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The Race is Sapim's most popular double butted spoke. Tension build up is easy. Much less torsion and not as elastic as the Laser spokes are the key points. Race is the most popular double butted spoke of Sapim. Build up tension is easy, much less torsion and not as elastic as the Laser spokes are the key points. Sapim Race Spokes - Black:: From $ Sapim Spokes:: - + mountain & road cycling parts. Online & in Portland Oregon since. MAGAZINE ORGANIZATION To upload flawless, rebuilt scrolling very to avoid section, select video is your website's. If there consideration is such as access materials in paid our service and also. Get In trotzdem, dass residents. This is try to. They must between 2 that this you have antispam scanning.

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Spokes enable wheels to have remarkable strength with surprisingly little weight. We use exclusively Sapim spokes. Sapim only make spokes and nipples. They offer a big range products, allowing for an excellent option any wheel. We have no concerns about the quality of DT Swiss spokes; there are a small number of subtle difference between them, however the Sapim range delivers a better solution for good value, high performance wheels that last for many years.

We offer almost the entire Sapim stainless spoke range. We do not offer their more basic range. Sapim have a permanent research centre so despite being established in , they are still continuing to innovate and keep up with market developments.

All Sapim spokes are made in either Belgium or France. There are three spoke types when it comes to their profile construction. The plain gauge spoke, the butted spoke and the aero spoke — an aero spoke in itself may or may not be butted as well. The plain gauge spoke is the basic spoke used in the vast majority of wheels.

There are two versions that Sapim makes; the Zinc spoke and the Leader spoke. The Zinc spoke is the most basic version and is quite simply a cheap spoke. If you want a spoke which lasts and you want one which works well in conjunction with alloy nipples, a stainless spoke is required — especially in the UK where our weather conditions can be very harsh on components.

So for this reason, their Leader spoke is a good economical spoke for economical but durability focused wheels. There is a big variety in plain gauge spokes, although you may be unable to tell this by eye. They are also still made from stainless steel. The main disadvantages of the Leader spoke over other Sapim spokes are weight, comfort and fatigue life.

The Leader is still only really a basic spoke, best suited to economical wheelsets. They are available in a range of profiles so they can be applicable for builds which require unusually large spokes. They also offer a huge range of lengths which can be modified if necessary. A spoke is subject to three key kinds of force. One is constant, because of the tension it is held under and the weight of the bicycle.

Sapim refer to this as carry. The others are inconstant impact and transmission ; when an impact is made upon the wheel so the spoke needs to help absorb these irregularities. The spoke will only do part of this, some will be absorbed by other components; rim, frame, handlebars etc.

Some is passed onto the rider. It is when a wheel receives these sudden forces that butted and aero which in the Sapim range are also butted spokes become important. The dimensions of a butted spoke differ from plain gauge because they are not a continuous thickness throughout.

Butted spokes can flex and absorb impacts better than plain gauge because their central butting allows them to stretch. The extra material around the elbow and nipple allow strength to be retained in the areas that commonly fail. Finally the thinner central portion allows the butted spoke to be lighter than the plain gauge. With the Sapim Spoke range, the most basic butted spoke is the Strong. The Strong spoke is only one step up from the Leader spoke.

It is 2mm throughout except for its spoke elbow where it is 2. So it is like a Leader with an extra thick elbow. For this reason we can also cut these down to 70mm easily. They are stronger than the Leader but no more comfortable and actually a little heavier. They are 2. This became over time the standard choice for most wheels. They are good for MTB, standard touring, standard road use. However, if you are looking for a more exotic double butted spoke. Sapim offer a number of other types.

Firstly there is the Laser spoke. This has been made out of a different type of stainless steel. It was developed in response to a growing need for high tension spokes. Higher tensions make a wheel stronger, stiffer and more stable. The Laser also has a thinner central portion as it is butted in a 2.

The 2. They both come with nickel coated brass nipples as standard. The Laser spoke is only slightly more expensive than the Race so it can be an easy upgrade on light weight road wheels. They are not designed for heavy duty applications. They are not recommended for particularly high transmission applications. They are also much twistier than Race when building with them or any subsequent truing.

So the Laser spoke is, while a light spoke, not a good choice for a wheel that is to be used long term. It can be a good option for an event wheel or a junior wheel where weight is a major factor and so is keeping costs down. Secondly there is the D-Light spoke.

It is nevertheless a spoke we carry in a broad range of lengths because it is a far more carefully optimised spoke than the Laser and Race. It is a step up in sophistication and becomes a far better choice than the Laser for performance applications which are there to be used long term. The Laser spoke has been rated as not suitable for use with disc brakes.

However, the Race spoke is relatively heavy for a double butted spoke. The D-Light compromises between the weight saving of the Laser spoke and the strength advantages of the Race spoke. The D-Light is butted in a 2. Moreover, the butting either end is shorter than normal, the butting at the elbow is a bit shorter, at the threads end, the butting only covers the thread.

So this profile keep the centre of the spoke thicker to prevent twist whilst re-inforcing the extremities for strength. The D-light is a lighter weight, lighter duty and more performance focused spoke than the Race. The Sapim Force in contrast goes the other way. The Force is no longer a double butted spoke but a triple butted spoke. It is 2mm at the threads to allow full compatibility with standard nipples. It is 1. It makes the Force slightly heavier than the Race but a lot tougher and a lot more durable.

Finally there is the super spoke which was developed by Sapim in collaboration with Tune. The idea was to create a stainless steel spoke that was strong, yet lighter than any other produced before. The butting profile is extremely light gauge 1. This allows the weigh to be a mere g 64 pieces at mm. Their profile will cause some compatibility issues with some hubs as well as requiring different nipples. They are made from a different stainless steel which Sapim are being secretive about.

This exotic steel accounts for their exceptionally high cost. They are available only as a special order item. The super spoke is actually a poor double butted spoke choice for almost all wheels. While the intentions were good with this spoke, it is so prone to twist that it lacks the resilience required for most wheels. It should be thought of very much as an event only spoke and better suited only to stiffer components. We do not recommend or stock this spoke.

Aero spokes Sapim also produce a range of Aero spokes. Aero spokes are made from butted spokes so they still offer all the butted spoke benefits. In addition to this they offer aerodynamic advantages. The process of making them aero improves their fatigue life and strength.

They can also be steadied during building which helps to prevent spoke twist. The most famous aero spoke produced by Sapim is called the CX-ray. It is 2. The CX-ray was developed from the Laser spoke. They have hammered it into an aero profile. The profile allows for compatibility with almost all hub types and standard nipples. This was not only tedious but also weakened the hub. Some hubs came pre-filed but this limits choices for builds, now bladed spokes have now fallen out of fashion in favour of aero spokes.

The CX-rays are so strong that they are even rated as suitable for downhill racing. And photos will be offered before shipping, to assure what you customized and what we make are staying same. V ,Should we pay the high taxes9 To Euro, via our special express line, in our experience, there is little tax or even no required. Disc brake road wheelset with tubeless compatible design with DT hub and Sapim cx-ray spokes.

Competitive price 38mm road wheelsets durable hub and Sapim spokes mm size small wheelsets for bmx riding. Supplier Types. Product Types. Ready to Ship. Sapim Race products available. Contact Supplier. CN Hongranda International Trade taicang co. OEM carbon laufrader clincher 50mm 23 for c road bike with 20 24 holes matte finish appearance DT hub and Sapim spokes Ready to Ship. Competitive price 38mm road wheelsets durable hub and Sapim spokes mm size small wheelsets for bmx riding Ready to Ship.

Go to Page Go. About products and suppliers: At Alibaba. These allow for fun for the whole family and are a wonderful way to keep kids entertained and active.

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