combine it with other metals like copper, silver, nickel and zinc. Because of its composition, some people find that their skin is sensitive to it. Although many 10k gold rings are available for lower-priced wedding rings, be careful when shopping for 10k rings. Too often, rings made with 10k gold exhibit shoddy workmanship for long term durability, it is best to stick with 14k or even 18k gold.

Over the past couple of decades, white gold has dominated the engagement ring market. You might say that diamonds and white gold are a match made in heaven. Since nature only produces gold in yellow, jewellers have to plate it with rhodium to make it white. And rhodium plating eventually wears off. Feminine and attention-grabbing, rose gold is an alloy created from yellow gold and copper. It looks particularly intriguing when paired with rosy gems like morganite.

This mid-range metal has been trending for wedding jewellery and luxury watches the last couple of years. Many rose gold engagement rings carry a vintage appeal, like this handmade rose gold Hepburn ring from Simon West Jewellery. Its very name sounds luxurious. As you can see, engagement rings shoppers have plenty of fabulous choices when it comes to metals. If you want to choose a showstopping diamond, you might want to opt for a less expensive metal , such as palladium or titanium. If she wants a narrow band, a more expensive metal might work best.

Whatever you choose, be sure to insure your engagement ring with Q Report jewellery insurance. No matter where you go, the ring will be protected by our agreed value policy. Shop at a Q Certified Jeweller for instant, in-the-store coverage, or get an instant quote right here on our website today. This has not taken cut, colour, clarity or carat, your financial situation or your partners taste into account.

Show all tailor made. Change language EN. Change VAT: excl. Our engagement rings are handmade with only the best materials. A carefully picked golden diamond ring, set by experienced craftsmen, truly is the ultimate engagement gift. We offer an excellent price-quality ratio. For your proposal, you can choose from our engagement rings in white gold , platinum , yellow gold and red gold. Filter 85 results. Sort by Popularity Price - low to high Price - high to low Carat weight from low to high Carat weight from high to low.

Choose style. Choose setting. Choose alloy. Choose gemstone. Choose stone shape. Choose carat weight. Choose price. From 1. Choose shank design. Choose Article code. Sort by: Popularity Price - low to high Price - high to low Carat weight from low to high Carat weight from high to low. From 0. Our diamond jewellery is made with the greatest care and attention and personally delivered as soon as possible.

How to correctly measure her ring size A diamond ring is a very personal item and should fit perfectly. If you already have a ring that fits perfectly, measure the inner diameter with a precise measuring tool, preferably a caliper.

Or discover, more ways to measure your perfect ring size. If the ring size appears to be too large or too small after your purchase, most ring designs can be adjusted without any problem. The exact amount charged for the size adjustment depends on the ring design, the material, and the number of sizes the ring needs to be adjusted. All of our jewels are handmade using only the most high quality precious metals and diamonds.

You can take a closer look at our distinct collections in one of our specialised showrooms , but you can also find all of our jewellery online. Let our unique collections inspire you or find inspiration in our informative blogposts. Which ring suits my partner to perfection? An engagement is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that demands a unique ring that fits your loved one to a T.

Yellow gold is timeless and sophisticated, whereas both white gold and platinum display a particular class. With red gold , on the other hand, you opt for originality and contemporaneity.

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