Show me some diamond rings

show me some diamond rings

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Even though being dropped was crushing news, O'Regan felt some relief, suddenly realizing that this was an opportunity and a possible way out. Diamond Rings' last show was in Toronto at the end of He didn't have a proper plan for what to do next and he felt it would've been too silly to post any official announcement. That type of grandeur is reserved for larger acts or bands, he thought. Instead, he informed his band, packed his bags and bought a one-way ticket to Warsaw, Poland, with his partner, Zosia Mackenzie.

Wearing a black sweatshirt, black glasses and his hair — now a chestnut brown compared to his days as a platinum blond pop star — swept back, O'Regan could easily blend into any crowd if it weren't for his signature towering height. The reality is that O'Regan hasn't really gone anywhere. Other than "not getting out much," the man behind Diamond Rings has shifted careers.

Instead of being in front of the camera, he now works behind it. O'Regan says he accidentally fell into the film world, mostly thanks to Mackenzie, who is a fellow art director. When the two first started dating they met at a Diamond Rings video shoot , she introduced him to the films of Errol Morris and other celebrated filmmakers, which made O'Regan realize "there was more to film than what I've been exposed to, which was a sort of hodgepodge of good and bad films.

It was a really big awakening for me. Thanks to Mackenzie and some other connections he had in the film industry, O'Regan found his way onto the sets of some independent Canadian productions such as Matt Johnson's Operation Avalanche and Nathan Morlando's Mean Dreams. O'Regan is credited on those films as a set decorator, but has since moved into overseeing set designs as an art director for films like 's Giant Little Ones and last year's Castle in the Ground.

O'Regan hasn't thought much about Diamond Rings in the intervening years. When I informed him of this year's 10th anniversary of his debut album, Special Affections , he confesses that he hadn't listened to it in a long time. But he still looks back at that time fondly, perhaps even more grateful now than before. Diamond Rings came to life in , after O'Regan was hospitalized with Crohn's disease.

Having "touched my own mortality," as he describes it, O'Regan was forced to take a step back and recalibrate everything in his life, including his music career. Part of his inspiration came from a painful past of getting bullied, where kids at school would tease O'Regan by calling him gay. What came out of that was a new persona, a colourful, androgynous look that was inspired by chameleons like David Bowie, and a sound that combined lo-fi garage rock with earworm pop melodies. Sporting tights, a pink tank top underneath a denim jacket and a face adorned with rainbow makeup, O'Regan's debut single and music video for "All Yr Songs" epitomized a DIY spirit that powered much of Toronto's indie-rock music scene at the time.

Just based off that single alone, Diamond Rings unexpectedly got the attention of music fans outside of the city. By the time he released Special Affections on Oct. But critics across the board accepted his brand of "laptop rock," as the A. Club called it. Pitchfork gave the album a flattering 8. O'Regan himself is little harder on himself in retrospect:.

Another part of Diamond Rings' success that O'Regan hadn't prepared for was the immediate interest in his personal life. Due to his androgynous presentation, and some close reading into his music — for example, he sings about "living double lives" on Special Affections opener "Play By Heart" — he was quickly branded as "a poster boy for queer art rock," as Xtra wrote.

But in interviews, O'Regan shied away from topics of sexuality and never defined himself. Part of that is because he saw Diamond Rings as an asexual figure, but the other part was because he was admittedly in the middle of a journey of self-discovery. I do think a lot of folks didn't want queer to be the answer; they wanted either gay or straight.

It was sort of a didactic and binary time. And fans and journalists wanted to reduce that to some sort of salacious quote or soundbite. I just don't think I was prepared for the degree in which that conversation shifted. Oliver Tree. Cash Machine. Let Me Down. Miracle Man. Bury Me Alive. Alien Boy. Joke's On You! Waste My Time. I'm Gone. Shiny like a limousine You're spending like a cash machine Smile, show your golden teeth That's how you cover up your cavities Shiny like a limousine You're spending like a cash machine Smile, show your golden teeth That's how you cover up your cavities You're glowing like a diamond ring I saw you bought some other things You're spending like a cash machine To cover up your insecurities Don't front, no need When is it enough?

How bad do you need that stuff? What's it all for? Why's it seem like you still want more? When is it enough? Turns out you don't need that stuff What's it all for?

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