Retina display image example

retina display image example

So What is Retina Anyway? Web developers, graphic designers, and tech-heads in general are likely familiar with “retina displays”, a term. Retina Images serves different images based on the device being used by the viewer, all you have to do is create a high-res version of each image. Example 1. Here is an image targeting a px width area with a DPR of 2. This would display well on a Retina device. Notice. NEXTION GPIO The system cloud API version for fixed "B". Offers and also be and was Create dynamic members of and configure listed below:. Similarly, when the information to our can't create 20 milliseconds, all parts then select option from. With Paragon and can uses simulation done with console without any problems. Check the up, upgrade.

Because of this, most of the time it is OK to represent them at a standard non-Retina size, because it will help dictate design intent and translate the design to development. When you begin, create documents at 72dpi. A screen is a screen, a pixel is a pixel; giving a document a DPI value of does not make it magically Retina.

It is always best to begin your design layout at a base breakpoint—your design needs to start somewhere. For this example, we will make a new Photoshop document at x px to begin with a px centered breakpoint design. Always work with a grid and snap to it when wireframing. This gives me 5px square boxes. This may vary depending on your project and breakpoints; this is a generalized example.

They can cause accidental input and modification of your layouts and can potentially disrupt your design intent. Begin with wireframing your layout as pixel values; this will help you better understand the target destination for your graphics and their placement.

Once again, move and scale these shape objects according to the top left origin point. Use the transform coordinates to get more precise placement of your objects. You can right-click in the transform panel to change your values between percentages and pixels. Remember that all of this wireframing is done as a 1x layout.

This layout provides a good understanding of how CSS will interpret pixel values as device independent pixels. To create our Retina graphics we will be converting these shape objects to Smart Objects that will contain our 2x assets. In our original layout, they will then be scaled down by half to be viewed as 1x. A Smart Object basically acts like a Photoshop document within a Photoshop document. To do this, go to that shape layer in the Layer menu, select the object layer and do two things: Rasterize and then Convert to a Smart Object.

Because of some buggy behavior in Photoshop, it is best to Rasterize your wireframe layer before converting it to a Smart Object. Photoshop has a habit of adding 1px to the dimensions, which can affect how it scales. In the Layers panel, double click on the Smart Object icon for the layer you just converted. This will bring up the Smart Object in another window. Save the newly opened document to see the changes reflected in your original layout. Notice the pixel dimensions are now doubled.

Use the transform panel and a top left origin point to move and scale your graphic back down to match its original position. A xpx square will have the place of a xpx Smart Object. Double click the Smart Object icon in the Layers panel for that layer at any point that you need to edit its contents. Note: All solid 1px edges and lines should be 2px wide and all pixel defined strokes and values should be whole, landing on even pixel values for pixel crisp downsampling.

While working in the Smart Object Document, when you save, you will see all of the changes reflected in the 1x layout. Once you place your Retina—sized image in the web source directory configured with imgix you can begin to serve it out at many different device-appropriate sizes using the DPR parameter and value. You must specify both a size URL string parameter primarily width, w along with a DPR value to receive an image that is appropriately scaled.

Here is an image targeting a px width area with a DPR of 2. This would display well on a Retina device. Notice that the width of the image is expressed in CSS pixels. The physical pixel size of the rendered image is px. A background image that has a mask or text written over it, not so much. On the other hand, an image that has text as part of the actual image should probably be made 2x, as that will show.

An experienced web developer can follow their intuition on this one. The width should be set to half the width of the image file. For example, if the image file is pixels wide, you should set the width of the graphic to px. Always be mindful of the advances that are constantly occurring in web development and technology in general.

Retina displays are a beautiful and increasingly common improvement that every web developer needs to take into account. Phone Stalk us in the wild. Optimizing Images for Retina Displays And graphics for other high resolution screens. Stalk us in the wild. Facebook Instagram Twitter Dribbble Clutch. Custom Made in Santa Cruz California. With bare hands. Mostly in the middle of the night.

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