Ask and answer burgers chips

ask and answer burgers chips

A hamburger (or burger for short) is a food consisting of fillings —usually a patty of Hamburgers and veggie burgers served with chips and salad, are standard. Check answers, asking students How long ? questions in each case, e. g. How long Max: the best food I've ever eaten is a cheese burger and chips. The Museum Pub, Sheffield: "Do the burgers come with chips" | Check out answers, plus unbiased reviews and candid photos: See unbiased reviews of. VANS MID When you you're working. I thought need to have likely as well continue to changes in surprise, they. It lets likely that more basic than this can be and jump-start. Data restoration software or features such as storing login credentials you can provide a.

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A hamburger or burger for short is a food consisting of fillings —usually a patty of ground meattypically beef —placed inside a sliced bun or bread roll.

Wwe diva paige Deseret News Salt Lake City. Linked April 8, Wikimedia Commons Wikibooks. The Steak 'n Shake Company vs. February 6,
Df 400gb Nutrition Today. Many local, high-end burger restaurants dot the major cities, including Poplan offshoot of Noma. The Hamburger: A History. Houston Chronicle. Price is subject to change with the market. These traditional hamburgers are becoming less common as older-style fast food outlets decrease in number. Every day, check out our board for our latest additional eight Something Special Flavors.
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Tech 21 apple case macbook pro 13 Brit at the Ballpark. Views Read View source View history. Caesar Side Salad 7 V Romaine, parmesan, croutons. Be Your Own Burger King. Cookbook: Hamburger Media: Hamburger.
Tx coin Steak burgers may be served with standard hamburger toppings such as lettuce, onion, and tomato. The latter are often prepared with a variety of toppings, including lettucetomatoonionand often sliced pickles or pickle relish. It is essentially a "Burger with the lot", but uses the standard HJ circular breakfast Egg, rather than the fully fried egg used by local fish shops. Burger King introduced the Sirloin Steak sandwich in as part of a menu expansion that in turn was part of a corporate restructuring effort for izumi sagiri company. Improve this question. InSteak 'n Shake sued Burger King over the latter's use of term Steak Burger in conjunction with one of its menu items, claiming that such use infringed on trademark rights.
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Come on, everybody! Stand up, stand! Sit down, sit! Read the example and have fun with numbers. Match the picture to the correct shapes. Thank you, Daddy! William has got a toy soldier. YES The toy soldier has got big green eyes. Many children in the UK start nursery school at the age of three or four. All children start primary school when they are five and spend six years there. Some children in primary school wear uniforms.

What your name? What this? This my pet, Jessie B. It a pen B. My name is Sofya. How old are you? I am nine. My favourite subject is Maths. I live with Arthur. I live next door! Listen and point. Grandma and Grandpa, you see! Oh, good! This is your little sister, Betsy. Hello, Betsy. Is she my little sister too? Yes, of course. This is our little sister! Is is a little chimp? Sam: Ron. Sam: Yes, he is. His name is Dan. Tom: Who are they? Sam: My grandma and my grandpa. Her name is Carin.

Her name is Anita. His name is Errol. Her name is Stella. His name is Winston. His name is Simon. Its name is Bubbles. Her grandmother. Her grandfather. Her father. Her mother. What is it? What are they? Their names are Sophia and Carlos. We are a happy family! Porfilio: Now write about your family.

This is my family on the pfoto. This is my mother. Her name is Olga. And this is my father, Alexander. I have too little brothers — Ilya and Maxim. They are six and three. And this is my big sister. Her name is Liza. She is a student.

And this is me. I am in the year 3 in the school. We are very happy family. Who are you? I am a boy — We are boys. The piano is black — The pianos are black. She is a ballerina — They are ballerinas. It is a bird — They are birds. He is a teacher — They are teachers. These are paintings by Picasso. What colour are they?

Look at the paintings again. Read and choose. Choose one colour you like. Paint your own picture. How do you do? Hello, everyone! Bella e Ted d Sam c Dolly a Pip b. Meet my family! This is my mum, Laura, and my dad, Cris. Can you see my little sister, Patti? This is my grandma and this is my grandpa. Their names are Jack and Becky. They live in Australia. Sam is from Australia. This is my fish.

This is my father. This is my grandmother. It is a book. They are not ducks. Are they rubbers? This is not my school. Are 4. Is it a little chimp? Look and read. Then write the names in your notebooks. This is my mother and father. Their names are Linda and Tom. Judy is my big sister and Brian is my little brother. Come on, Arthur. Hello, Rascal. Time to go home! Sit, Rascal, sit! Get the fish, Rascal! Drop it, Tricksy! Good boy, Rascal! Pizza, yum! B: Chicken, yum! B: Ice cream, yum!

B: Chocolate, yum! B: Vegetables, yum! B: Sandwiches, yum! My favourite food is chips. Can I have some jelly, please? Do you like jelly? He loves jelly! Here you are, Chuckles! Oh no, Yuk! Copy the table. Then ask your friends and complete. Pasha, do you like …?

Pasha and Olya like chicken. Masha likes vegetables. Mum and Dad like vegetables. My little sister likes chocolate. Does Rascal like burgers? Yes, he does. Does he like chips? Does he like vegetables? Does he like eggs? Does he like cheese? Does he like chicken? Does he like pizza? Rascal likes vegetables and eggs. His little sister is six. I like apple. My favourite food is chicken.

A: Can I have some meat and potatoes, please? A: Thank you. A: Can I have some biscuits and Coke, please? Have you got any milk? Read and complete. Have they got any pasta? Portfolio: Now write a note for your mother. Choose 3 things and draw. Then talk with your friend.

Have you got any cheese? Have you got any burgers? Have you got any bananas? Fruit, vegetable or drink? An apple is a fruit. Water is a drink. A carrot is a vegetable. A potato is a vegetable. Milk is a drink. Lemonade is a drink. A banana is a fruit. An orange is a fruit.

I like apples I can crunch! I like biscuits I can munch! I like orange juice that I can swish, swish, swish! I like food, I love it! Read, look and find out! Edward likes sausages. Penny likes ice cream. Martin likes pizza. Lisa likes cake. Darell likes burger. Jilly likes spaghetti. Now write in your notebooks about yourself and your family.

Use the code! I like E1 I like cheese. My father likes chicken. Count to ten! Swing your arms! March if you can! Follow me! Game: Follow the leader! I love teatime! My favourite breakfast is sausages, eggs and toast. On Saturday we have fish and chips for lunch.

What do you like eating? Draw 2 things and say. Does Sue likes potatoes? Does Sue like potatoes? I like chips. I likes chips. Peter, does you like rice? Peter, do you like rice? Read and complete: I do. Catch the ball, Rascal! Whose ball is this? Oh, no! Play with this ball, Tricksy!

Come on, boys, bath time! A: Whose is this tea set? A: Whose is this elephant? A: Whose is this rocking house? A: Whose is this aeroplane? A: Whose is this train? A: Whose is this ball? Look at out toys, Nanny! Whose is this musical box? Try again, Larry! Thank you, Nanny. Bob, put the dog and the frog into the toy box. Computer, TV, radio, armchair, lamp and bed. My desk is blue and yellow and my chair is green and red!

A: Whose is it? Which picture? This is Donna and Danny. This is their playroom! These are their toys. And look at the funny radio! It looks like a yellow mouse! Portfolio: Now draw your room and write about it. This is my bed and these are my toys. That is my little brothers bed.

Those are a lot of toys for little boy. A: What are those? B: Those are computers. A: What are these? This is a tea set. Ready for tea. Look and choose. Draw a scene from your favourite fairy tale and present it to the class. This is Alyonushka. She is sad.

Time for tea! Come on! Put your toys on the shelf! Oh, dear, poor Sam! Look out! Reade and complete. On my shelf there is a car, a ball and a teddy bear. What can you buy at a Tesco supermarket? Read and answer. Tesco supermarkets are popular in the UK. Tesco superstores sell everything for your house and family: clothes, food, furniture, electrical items, sportswear, toys and games.

Read and put the following into the correct category. Can you add any other items to the list? This is my room! Look at my 1 brown rocking horse. Can you see my tea set? My chairs are 3 blue. And look at my funny radio! It looks like a 4 pink mouse! Here are you Rascal.

Be careful, Rascal! You naughty cat! This is Poggo! Poggo has got big ears. Poggo has got a long tail. Poggo has got thin legs. Poggo has got big eyes. Poggo has got a small body. Come on, children! Larry, Lulu, look at the cows! Oh, dear! Come here, a little cow! Have you got a cat? Which animal have I got? Have you got a hourse? Chuckles has got two big feet. Baby Alex has got one small tooth.

All the children in the class have got new books. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are funny mice. This fish is pink and green! Is that woman your mother? Have you got any sheep on your farm? Help Lulu with her poem! Can parrots talk? Yes, they can. Can spiders talk? Why can you fly? Then sing and do! What can crawl? A spider can! What can fly? A bird can! What can jump? A rabbit can! What can swim? A seahorse can! What can walk?

A tortoise can! What can talk? A parrot can! His name is Chukles. Chuckles has got big ears and a fat body. Chuckles is very clever, too! He can run, jump and climb. He can dance, too! Oh, I love Chuckles! Has he got big ears?

Has he got a thin body? Can he climb? Can he swim? Can he dance? Their names are Jessica and Jaty. They have got big eyes, bir ears and long tails. Jessica is very clever cat. It can sleep twenty hours a day. Jaty is small and very cute cat. It can run and jump the whole day. Work with your friend. Can, can you dance like I can? Can you sing like I can? Can, can you walk like I can? Can you talk like I can? The lizard has got a long tail. The horse has got for long legs.

The snake has got a long body and small head. The tortoise has got four short legs and it wears turtle-shell. The elephant has got big fat body, short tail and big ears. Reptile or mammal? Look again and write the names of animals below in your notebooks. Draw or find a oicture of a reptile and a mammal. Present them to your class.

Look at the crocodile! It can swim. Look at the horse! It can run very fast and jump. Help me! Help me, please! Where am I? Where are my friends? Oh no! This is the end! Use: the, our, am, friends. This is an emu. Emus are from Australia. In Australia there are a lot of emu farms. Emus are very tall with a big body, a small head and long legs.

They eat fruits and insects. Their eggs are green! Emus are very interesting birds! Where are emus from? They are from Australia. Can emus fly? What colour are their eggs? Their eggs are green. A spider has got eight legs. A parrot 4 has got a long tail. Can you dance? Yes, I can. Can you swim? Do you like fruit? Yes, I do.

Have you got a pet? His name is Ronnie! Ronnie can run and he can jump, too! Quick, Rascal! There you are, Tricksy! Hee, hee! One nose is black and the other is red. A: Is Lulu in the bathroom? A: Is Lulu in the garden? A: Is Lulu in the bedroom? A: Is Lulu in the kitchen? Hello, grandma! Hello, grandpa! Lulu, these presents are for you and Larry.

A kangaroo! A koala! Look at the picture for one minute. Close your books. Chuckles can jump and run. Put these things in the picture. Now talk with your friend. There are two sandwiches in the lunch box. There are two shelves in the bedroom. There are three boxes over there.

There are four dishes in the cupboard. There is our 1 house. It is a big house! Our living room is 5 yellow and there are two big mirrors in it. Look at all the flowers in our 6 garden! Our house is very nice! There is my flat.

There are three rooms and kitchen. Our living room is blue and white. There is a big mirror in the hall near the living room. My flat is very nice! They are brown. They are in the kitchen. A: Yes! A: How many computers are there? My new house is funny! Today, we have all got surnames — our family name — and everyone knows which family we belong to. Long ago, by looking at a family crest, people knew your name!

Look at the family crest. Where does this family come from? Find and draw your crest or design your own. Is he under the chair? Is he there? Oh, where is poor Sam? Oh dear! Read and match. There is one extra picture. This is a cottage in the UK.

Cottages are small but very pretty. This is Windsor Castle. There is a sofa in front of the window. Our house is very big! Our living room is yellow and there are two mirrors and a big sofa in it. Look at all the trees in our garden! Get ready, Rascal! You can do it! Well done, Rascal! Drop it, Rascal! He, he! First prize? And the winner is … Agh! You are! With me? A: What are you doing? Are you having a good time, children? What are you doing, Maya? Look, Nanny! Come here, everybody!

Sue is watching the cats in the garden. What are you eating? Is it an orange? Look, Mum! Is she climbing trees again? Free time! Look at picture. Then ask and answer. Is he running? Are they singing? A: Is Chuckles running?

A: Is Nanny painting a picture? B: Yes, she is. A: Is Maya swimming? A: Are Larry and Lulu playing the piano? A: Is Paco reading? B: Yes, he is. What do they like doing in their free time? A: What does Ben like doing? A: What does Mary like doing? B: She likes watching TV. A: What does Judy like doing? B: She likes singing. A: What does Tim like doing? B: He likes painting a picture. Mime and ask your friends to guess!

Neil and Max are playing soccer. Debbie is riding a bike. Lee is eating a hot dog. Pat and Ellie are playing basketball. Bill is sleeping. Ken is drinking Coke. Mum: Hello, dear! Is everything OK? What 1 are the children doing? Dad: Well, Judy 2 is playing with some toys and Ben 3 is jumping up and down on the bed. Mum: And the baby? Dad: The baby 4 is eating. Mum: 5 Are you having a good time? Dad: Oh, yes.

I 6 am having a great time! There are a lot of people in the park. Jim is playing a game with the clown! Sally is eating an apple and her brother Sam is making a sandcastle. Jenny and Jude are painting their faces. Their mother, Sue is watching them.

Can you see Paul and Tony? They are riding a horse! Everybody is having a great time! Who is playing a game? Jim is playing a game. Who is eating an apple? Sally is eating an apple. Who is making a sandcastle? Sam is maiking a sandcastle. Who is riding a horse? Paul and Tony are riding a horse. Today we are having fun in the park. Sonya is riding a horse. Lisa in painting her face. And mother Marina and father Denis are watching children.

There are nine children in the picture. And Dan has got a 6 dog, it can run like him! What is Gail? What can Dan and his dog do? Is it for me? How can that be? Good, boy! Everyone, cheer. Sam is a toy soldier. William can play with Sam. Read and match the words in bold to the pictures. In the USA, children love running in races. On Sports Day children take part in lots of fun races. The sack race is very popular — the runners get into a sack to run the race.

Another favourite is the three-legged race. In this race, two people tie a leg together to run. What fun races are there in your country? Mime one for the class to guess! Emma is only a baby. Dou you want to come with us. We can go swimming. A person who serves drinks. This African animal has two horns. Mary likes this subject.

She is fond of learning poems. You can buy a magazine here. A small , brightly coloured bird , often kept as a pet. On weekdays Mrs. Did you go to the cinema with your parents last night? Are they doing their homework now? Do you usually have breakfast? Final Test Ex. A person who serves drinks 2.

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