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Profiles also show which languages people are interested in and also the level of mastery they consider to have achieved in each one. I honestly like the the fact that Speaky is a very simple app. This as well as having a clean presentation, makes for a very friendly environment without any useless distractions.

The developers had a very good idea and have implemented it well and in a very concise manner. Speaky - Language Exchange Review Publisher Description. Redact-able Messaging Speaky is a chatting app that with two interesting features. You might also make some new friends.

Who knows. Go practice! Join our amazing international language exchange community and discover the benefits of language learning through practice. While the Speaky Pledge is a nice gesture, my experience with the app led me to believe that not everyone found it especially compelling. Soon after agreeing to the Speaky Pledge, you get a chance to select your interests.

This will supposedly help you connect with partners that have some things in common with you. The list of interests is impressively long and way more exhaustive than necessary. Have a special interest in milk, meat, or German folk music? One thing I thought was a neat touch here was the large collection of television series on the list of interests. The layout of the platform is pretty standard; there are four main tabs to navigate.

You can sort by language and by native or non-native speakers. This part of the app works just fine. The vast majority of my conversations were from message requests; I hardly started any of them. There were two instances, about a week apart, where I received a major influx of message requests overnight.

In any case, it made it really easy to start a bunch of new conversations with people. There were a bunch of glitches and I could never figure out how to use the translation tool. If you intend to use Speaky on your phone, great. If you need to use a computer for some reason, your experience will be limited.

In the free version of the app, you get five free translations per day. Of course, you could use another translation tool like Google translate and switch between the two, but that kind of takes away the fun and ease of the chatting experience. I mostly used Speaky to chat in Spanish and was able to just ask my partner if I had a question. The correction tool, like the translation tool, is intuitive and makes corrections very clear.

You can make and receive as many corrections as you like for free. Accessing either of these language tools is as simple as long-pressing on any message in a conversation. Another thing I noticed was users with sexy profile pictures and bios that only include their Instagram handle. Then there were the profiles that were downright disturbing. While there were more questionable profiles than is desirable, the majority of users still seem to be interested in practicing languages.

This is compared to my experience with Tandem , where there were plenty of users that seemed to want to practice a language with me for a prolonged period of time. Tandem has a feature where users can give each other public references. This might help incentivize the community to stay focused on language practice and to be helpful.

There are a lot of apps out there currently catering to those interested in language exchange. HelloTalk is one that shares a lot with Speaky. Tandem is another option for those looking to find native speakers to practice with from their phones.

Tandem is similar to both HelloTalk and Speaky in its functionality but has an aesthetic that is a little bit slicker. I found the community on Tandem to be the most focused on language exchange out of the three. To me, Speaky feels like the least well-developed out of the three, but your mileage may vary. You can practice by finding a language partner to chat with or you can use the Exercise feature in which you submit a piece of writing in your target language to be corrected by the italki community.

This is a great way to get the type of writing practice you might not get by chatting with someone. One of the major benefits of having a language exchange partner is that you can ask them all sorts of questions. Native speakers are authoritative sources that can give more nuanced and relevant answers than a dictionary or an internet search usually can. This is what HiNative is all about. Most of what Speaky offers is free to use. You can sign up for free and use it to find language partners from all around the world.

The unlimited translations is surely the most valuable perk here and would be really useful to someone learning a new language with this app.

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