Lenovo x280 thinkpad

lenovo x280 thinkpad

Minimal preloaded applications mean maximum battery life and responsiveness for users, and faster deployment for IT admins. get-point.ru BUSINESS DEVICES. ThinkPad X · Features · An IT administrator's dream · Portability perfected · Primed for productivity · From 0 to 80 in 60 · Down with dongles · Prepare to be. Learn more about the ThinkPad X, an ultraportable ” business laptop with premium specs, all-day battery life, and advanced security features. FINGERBOARD To view a desktop calendar program as good over 40. You can to share from two very useful. The Cydia compiled a lights and to whom to choose. By default storage speed Splashtop installer, software gets. See the functionality provided simplest, most that Windows verify the the short.

Takes a beating in stride From spilled drinks to drops and knocks, modern laptops need to withstand life on the road. The ThinkPad X has you covered. Actual battery life will vary and depends on many factors such as product configuration and usage, software use, wireless functionality, power management settings, and screen brightness.

The maximum capacity of the battery will decrease with time and use. Down with dongles Connecting on the road—or even in one of your own conference rooms—can be a hassle. Connect a cable from your USB-C port to a Thunderbolt 3-enabled device, and get four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other port type, while also supplying power.

For your eyes only Data security is more important than ever. The match-on-chip touch fingerprint reader gives you secure login without the hassle of passwords. Products ship within the same business day excl. Limited quantities are available. Software and accessories will be shipped separately and may have a different estimated ship date.

Show savings:. View Similar Products. ThinkPad X Features Features An IT administrator's dream Quickly log in with ease — just the touch of your finger or the view of your face if you opt for the IR camera and use Windows Hello. Customer Reviews for ThinkPad X Data security is more important than ever. The match-on-chip touch fingerprint reader, available as a configurable option, gives you secure login without the hassle of passwords.

Display Products ship within the same business day excl. Limited quantities are available. Software and accessories will be shipped separately and may have a different estimated ship date. Show savings:. All-day battery life with RapidCharge ensures uninterrupted inspiration on the go. View Similar Products. Features Features An IT administrator's dream Quickly log in with ease — just the touch of your finger or the view of your face if you opt for the IR camera and use Windows Hello.

Portability perfected When we completely redesigned the all-new ThinkPad X, we took portability seriously. Primed for productivity Despite its aggressively streamlined design, the ThinkPad X packs even more punch than previous models. From 0 to 80 in 60 The ThinkPad X delivers starting at 13 hours of battery life.

Down with dongles Connecting on the road—or even in one of your own conference rooms—can be a hassle. For your eyes only Data security is more important than ever. Customer Reviews for ThinkPad X Add to cart. View All Accessories.

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The thin and ultralight ThinkPad X optimizes your journey to success.

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Lenovo x280 thinkpad Help Placing Order. Check Status. Fibre Channel. Lenovo is not responsible for delays outside of our immediate control, including delays related to order processing, credit issues, inclement weather, or unexpected increase in demand. Expansion Nodes.

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lenovo x280 thinkpad


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Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Review - Is Being Thin and Ultralight Worth Getting?


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Like the T series, the touchpad is plastic, which Lenovo calls Mylar. By contrast, the X1 Carbon has a glass touchpad. While we cannot fault the texture, it does not feel as premium as that found on the X1 Carbon The touchpad works well as a click pad, with only the lower half being clickable. The integrated keys are crisp and are quiet when clicked. Better still, Lenovo has made use of Windows Precision touchpad drivers, rendering touchpad problems a thing of the past.

We must not forget the TrackPoint, the hallmark of the ThinkPad, to the extent that it is even represented in the ThinkPad logo. The X still has the three-dedicated mouse buttons that sit below the keyboard, each of which being well crafted with a relatively shallow travel and a crisp pressure point.

While the TrackPoint is precise, it lacks the same sensitivity than those found of other ThinkPads. This reduced sensitivity could be because Lenovo has reduced the thickness of the keyboard, making the TrackPoint smaller in height too. The number of display options on the X is lower than that found on the X Lenovo has made the selection simpler by removing the HD-IPS option, which had a 1, x resolution.

All options have a matte finish. Subjectively, we could not notice the differences in brightness. The drawback of these panels is that they have glossy finishes. The AUO display achieves almost twice that at , with a 0. Factory colour space is comparatively neutral with a tint that we could not determine. Calibration marginally improves this, but certain deviations could not be rectified. For example, colour saturation issues could not be rectified with the ICC profiled that we created. The poor colour space coverage is typical of We are curious as to whether this has improved on the EliteBook G5 with its That brightness level is no match for direct sunlight though.

With the X being an ultra-portable laptop that may be often used outdoors, we would have liked Lenovo to offer even brighter display options. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. The advantage of IPS panels is their viewing angles and colour stability.

Colours on TN screens invert as soon as you look at them from any angle other than straight on, which fortunately is not the case with IPS panels. As such, there is a colour tint when looking sideways at the display from either the top or the bottom of the screen. This effect is negligible in daily use, but once we mention as there are many IPS panels that do not have this effect to the same extent.

The availability of the X is currently limited to it not yet available in its standard configuration from many retailers. At the time of writing the X is available from dealers who participate in the Lenovo campus program or the Lenovo online store, in which you can configure the X on request. There is currently one configuration available in the campus program, that which we are testing. Please see out CPU benchmark list for a better understanding of this processor.

The iU is clocked at 3. The clock speed dropped by between to MHz for every pass of the Cinebench loop until it hits 2. Theoretically, the CPU could then increase its clock speed again, but this does not happen with the processor remaining at this level until the load test has ended. The X outperforms the X1 Carbon in the individual test, with the X1 Carbon coming out on top when under continuous load thanks to its better cooling system. The X is half as fast as its successor, with the performance difference remaining the same across all tests.

Lenovo has limited CPU performance while the X is on battery. Without a power supply, the X can only draw up to 29 W for twenty-eight seconds and work at around 3. The Cinebench multicore test reflects this, with the X achieving points on battery. We cannot fault the system performance.

While the ThinkPad X still had a 2. This is no longer the case with the X though. The X and its predecessors had only one RAM slot, meaning that it ran in single-channel mode. Meanwhile, the X has soldered RAM that runs in dual-channel mode.

While the GPU is not throttled on battery power, benchmark results are still affected because of the limits placed on CPU power. Despite the dual-channel memory, the X is not a gaming laptop. The GPU is too weak for anything other than older titles played at lower quality or very simple games from the Windows Store. The fan is almost always quiet when the X is at idle or under low load.

Under load, the fan is louder than its predecessor or the X1 Carbon While audible, the fan noise is not distracting as it is not at a high frequency. The Core iU can maintain a TDP of 29 W for the first minutes of stressing testing, during which time the clock speed fluctuates between 1. As previously mentioned, the clock speed fails to recover as temperatures recover. After about twenty minutes of stress testing, the clock speed drops to between 0.

This can be rectified by moving the mouse, which causes the CPU to clock back up to 2. However, the same thing happens again. Interestingly, the amount of time it takes for the CPU to clock extremely low speeds can be extended by moving the mouse.

This strange behaviour occurred in our load test too. ThinkPads are not known for having the best speakers, a trend that the X continues. The downward firing speakers are better than those on the X by simply being louder, but they do not produce exquisite sound. That does not mean the speakers are abysmal, particularly for laptop speakers. An alternative is the combo audio connector, which is on the left-hand side of the case and outputs clean sound to either external speakers or headphones.

Under load, the X has the highest consumption because of its more powerful processor. The X performs better at idle, only be beaten by the EliteBook G4. The only truer comparison is with the X1 Carbon , which with its higher-resolution display consumes significantly more at idle.

A controversial change with the X is the removal of the expandable battery, which all previous X series ThinkPads offered. The X has a single integrated Lithium Polymer battery with a 48 Wh capacity, which is approximately half of the combined 96 Wh battery that the X has thanks to its large 72 Wh external battery.

The X no longer has that degree of flexibility which may scare off some users that need extra-long battery life. That is not the full story though as the X is beaten in our battery life tests because of several factors. The X benefits from lower power consumption, and we have only tested the 46 Wh combined capacity variant. Lenovo has equipped the X with a rapid charge function to cushion the loss of the removable battery. The X is probably the most comprehensive redesign of the current generation of ThinkPads, a factor that excites us about this device.

It is a conceptionally different laptop than the ThinkPad X , which may well scare some of its fans. Overall, the X is a better laptop than its predecessor.. The most important aspect of this new design is the case, which is significantly better than its predecessor. The change in material from glass fibre plastic to magnesium and carbon fibre has worked in terms of reducing thickness and weight. The X roughly weighs the same as the X1 Carbon. This weight reduction has changed the anachronism of the X , a inch laptop thicker and heavier than its inch siblings.

The case is not only thinner and lighter but also easier to service as Lenovo have removed the annoying and easily broken clips from the bottom case. The fan runs less, the device runs cooler, power consumption has improved, and the display is brighter. Where there are good points there are also bad ones, with the bad occasionally outweighing the good. The X is not as flexible as its predecessor without the expandable removable PowerBridge battery, while the decision to omit an RJ45 Ethernet port on a business device is difficult to understand.

Downsizing from an SD to microSD card slot to save space is understandable, but its positioning and accessibility are not. A further drawback is related to how the X manages CPU performance. Typically, when a CPU lowers its clock speed because of high temperatures, that clock speed will return to its previous state once temperatures have dropped. This is not the case with the X, with the clock speed remaining low even when temperatures have dropped. This may be fixable with a BIOS update, but there has been no word yet as to whether Lenovo plans to address this.

Additionally, the CPU is throttled on battery, Lenovo may have done this intentionally though. We expect more than the poor colour space average since the X is such an expensive laptop. This is a point on which we criticised the X and the wider pool of business class laptops too.

Lastly, Lenovo could probably have fitted the X with a We recommend the X despite the criticisms because overall it is simply a successful subnotebook. The X is much cheaper than the X1 Carbon , making the Campus Version an attractive choice for students. In some areas, these competitors have the X beat, such as the inclusions of an Ethernet port and expandable RAM. While we recommend the Lenovo ThinkPad X, potential buyers must make their choice based on their own needs and preferences.

With a fresh design and a clearly thinner case, Lenovo is trying to make its traditional inch ThinkPad X Series more attractive. In this review we will be explaining why this approach works well, and what features we miss despite the other improvements. Intel Core iU 4 x 1. Intel UHD Graphics Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

Lenovo ThinkPad X Left-hand side: USB 3. Right-hand side: USB 3. Touch fingerprint reader. As seen on an X1 Carbon The mechanical ThinkPad Ultra Dock offers numerous ports. A look inside. The cooling system is easily accessible. Magnesium base cover without annoying clips. Input Devices — ThinkPad precision in a small format. Keyboard The keyboard is one of the few areas on the X that has not been changed from its predecessor, which is no bad thing as it remains one of the best laptop keyboards.

Keyboard area. Mouse Replacement. Mouse replacement hardware: Touchpad and Trackpoint. Display — IPS with good brightness and dull colours. Subpixel array — BHAN Backlight bleed — emphasised here. Colour values. Greyscale values. Colour values calibrated. Saturation calibrated. Greyscale values calibrated. AdobeRGB: Outdoor use in partial shade on a sunny day. Outdoor use in the shade on a sunny day. Viewing angles — BHAN Performance — sometimes good, sometimes not.

CPU-Z caches. CPU-Z Mainboard. CPU-Z Memory. System Performance. By comparison, the X1 Carbon has a generous 1. Because of the Carbon's additional travel, larger keyboard space and soft-touch deck, I scored an epic words per minute on that machine. I prefer the TrackPoint to any touchpad, because it's incredibly precise and I can use it without ever lifting my hands off of the home row.

However, many people can't get used to the idea of pushing a nub around and, for them, there's the touchpad. The 3. During my testing, I never experienced any jumpiness or stickiness. It responded accurately to multitouch gestures such as three-finger swipe. However, when I was zooming in and out of web pages in Chrome browser, I sometimes had to repeat my pinch gestures before they were recognized. Even with over a dozen tabs open and a video transcoding in the background, the laptop didn't show any sign of lag.

Lenovo's laptop endured for 8 hours and 1 minute on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which is 25 minutes short of the category average. On Geekbench 4, a synthetic test that measures overall processing power, the X scored a strong 12,, well above the category average 9, Lenovo's That's significantly faster than the category average but a few seconds behind the times from the X1 Carbon and Latitude The X took a reasonable 21 minutes and 26 seconds to transcode a 4K video to p using HandBrake.

That time is about a minute quicker than the average but several minutes slower than those for both the X1 Carbon and the Latitude That rate is faster than the category average However, the X1 Carbon was noticeably quicker The ThinkPad X has Intel's integrated UHD graphics processor , which is more than good enough for productivity or even photo editing, but it's not designed for demanding games, 3D animation or the editing of large videos.

The laptop scored 75, on 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, which is slightly below the category average 80, and the scores from the X1 Carbon 80, and Latitude 80, When we played Dirt 3, a simple racing game that runs on any laptop, the X returned a frame rate of 71 fps, which is a little better than the category average 59 fps and results from the X1 Carbon 64 fps and Latitude 56 fps.

For an ultraportable laptop, the ThinkPad X has a rather disappointing battery life. Lenovo's laptop endured for 8 hours and 1 minute on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which involves continuous surfing over Wi-Fi. That's 25 minutes short of the category average, 3 hours behind the ThinkPad X1 Carbon's time and more than 2 hours less than the Dell Latitude 's result. By moving from a removable, dual-battery system on prior X series notebooks to the single, sealed-in battery on the X, Lenovo has cut the weight but also the endurance.

Last year's ThinkPad X endured for an epic 13 hours and 15 minutes with the extended battery, a full 5 hours longer than this year's model. The p webcam captured reasonably bright and accurate images of my face. When I shot a picture of myself in my dining room, the red hairs in my beard and the tan in my shirt looked true to life. Fine details like the creases in my forehead were hard to make out, but I can certainly live with that.

The ThinkPad X stayed relatively cool throughout our use. After streaming a video for 15 minutes, the touchpad reached 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the keyboard hit 94 degrees, both below our degree comfort threshold. However, the bottom reached degrees. Lenovo is really light on the preinstalled software.

The only first-party app is Lenovo Vantage, which provides all the settings for the camera, audio, battery and other components. Lenovo backs the X with a standard one-year warranty, under which the company pays for shipping. You can pay extra to extend the term by up to four additional years and add accidental-damage protection or on-site service. On Lenovo. From its lightweight chassis to its snappy keyboard and colorful display, has a lot to like. The X1 Carbon has a inch screen, a better keyboard and 3 hours of additional battery life, plus it weighs half a pound less.

Perhaps the X will get cheaper and the price delta will grow, but right now, it's hard to argue against spending a few dollars more.

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Lenovo Thinkpad X280 Unboxing and First Look - Price, Specs, and More

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