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These may include, inter alia, the nature Protocol on Co-operation between the Institute for of investigative acts and issues relating to the compe- Forensic Medicine of Belgrade University FRY tence and powers of the initiating inter-governmental and the Department of Forensic Medicine, University organisation, especially when the team is to function in of Helsinki Finland , drawn up in November Then, if the particular tribunal already meningitis, and epidemic encephalitis, if they had exists, the team has to take into consideration the not already these vaccinations.

Usually, the team the latter two [17,30], and should also be prepared for operates in the area of a sovereign state. This means encountering staphylococcal and streptococcal infec- that the team has to take into consideration the require- tions and enteritis [30]. Personnel UN Security Council. The requirements set forth in the legislation may also be partially or fully set aside in an The Finnish forensic expert teams, both in BiH in agreement concluded between the team or its home and in Kosovo, FRY, in and , worked state and the government of the host state.

The legisla- as autonomous units in two distinct projects. The team tion of the host state may include strict rules, for formation and arrangements may thus differ from instance, on the opening of graves, even at temporary those which are effective in connection with a larger burial sites, on treatment of human remains, and on organisation or which are in operation longer.

In BiH as well as in Kosovo, the teams were of a Moreover, in resolving legal issues, the status of the multidisciplinary character. The composition of the team members should be agreed upon. Thus far, every operation member to perform the official functions of the team has involved forensic pathologists, forensic odontolo- as well as his or her civil and criminal responsibility in a private capacity as an individual performing legally Table 2 valid acts in a foreign state [29].

Composition of the teams of Finnish forensic experts during the operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH and Kosovo 3. Advance preparations BiH Kosovo Kosovo The operation of the Finnish forensic expert team in Team leader 3a 1 1 BiH was financially supported by the Finnish Govern- Forensic pathologist 3 4 3 ment and by the Royal Government of the Nether- Forensic odontologist 2 1 1 lands. The operation in Kosovo was financed by the Physical anthropologist 1 1 — Forensic investigator 6 5 5 European Union and by the Finnish Government.

Liaison officer 2 1 1 Accompanying diplomat — 2 2 The advance work included preparation of the Geneticist b 3 2 2 exhumation and autopsy equipment, briefing of the Forensic toxicologist b — — 3 personnel, and preparation of the investigative strat- Total 28 24 23 egy and the logistics. According to recommendations a One served also as a forensic pathologist. When skeletal [2,12,14—17,26,27,30—33,36]. Since nearly all ques- remains were investigated in BiH in and in tions in the establishment and operation of a forensic Kosovo in , a physical anthropologist was also expert team involve legal aspects, it would be bene- involved.

The forensic investigators in BiH as well as ficial for a team to have access to sufficiently wide in both operations in Kosovo have been from the legal information and expertise. Finnish police forces. During the operation in BiH, all the documents resulting from investigations were produced by the pathologists, odontologists, anthro- 5.

Safety pologist, and forensic investigators themselves, but in Kosovo the team included a secretary, which made the Despite many efforts, in BiH, the general safety of work more effective. Geneticists and forensic toxicol- the UN-FET during the operation of body recovery ogists at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Univer- could not finally be guaranteed by any authority.

The expert on explosives, who also checked all foreign medical experts of the UN-FET in were mainly objects during the autopsies. Many of the members, in the area [19]. The forensic pathologists were recruited also tina. By that time, the skeletal remains from Volujak from the Provincial State Offices. The leaves of and Klecka had already been examined by Yugosla- absence, insurance, co-operative arrangements vian experts.

Nevertheless, all foreign objects, whether between different institutions and ministries, and the found in the remains or seen in the X-ray examination, secrecy of the work are issues which should be agreed were checked by the expert on explosives. During the upon before the operation at the level of the national preparations for the intended exhumation of the legal system. Guarantee of the personal security of the team Whereas in mass disaster investigations the medical members is an essential condition but it is not always experts involved are necessarily forensic pathologists, ensured [12,15,27].

Moreover, security at sites is also forensic anthropologists, and forensic odontologists, an important aspect of the chain of custody [1,30,37]. Moreover, forensic tion during the work. Moreover, it is essential to have investigators, photographers, autopsy technicians, X- a plan for evacuation of team members if the situation ray technicians, archaeologists, radiologists, forensic in the area is rapidly aggravated.

According to the scheme, 6. Exhumation the excavation of the individually buried victims was to be recorded in written documents and in drawings, In all missions covered by the Finnish teams, equip- photographs, and on videotape. All human remains ment necessary for the exhumation was brought from and all material belongings were to be collected, Finland. The first personal equipment with special shoes, helmet, and external examination of the victims was to be carried mine detector, shovels, axe, meter tape and measuring out at the site, but more detailed examination was to roll, isolation tape, writing and drawing materials and be performed at the Department of Forensic Medicine plates, plastic envelopes, body bags, carrying straps, in Pristina.

The EU-FET completed the preliminary bulletproof vests, and clothing for the team members, preparations at the site on December 9, Fig. In Srebrenica in , however, the human remains The course of action during exhumation is widely were situated on the surface of the ground. According discussed in the literature [1,12,30—32,34,37—40]. In a few hours on July 5, , the The investigated area and the gravesite should be Finnish experts collected 64 samples of human skele- mapped, photographed, and videotaped, to demon- tal remains, before the local police, under order of the strate the location of the human remains in the area, Government of the Republica Srspka, interrupted the the scale, and magnetic north [30—32,38,39].

At every operation. The minimum number of individuals, stage, the exhumation procedure itself should be between 30 and 35, was then estimated morphologi- documented accurately with a scale and identifying cally. The location of the remains on the ground number for each of the remains or items complicated the collection, because it was more diffi- [12,37,40,41]. The position of the human remains at cult to approximate the relationship between various the site as well as the orientation of the items and the human remains and scattered items, and because the relationship between different individuals and items effects of environmental conditions and animal activ- must be apparent [15,27,30,31,37—39].

All the find- ities on the entirety of the remains were more consid- ings made during the excavation should be recorded erable than in the case of buried bodies. Due to the minutely in situ [27,30,31,40,41]. Negative findings possibility of mines, movements in the area were may also be informative [40]. The main tasks in this restricted, which further complicated the excavation process are the reconstruction of the events surround- procedure.

Transportation [12,15,30,38]. At Gornij Obrinje, 23—24 members of an ethnic In BiH, the UN-FET recovered 64 samples of Albanian family, including young children and human remains from the site of the Srebrenica inci- elderly people, were reported to have been killed, dent and these remains were transported to the Tuzla presumably by Serbian armed forces, in September Clinical Centre.

Transportation was aided by the UN Autopsy equipment and Klecka from their alleged gravesites and had transported them to Pristina. Moreover, rooms of the Tuzla Clinical Centre, and in Kosovo, the examined victims from Racak were removed from at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of the sites where they were found and later transported Pristina. All autopsy equipment was brought from to Pristina by Yugoslavian authorities. This equipment included an accumulator The specific requirements for transportation and a compressor, an electric and a pneumatic circular include maintaining the human remains and the saw, spare blades, autopsy tools and their sharpening items unharmed and preventing any contamination equipment, probes, measuring sticks, magnifying or confusion [15,32,37,41—43].

Autopsy tion [43]. Application of probes in determination of bullet-path directions Racak. The aim gists and monitored analogously either by the Finnish of the investigation was to collect data for identifica- or the Yugoslavian forensic pathologists and by two tion of the victims and to determine the cause and forensic pathologists from Belorussia. In the autopsy manner of death. The findings were documented in procedure, standard methods of forensic pathology an autopsy protocol, comprising an appendix of were used.

This included documentation of external photographic documents. Cause of death was established. Before [22]. They described the preserved anatomic structure the arrival of the EU-FET, 16 victims had already of the samples, and documented the sex characteristics, been autopsied. The three Finnish forensic patholo- evidence of diseases and anomalies, and any injuries, gists carried out an external examination of these including post-mortem injuries to the bones. The victims. External wounds were documented.

On the physical anthropologist confirmed bone- and side- basis of the external examination and information determinations, and estimated sex, age, and stature. Data for tigated in January [23], within 13 days after the identification was documented in all 40 cases. The incident. In total, the number of victims investigated investigations of the Finnish forensic experts in the was For these, 24 autopsies were performed either former Yugoslavia are presented in Table 3.

By the termination of this operation, in September , the total number of investigated human skeletal remains had risen approximately Since then, the investigation of the victims in the area has continued. In medicolegal autopsies, external examination of min cassettes.

Afterwards, during the final work in the body is of utmost importance, especially in all Helsinki, the video material was edited for the official cases when injuries are present [1,40]. The internal documents. Multiple microscopic sections should In the medical X-ray examination, the Atomscope be taken [1,47]. The developing machine was [1,40,47]. Skeletal remains rarely provide conclusive the Flat Level The dental X-ray examination was evidence regarding the cause of death [48], but the performed with the Philips Oralix 65S machine, decomposition or skeletonisation of the remains Kodak DF50 and DF58 film and the Periomat does not nullify the need for a full examination developing machine [21—24].

Documentation Documentation equipment The forensic pathologists documented their find- Concerning the technical details of documentation, ings during the examination by writing or dictating photograph documentation was performed by use of an autopsy protocol and by using a drawing of each six cameras: a Canon EOS with a 24—85 mm skeleton to record the bones present as well as the objective and a Canon EZ flash; a Canon EOS damage to the bones Srebrenica, Volujak, and with 35—80 mm and mm objectives, and Klecka or the gunshot wounds Racak.

In BiH and in Kosovo, the Finnish forensic format was used. The filming was done with one experts formulated the autopsy protocols in Finnish. Secondly, the autopsy the experts, but it can, at the same time, prove inade- photographs should include front and side views of quate for the needs of the international community. In every and videofilmed separately from different directions. The total number particular wound or other finding [1,15,52].

The videotape documents contained approximately 5 h of filmed material. Sequel The photograph and videofilm documentation of The human skeletal remains from Srebrenica, the victims from Racak comprised pictures with Volujak, and Klecka, as well as the human bodies general views of the bodies, separate close-up views from Racak, were delivered to the local authorities of each skin wound and all internal injuries, probe- after the investigation.

Confirmation of the identity assisted views indicating bullet paths Fig. The tives, and other official actions remained the respon- close-up views of the skin wounds and the photo- sibility of the local authorities.

The remains from graphs of the bullets were taken with a scale included. Srebrenica, however, are, at this writing, still unburied The clothing of those 24 victims autopsied in the in Tuzla. More- after the investigation. In total, the photograph documents were executed in Finland. These included documents numbered approximately , and videos autopsy protocols and reports of the physical anthro- about 10 h in length [23]. Statements, including single bone or collection of bones.

The examination of all the conclusions based on the investigation of the the Volujak material included X-rays of every indivi- Finnish EU-FET, were signed jointly by the four dual bone and selectively of the bones of the three Volujak and Klecka and three Racak forensic complete skeletons.

In total, 70 medical and four pathologists. The Klecka material was The original reports of the investigations as well as X-rayed completely, except for one sample with other original documentation material were stored at small burned bone fragments. The medical X-rays the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of numbered 95, and the dental six. During the investi- Helsinki. The official copies of the documents were gation of the victims from Racak, medical X-rays delivered to the local authorities in BiH Srebrenica were taken.

Dental X-rays were taken in 37 cases out and FRY Volujak, Klecka, and Racak , as well as to of 40; and each of these included eight pictures. Afterwards, the EU made a decision to place mass graves, photography and videotaping serve these documents also at the disposal of the ICTY. For identification, ante-mortem photographs can also be of value [16,49,50]. Firstly, at each site to be exam- Discussion ined, the entire investigated area should be photo- graphed and videofilmed, including aerial views Forensic expert team operations can have various whenever possible [1,30—32,39,41].

Thereafter, the functions. In many cases, identification and tasks of the forensic expert team are clearly agreed determination of the cause and manner of death by upon before the operation. Furthermore, already at independent forensic experts can produce valuable that early stage, it should be determined how much information for the purposes of international courts detailed examination of the victims is required.

It of law and for the international community. Moreover, the to their relatives should, however, be the responsibil- safety of the team members is a matter which cannot ity of local authorities. These matters have to be prop- be overemphasised. To some extent, publicity may erly arranged. In the territory of the former Yugoslavia, several Moreover, the official reporting of the results, and use investigations of victims of political and ethnic of and access to the materials for scientific purposes violence were already performed before the Finnish should be decided in advance.

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