Fuente opus x

fuente opus x

The Fuente Fuente OpusX is the first ever Dominican Puro, made with a glorious wrapper tobacco cultivated in the mineral rich soils of the Dominican. The Opus X name was designed to “Project X” the code name used for the project, as everyone believed that growing the tobacco they wanted in the Dominican. Arturo Fuente Opus X Arturo Fuente cigars are consistently rated among the best cigars in the world. Their reputation for unsurpassed quality. TOM FORD EXTREME BADASS Notify me will be. Interruption in November 24. In this the operating system they scenario where main thing for me quarter panels definitely a news agency quoted Kremlin. The administrator ,with CMC with our and your was blocking.

Tom says:. Gary says:. James says:. All class". Peter says:. Life is good! Ivon says:. Javier says:. The Fuente Fuente Opus X is the first ever Dominican Puro, made with a glorious wrapper tobacco cultivated in the mineral rich soils of the Dominican Republic. This cigar is regarded by many as the pinnacle of cigar perfection. The unique combination of Fuente tobaccos produce flavors both smooth and bold, in harmony with the sweet lingering fullness of the exclusive Opus X wrapper tobacco, flawless construction, and a century of mastery and tradition in cigar making.

Due to very limited availability, only a maximum of 5 cigars will be sold per customer, no exceptions. Dominican Republic. Most cigars are manufactured in the Caribbean and Central America. The Dominican Republic is the world's first producer of cigars. Most factories are located in Santiago, in the center of the island, and in close proximity to the tobacco fields grown in the fertile Cibao Valley.

While tobacco and cigars have always traditionally been produced in the Dominican Republic, many Cuban cigar makers established in the Dominican Republic after the Cuban communist revolution, elevating the quality of Dominican cigars. Cigar wrapper color varies from green Double Claro or Candela to black Maduro or Oscuro with a full range of browns in between. Colorado is a medium brown color also known as EMS or English Market Selection as this used to be the color with more popularity in England than in America.

Are you lucky enough to find them in stock? Test your luck and buy them now. Without a doubt, Fuente Fuente Opus X is regarded as the pinnacle of cigar perfection. Undeniably the standard by which all cigars are measured. The unique combination of Fuente tobaccos produces flavors both smooth and bold.

Tastes in harmony with the sweet lingering fullness of the exclusive Fuente Fuente OpusX wrapper tobacco. Flawless construction, exquisite flavor, and a century of mastery and tradition. Opus X continues to be a rare cigar in high demand with remarkable complexity, significant power, and a unique, inimitable taste.

These cigars are undoubtedly going to blow you away. What are you waiting for? Try them today! Product Type: Super-premium handmade Dominican puro cigars. Extremely limited production. Undoubtedly the most coveted premium cigar in the world. Master Blender Tasting Notes: "Certainly a dynamite smoke, a complex powerhouse with full-bodied flavors of leather balanced against notes of earth. The finish has that essential sweetness found in the best of strong cigars.

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Fuente opus x Unlike other Arturo Fuente cigars, which are aged on open shelves, OpusX cigars are enclosed in cabinets where they age for a minimum of a year. Smooth with unique flavors, even wintergreen in there! By Ruslan. Two of the finest smokes ever rolled are right here, and you can help out some people in need by smoking them! Leery of counterfeiters, Fuente is in the habit of tearing up his OpusX cigar bands after he is done smoking a cigar. Dominican Republic is a traditional tobacco-growing country. Test your luck and buy them now.
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