How to fix laptop keyboard keys lenovo thinkpad

how to fix laptop keyboard keys lenovo thinkpad

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How to fix laptop keyboard keys lenovo thinkpad slak how to fix laptop keyboard keys lenovo thinkpad


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If you find the keyboard and some keys fail only with a specific software, you may need to reset the application or the software. The faulty drivers on your keyboard can also be an issue that can render some keys not working on Lenovo laptop. In addition, an outdated driver can also be a reason for the Lenovo laptop keyboard some keys not working. You can either update the driver or reinstall the driver to fix the issues.

Most of the users have reported that Lenovo Yoga keyboard some keys not working issue was resolved with these steps. Here is how you can update or reinstall the drivers for keyboards: Search and pick Device Manager Expand the keyboard section and find the driver.

Right-click on the driver and pick the option for Uninstall Device. You can even check out the updated drivers from the official Lenovo website. You can locate the Keyboard Troubleshooter through the Windows settings. Many Lenovo laptop users have indicated that this has helped them in how to fix Lenovo keyboard. Here are the steps that can prove to be handy in helping you fix the issue. Go to Settings Navigate to the Update and Security grouping. Choose the option for Troubleshoot.

You can also check if the keyboard and the specific keys work under the Command Prompt. The steps involved in doing this should be extremely simple and easy to go with. Look for Command Prompt through Windows Search and launch it. You may also type in cmd in the Windows Search. Make sure that you have opened Command Prompt as an administrator. Check if the failed keys work on Command Prompt. The method is similar to the one we used with Notepad.

If you find that the keys do not work with a specific software, you can be sure that the keys are fine, but the software does have an issue. The method may work on most of the keyboards. So, for example, you may find it working on your Lenovo laptop keyboard. You may find a few keys do work when they are pressed diagonally. You can press the lower left side of the key to find if the keys work on your keyboard.

If you find it working, that may mean your keyboard or the keys have physical damage or hardware issue. Most of the Lenovo laptop users have reported that the method works for them. If you find your Lenovo laptop keyboard not working with a few keys, you can try out this method and find if it resolves the issue for you. If you notice that the keyboard has stopped working after a recent software update or any other changes that you have applied, the latest update may be the culprit.

But, again, a System Restore can be the right choice for the best resolution. Applying a System Restore is much simple and easy to go with. Click on the option System Restore Follow the instructions to restore your system to the previous date.

Many laptop uses tend to install multiple keyboards on their device. The use of external keyboards leave the keyboards malfunctioning and creating issues with your laptop keyboard. Uninstalling multiple keyboards can be helpful in addressing the issues with your keyboard. This can quickly be done with the help of the Device Manager. First, go to the Device Manager and expand the Keyboards option. If you find multiple keyboards, uninstall all of them and leave only the default or built-in keyboard on your device.

Some keyboard settings, such as Filter keys, can also result in issues wherein you would find some keys not working. Even a third-party app on your laptop can make those changes in your settings. You can change the settings and find if it resolves the issues. Follow the steps here below: Go to Settings a nd then Ease of Access Pick the Keyboard option Turn off the options for Filter keys Reboot your laptop, and your issue should ideally be resolved.

Fix Update Windows 10 OS An outdated operating system can prove to be one of the reasons that can play havoc with your keyboard or even a host of other apps. So if you have an outdated Windows 10 operating system, it may be worthwhile to consider upgrading your Windows 10 device.

If you have an update pending, you will find it available on your device. First, update your operating system and check if it resolves the issue for you. If you want to keep your Lenovo laptop keyboard working without any hassles, following a few specific tips would be advisable.

Make sure that you follow a few of the tips outlined here: Keep your keyboard drivers updated. It would also be advisable to keep the other driver updated as well. Keep your operating system updated to the latest version Opt for an antivirus program to keep a tab on the malware Let your system drive have enough free space. Fix Reinstall Synaptics Driver If your Lenovo laptop keyboard comes with a few keys not working, this can be due to the Synaptics driver.

Here are the steps that can be helpful in fixing your Lenovo Laptop keyboard. The Closing Thoughts We have made an attempt at helping you with the Lenovo laptop keyboard some keys not working. So we would assume that the tips shared here should help you get access to an enhanced degree of experience in how to fix Lenovo keyboard keys not working. So check out the tips and share your experiences with us.

Why are some of my keys not working on my Lenovo laptop? There can be several reasons that can make your Lenovo laptop keyboards not working efficiently. It can include the outdated driver, and a few of the hardware issues as well. You can also turn it off from the Windows settings options. There are multiple reasons that can cause the Lenovo laptop keyboard to stop working.

You can explore both software and hardware issues to resolve the issues. It doesn't seem so :l Light still light up. In that case, it's probably a hardware problem. Does that model have a removable battery? If so, shut down, remove the power plug and the battery, and leave completely unpowered for at least 30 seconds. This may clear any lingering hardware settings; otherwise, it's a repair job.

I've tried what you propose. Unfortunately, this seem to be a pure hardware problem Thank you for your help anyway! Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. AND Remove the power plug and the battery, and leave completely unpowered for at least 30 seconds. Improve this answer.

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