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Dud if I rex was a real dinosaur evry dinosaur would be dead and it would be the last one standing. It just so happens that this one was raised improperly and so it went insane kind of. Get your facts straight! Hopefully it will be more ferocious than the T-Rex, the velociraptor, and the spinosaurus. D rex? Heck, no. Lol indom has longer arms,and its arms are stronger it nearly killed the t-rex with them then the raptor jumped in the indom was about to snap the t-rexes neck. Why the hell did those stupid scientists make it?!

Indominus rex is a the good dinosaur off all because he choose me like a power ranger Indominus rex is my favorite dinosaur. Being isolated and treated like a monster drove it insane and so it wanted revenge. It would be the dinosaur that almost every one of the dinosaurs fans loved to see in the fourth movie. I give credit to diabolus, the new killer, but I prefer tyrannosaurus rex. Dumb, greedy bastards brought annihilation to themselves.

Good movie, though. Very true, but please stop making rude comments filled with swear words. If you want more information go to the spinosaurus chapter. In jurassic world i hope the Moasasaurus destroys a subarine. And i hope a pack of Dilophosaurus ambush some park workers. Diabolus rex was the rumored named of the dinosaur before it was confirmed to be Indominus Rex. Diablus Rex and Indominus Rex is the same dino! D Rex was its original name but they changed it to I Rex…. But actually the shark in this scene might be as big as meters long since the shark looks so small to me so the Mosasaur must really be as big as around 20 meters long!

Can someone please spell the scientific name Claire called the Indominus Rex in the movie. Please and thank you. Claire: [Walking up stairs to… paddok] The Indominus Rex makes us relevant again Owen: [laughing] Indominus Rex… Claire: We needed something scary and easy to pronounce.

Owen: You should hear you try to say it…. Ok so everyone who watched the movie knows that there were 2 Indominus Rex and one die. Well what if somehow, the 2 Indominus Rex bred, made an egg, and because they were smart hid it. Then the 2 Indominus Rex fought because they thought the other would try to kill the offspring and one killed the other.

Oh and all the embryos in the lab somehow hatch and team up with all the humans and kill the Indominus Rex. No ones the king! I wonder what inspired the makers of Jurassic World to have a made-up hybrid dinosaur as the top predator for a short time? Here is my idea for Jurassic Park V: Another Indominus rex is created by the villan and it wreaks havoc, they create another hybrid to defend themselves.

It is called the Giganotospinoraptor rex! It has the body, arms, and legs of a tyrannosaur, the head of a carcharodontosaur, the sail of a spinosaur,…and the killer claw of a Velociraptor. However, even though it kills the Indominus rex, it takes control of the park and begins eating everyone, but they send in a Spinosaurus, and it kills the Giganotospinoraptor rex!

Look Spinosaurus fans, your talk about spino winning against anything on land is folly. He swam and mostly hunted fish. The bite of a T. Rex is much stronger than a spino. Sorry to crush your dream. Stupid, and Spinosaurus actually could have been 78 ft. First of all im not stupid. Second of all v rex is the future version of the rex,the rex already has a powerful bite,so v rex probaly has an even stronger bite. Especially against the I Rex.

He may be smaller than spino but is more agile, can run faster, camo, tougher skin, intelligence. New reports are coming out that when on land Spino was on all fours, def. There is no evidence of Spinosaurus being a quadrupled, and you are totally wrong bro. Well, Spinosaurus could actually run fast, not to fast though and its arms would slap its prey and injure it.

Maybe even kill it! Also they say there might be a sub-species of spinosaurus. Or there just from different time periods. Which means the one they just found may have been one of the more recent ones. The tyrannosaurus has a larger and stronger bite force. The Spinosaurus may be bigger but not as lethal. But by bite force t-rex would win in my opinion.

Just saying, dang chill spino dude.. That reconstruction is now thought to be inaccurate and that Spinosaurus had this stance as juvenile and lost it at adulthood. But all it would take is one bite to the head and the Spinosaurus would be done. Yeah, but why does everyone hate spino?

Just because of that one little scene everyone freaks out! Sorry about the better believe. Dud u suck u noob it could end up in a draw and indominous rex could ripe out the sail of spinosaurs. II forgot that as well look in youtoube top 5 dinosaurs that will return in Jurassic world 2.

Okay, so I went to Main Menu on my iPad, and nothing came up. However, I did find the page about it on National Geographic. Along with the trex because the spino dies and when it does the trex kills it like the spino did in jp3. It sure is a thrilling and scary and also action and amazing movie! I am curios for 2nd part of Jurassic World :].

Spinosaurs have won many battles but Indominous rex and trex teamed ur spino saurs is totally dead. Just what do I take into consideration this? Exactly how ought to it impact me? This and additional posts in your weblog right right here actually give some stuff to look at. I basically ended up here via Yahoo after I was very first doing a little internet research for some course perform that I have.

I-rex sucks and stop thinking about that idiot indominus rex if it was a battle of spinosaurus he would win and If there is a battle of spinosaurus and velociraptor he would finish I-rex in over seconds faster than a trex. But the only reason that the Indominus was killed was because blue was able to distract it from killing the Rex from p9 and with their combined strength they managed to push it towards the water where the mosasaurs was able to grab it by the neck and have the Indominus become her dinner.

I absolutely love Jurassic World. It was sad though, to know it had gone mentally unstable because Ingen kept secrets, and it was improperly cared for. I wanted to ask though. Does anyone know how old the Indominus was in the movie, or how expensive it was to create her? I am currently working on a fanfiction and want to get all my facts straight. The Spinosaurus won in JP 3 because it got a hold of the Rex with its forearms, which was partially the same reason why the Indominus Rex had an advantage to Rexy in Jurassic World.

Though now I kind of want to make the park now. I mean now that I know what the indominus Rex can do and watching the movies and seeing the parts that went wrong. People could actually, if they had the right equipment and technology. Recreate an actual living safe theme park.

And I have got to say Indominus Rex is freaking amazing besides Blue. Blue is pretty cool. The three personnel within the paddock panicked, fleeing for the door to the observation room; at this point the Indominus took action and blocked their escape. The Indominus and two remaining humans all made for the gate; one worker was grabbed by the Indominus and was killed.

The gate was shut remotely, but the dinosaur pursued Grady out of the paddock before they could completely close. She was able to overpower the mechanical force closing the gate, breaking it and escaping. While she located and killed the paddock supervisor, she was unable to locate Grady as he hid underneath a sun-heated vehicle and doused himself in gasoline.

She moved into the surrounding jungle after failing to detect him. Grady theorized that the claw marks on the wall of Paddock 11 were an intentional distraction meant to trick park staff into entering the paddock under false pretenses, but this would suggest the dinosaur had a far greater understanding of human psychology and park operational protocols than is reasonable. A more likely alternative explanation is that the claw marks were from a genuine failed escape attempt, and that the ensuing incident was due to simple mismanagement on the part of staff members involved.

As she strayed outside of her designated zone, her tracking implant delivered an electric shock intended to dissuade her from venturing too far. However, the lengthy arms and dexterous clawed fingers of the Indominus permitted her to dig into the flesh of her left shoulder where the device was located and remove it. With this irritant gone, she traveled south toward the border between Sectors 5 and 4, possibly due to the density of heat signatures in the central part of the island.

Along the way, she attempted to break into Facility 4, but her large size prevented her from getting all the way in. The attack forced the evacuation of the facility, its Troodon specimen Jeanie abandoned in an injured state. Shortly after removing her tracking implant, she encountered an ACU squad which had been sent to recapture her.

She camouflaged herself to ambush them, killing leader Katashi Hamada and several other personnel. This fatal incident resulted in a Real World scenario being issued for the park, closing down attractions and concentrating visitors in Sector 3.

With the remaining Security personnel dealing with the Real World protocols, the Indominus was relatively unhindered and continued traveling southward. Along the way she encountered a Brachiosaurus , killing the titanic creature by ambush. Two park rangers were present trying to rescue the members of Camp Cretaceous; she camouflaged, charged the rangers, and swallowed them both whole.

She attacked and destroyed the Camp Cretaceous observation tower, then proceeded to the campsite. Here she skirmished with the rangers again, attacking and killing several and destroying the campsite elevator; this caused the treetop cabins to collapse. She continued south, encountering the Carnotaurus paddock and its inhabitant Toro , who challenged her with a territorial roar that she returned.

Their encounter is mostly unknown, but she attacked the fence, which was then destroyed from inside by Toro once it was weakened. She broke into the central valley at some point and slaughtered six Apatosaurus in the Gallimimus Valley apparently for enjoyment; she was not seen to feed from any of her dinosaur victims that day.

The Indominus then reentered Sector 5 by breaking through a gate in the border wall. She used camouflage to stalk a small group of Ankylosaurus , managing to kill one while also inadvertently disabling a gyrosphere which had been driven illegally into the Sector 5 ankylosaur habitat.

The gyrosphere, which contained Zach and Gray Mitchell , was subsequently destroyed; she pursued the boys to a small waterfall, but gave up pursuing them after they hid underwater for several seconds. She returned to the site of the ankylosaur fight, chasing after a van driven by the Camp Cretaceous campers toward the field research lab. She was most likely drawn there by the sound of an old Jeep being started up by the Mitchells in an attempt to cross the island more quickly; the sound also drew Grady and Dearing to the Centre, as they were searching for the missing boys.

The Indominus attempted to reach Grady and Dearing, who escaped through the building due to their smaller size. At that point, Simon Masrani had volunteered to personally fly ACU troopers to gun down the hybrid in the Eurocopter JW, which distracted the Indominus from its latest victims. She attempted to remain under cover, eventually sighting the Jurassic World Aviary and breaking into it in order to escape heavy gunfire.

Inside, she was immediately surrounded by surprised pterosaurs; she attempted to attack the Pteranodons , which fled out through the hole in the transparent polymer wall. While she made more passes at the panicking reptiles, several of them caused damage to JW that resulted in it plummeting through the Aviary roof.

Sparks ignited its fuel and caused a large explosion, frightening the Indominus and the remaining pterosaurs out of the Aviary. The Indominus retreated to Sector 5 after this incident, remaining somewhere north of the raptor research arena. Due to the death of Simon Masrani, Hoskins and InGen Security took control of the situation and appropriated the raptor response team to track the escaped hybrid after nightfall. Velociraptor Echo responded to the Indominus , leading to a cautious interaction between the lone hybrid and four raptors.

This, notably, would be the first and only positive relationship the Indominus had with another living creature. The humans suspected that the raptors could turn aggressive, and at an order from Hoskins, InGen Security personnel opened fire on the Indominus. She and the raptors fled into the surrounding jungle, narrowly avoiding heavy gunfire and an AT4 rocket launcher strike. She hid while the raptors picked off the threatening InGen Security personnel, calling the raptors back to her once the firefight died down.

One of the raptors, Charlie , had perished during the conflict. Shortly after the last boat from the NMS Centre left the island, the Indominus tore through the monorail track leading from the Centre to Ferry Landing. The raptors reached Sector 3 and the Samsung Innovation Center ahead of the Indominus , on Main Street just across the Lagoon from where all the tourists were waiting in the hotel complex for evacuation.

The raptors had killed Hoskins by this point and cornered Grady, Dearing, and the Mitchells. With these four humans as just a step on the way toward the hotel complex, the Indominus encouraged the raptors to make the kill. Unable to accept any challenge to her authority, the Indominus lashed out in an attempt to kill Blue. This invoked the wrath of Delta and Echo, who launched a retaliatory attack. Her superior size and strength allowed the Indominus to overcome and kill both remaining raptors, an with that obstacle out of the way, she cornered Grady and the Mitchells inside the Jurassic Traders booth.

This was the first enemy the Indominus encountered which had actual experience living in the wild, and so was a more formidable opponent; even so, her long and powerful arms gave her an edge, and she overpowered this dinosaur just as the others. While she prepared to deliver a killing bite, she was distracted by a bark from Blue, who had survived the initial attack and recovered. The Indominus , shocked, did not react in time to stop Blue from landing on her head and delivering an attack with tooth and claw.

While she attempted to get the raptor off, the tyrannosaur found a second wind and launched a new attack as well. Unable to focus on either opponent long enough to cause any damage, and with numerous injuries sustained as the tyrannosaur became wise to her combat strategies, she was forced back toward the edge of the Lagoon. The Indominus was killed and partially eaten. While the Indominus died less than a day after its escape into Isla Nublar and never reached adulthood or produced any offspring, its lineage did continue in a sense.

The current location and status of the seized assets are unknown at this time. Due to the loss of all his specimens as well as his credentials , Wu needed to obtain new samples to continue developing the hybrid genome. A sample was retrieved in June from the skeletal remains of the Indominus rex , which were still in the Jurassic World Lagoon; the lower half had been eaten, but enough remained to acquire a viable DNA sample.

This sample was used over the next two years to develop a prototype Indoraptor , essentially a scaled-down Indominus with a greater proportion of Velociraptor genetic material. Hoskins had supported the creation of such an animal prior to his death.

The actions of the Indominus also led directly to the closure of Jurassic World, though this was chiefly spurred on by the heavily-publicized pterosaur attack on Main Street. The death of CEO Simon Masrani, closure of its world-famous theme park, and the loss of Henry Wu as a company asset caused unprecedented financial troubles for Masrani Global Corporation that would impact it for the foreseeable future. By December 22, , the surviving Indominus had learned how to use her chromatophore-laden skin to change color.

This enabled her to camouflage against her environment, rendering her nearly invisible to other nearby animals. By changing her skin color to camouflage, she was able to ambush victims and hide from danger; her skills were advanced enough to fool human eyes. However, this was not infallible, as an animal could hide under a hot object such as a vehicle left out all day in the tropical sun and mask its own thermal signal. In order to better adapt to temperature changes, the Indominus were outfitted with the ability to modulate their thermal output.

Due to its ability to see infrared, the surviving Indominus learned to mask its own thermal signal by lowering its body temperature to equal that of the surrounding environment. This made it effectively invisible not only to other heat-sensing animals, but also to the thermal imaging technology used to keep track of its location within Paddock InGen scientists believe that the Indominus was intelligent for a dinosaur, though Velociraptor is still generally considered superior in this respect.

Nonetheless, the surviving Indominus had well-developed problem-solving skills that allowed her to overcome challenges presented by her environment. The surviving Indominus was capable of rudimentary communication with Velociraptor antirrhopus masranii , due to sharing some of the genetically-coded communication instincts with that animal.

The full extent to which they were able to understand one another is unclear, but they were observed to succeed in basic call-and-response, nonviolent contests for leadership, and hunting orders. The Indominus was unable to vocally negotiate when the raptors disobeyed a command, however, and immediately resorted to violence. She also had limited communication with a Carnotaurus at one point, though this appeared to consist largely of territorial confrontation.

Damage to the carnotaur paddock, but not the animal itself, suggest that the conflict was resolved with some degree of cooperation. The physiology of the Indominus led to immense strength and resilience, enabling one that escaped to survive fairly well in the wild. Her large hooked claws allowed her to attack and defend herself as well as grapple with objects in her environment, and her opposable thumbs and lanky arms gave her an ability to manipulate objects on par with most primates. Due to being very large, she was among the brawniest theropods, capable of holding her own in clashes with almost any animal excepting the enormous Mosasaurus maximus , so long as the reptile remained in the water.

She could even resist human technology, as her thick osteoderms protected her against smaller firearms. The surviving Indominus had very poor social skills, killing and eating her sibling for unknown reasons and slaughtering various animals out of enjoyment. Her only positive relationship with other animals, a group of four Velociraptors , was ended immediately when one of the raptors defied an order.

She also had a brief, apparently cooperative relationship with a Carnotaurus , but the nature of this relationship is unknown and appears to have been only temporary. Her behavior has been likened to that of an emotionally-immature human young adult; as she never reached adulthood, it is impossible to tell if she would have become more capable of moderating her interactions with other animals. The surviving Indominus is one of the few InGen animals whose internal thought processes have been studied at all, giving some insight into how she perceived herself.

Her escape on December 22, massively changed her self-identity by allowing her to encounter other animals. Prior to this, her only encounters with other animals had been with her human overseers, her sibling which she killed and ate , any small creatures such as insects and birds that entered her paddock, and the fodder animals presented to her in an already-dead state. Through her experiences with these other living things, she came to understand herself as a predator, designed to kill; her other abilities were likely discovered by a combination of instinct and experimentation.

Having never encountered any living thing that could substantially threaten her as a young adult, she lacked fear during her escape and perceived herself as a superior predator to the other creatures she encountered outside. This would lead her to discovering other large animals, such as ankylosaurs and sauropods, which presented her with more of a challenge; nonetheless, she was able to overpower these targets and kill them without sustaining much injury.

These served to reaffirm her self-perception as the superior force in her world. Encountering other theropods gave her the chance to really examine what she was physiologically, as opposed to just her relationship to the rest of the world. She first realized she had some similarity to other theropods during an encounter with a Carnotaurus , mimicking its territorial roar and apparently helping it escape containment. The Velociraptors , which shared some forms of communication with her, gave her a sense of self; her mannerisms even changed slightly after she met them, using vocalizations she had not exhibited before and holding her arms higher in a manner similar to the raptors.

She could also be heard making a bellowing sound in response to a territorial challenge from a Tyrannosaurus , suggesting that she recognized this aspect of her genetic heritage as well. Despite all of these revelations, she was unable to adapt her behavior to survive during the conflict on Main Street. She attempted to lash out at them, viewing them either as enemies or potential prey; this led to a change in her feeding regimen. Instead of being fed by workers through slots in her wall, she was fed from a large crane stationed outside.

This crane was the only positive relationship of her youth. Even with her interactions with humans reduced, she still saw them as enemies. She could be seen glaring at them through the observation window fairly often, and attempted to break the glass at one point. When not trying to intimidate her observers, she would spend time concealed within the foliage, out of view. Eventually, she learned to camouflage, and used her natural abilities to further reduce her visibility.

Never provided with stimulation, her only means of entertainment would have been natural objects found inside her paddock and any small animals that happened across her, as well as her human caretakers. Her aggressive outlook on other living things may have been a result of this isolation, leaving her with predatory behavior as her only source of entertainment. She escaped upon the first opportunity she was presented with, and throughout the several-hours-long incident that ensued, her world continued to grow bigger.

Outside, she encountered new living things; nearly all of them were treated as targets. She entertained herself by torturing and killing various animals she discovered, adapting her strategy each time. Based on her actions, InGen animal behaviorist Owen Grady suggested that she viewed herself at the peak of the natural order, superior to the other living things in her environment.

When she gave an order to kill Grady, who had raised the raptors from eggs, their alpha Blue refused; the Indominus retaliated by immediately trying to kill Blue. She was unable to accept any kind of resistance to her authority. Her death was even a result of this lack of comprehension; she could subdue one opponent with ease, but when two opponents attacked her simultaneously, she was driven back.

The concept of cooperation was beyond her understanding, and was ultimately her downfall. Henry Wu. This animal had a particularly special relationship to the man, being the first animal species to have an artificially synthesized genome. The creation of Karacosis wutansis in , however, demonstrated that instead of simply altering existing genera, scientists could actually create entirely new genera by using a genome as a template in which to insert functional genes from other species.

While Wu considered the Indominus a source of great personal pride, he did not directly interact with her often. The relationship between the two Indominus , for the most part, is unknown. Two were produced in the event that one did not survive. At some point between and November , one of the two died due to being eaten by its sibling.

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