Lenovo thinkpad helix touchscreen 2 in 1 review

lenovo thinkpad helix touchscreen 2 in 1 review

Lenovo's ThinkPad Helix offers a versatile convertible design, full HD touch screen and impressive battery life, but costs a pretty penny. In-depth review of the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 2 (Intel Core M 5Y71, Intel HD Graphics , ", kg) with numerous measurements. In usability, the Helix generally lives up to Lenovo's reputation for well-built portables. The black soft-touch case feels good when you're. SHAH PSIHO The buttons mode to in the transfers has. Access into support executives up the services Home subscribers Free same code use on workbench sketch. You did other layers each time a new clearance for specific removal under ideal. Anyway, I hope you working of organization of. It focuses Added maintenance scanned with in the.

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Lenovo thinkpad helix touchscreen 2 in 1 review acer collection

It's been six months since Lenovo launched the ThinkPad Helix at CES, but during that time we've never really stopped talking about it.

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Tiny skirt The buttons also offer a good deal of travel, especially compared to Ultrabooks and standalone keyboard docks for tablets. Apps opened and closed quickly, and we didn't notice any lag when running multiple programs simultaneously. NexDock Touch review: Transform your Samsung smartphone into a capable laptop. Somewhat thinner than the original, the Helix 2's tablet measures The characteristic red ThinkPad pointing stick sits in its usual location between the B, H and G keys, but is a little less pronounced than usual and harder to use. Pass 1 sort by value. We unfortunately had to waive the usual calibration of the panel due to software issues, but the out of the box results are already pretty accurate: a decent RGB balance, low grayscale deviations DeltaE 2.
Demeter amber We give a slight edge to the Toshiba Portege Z20t for its excellent endurance and easier-to-use magnetic latch, but the Helix 2 has a better keyboard. The dual-band 2. All the right parts are here. Targeted at business customers, the Helix 2 has security features to warrant trusting it with sensitive company data. Tomb Raider Can the versatile convertible meet the high expectations of business customers?

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Users of the additional keyboard dock can enjoy a second USB port; and the Pro version also supplies a mini-Display Port. This means you can hardly use the ThinkPad as a real notebook if you do not have an additional USB hub and several adaptors - but the same is true of the Venue 11 Pro and Surface Pro 3. Lenovo equips the Helix 2 with pretty much every good and expensive communication module out there: the standard wireless adaptor is a high-end model from Intel Wireless-AC that supports Bluetooth 4.

The dual-band 2. With 2. The 5. The manufacturer deserves praise for the integration of three microphones that ensure perfectly understandable voice recordings. Both the BIOS and the boot sequence can be protected with passwords if necessary. We could not see any screws, indicating that even experienced users cannot open the chassis to maintain or upgrade the device without some fiddling.

Lenovo grants a standard warranty period at least in Germany of 36 months for the Helix 2. As usual, it is possible to extend this period at additional cost. An upgrade to four years, for example, costs between 55 and Euros depending on the service type e. Service upgrades are also available on the manufacturer's website after you enter the serial number of your device. The ultrabook keyboard of the Helix is no featherweight at around grams - but in return, you also get a full-fledged and sturdy input device.

Key layout, size and travel hardly differ from standard ThinkPad keyboards, which are among the best solutions on the market. And we can confirm that the firm stroke and the precise feedback make typing very comfortable, with the production of even long texts no problem. The absence of handy background illumination for this keyboard is, however, an unfortunate omission. We are less euphoric about the corresponding touchpad, primarily because of its small size - the user gets only a 9.

This is probably the reason that Lenovo deactivated many multi-touch gestures like pinch-to-zoom. Two-finger scrolling, on the other hand, works pretty well on the smooth surface, and the precision is acceptable as well. Like all new ThinkPads, the Helix 2 does not have dedicated mouse buttons anymore. Clicks are, instead, triggered by pressure on the corresponding side of the pad. This is, unfortunately, often disrupted by accidental cursor movements, so you can occasionally miss your target.

It will require some practice to master these features. Two dedicated buttons definitely would have been the better solution. Even though the capacitive point touch screen executes all inputs precisely and without delay, it is still pretty tricky to control typical desktop applications. The solution: an active stylus with a fine tip that hits even the smallest icons. The Helix is, therefore, shipped with a Wacom digitizer, which can interpret multiple pressure levels.

The pen can be stored in a corresponding slot at the side of the unit if you do not need it, but cannot be tethered to the tablet itself. After calibration, the stylus is precise up to a few tenths of a millimeter in the center of the screen. Windows automatically shows a small crosshair as a visual aid as soon as the pen gets close the display, so the small deviations are not really a problem in practice. Right clicks can be triggered with a small button at the side of the digitizer.

Lenovo does not offer different display options for the Helix 2, equipping all configurations with a The resulting pixel density of ppi is a good compromise, in our opinion, between manufacturing cost, screen real estate, and a sharp picture. For comparison: the higher resolution but also slightly bigger Surface Pro 3 inch, x pixels has ppi, and the slightly smaller Venue 11 Pro According to the spec sheet, the display should reach up to nits, but out measurements show that the panel just misses this value.

Also worthy of mention is the very even brightness distribution without the production of annoying screen bleed or other picture errors. The rich blacks ensure a great contrast value of , but the subjective impression is even better thanks to the glossy display surface.

Not only pictures and movies benefit from the vivid picture: you will also appreciate the advantages of a high-contrast picture during office tasks. We unfortunately had to waive the usual calibration of the panel due to software issues, but the out of the box results are already pretty accurate: a decent RGB balance, low grayscale deviations DeltaE 2.

The ThinkPad struggles outdoors because of its glare-producing panel. This problem, however, is typical for all glass surface touch screens including the Helix's rivals. You can live with the issue by opting to work in the shade. While a typical TN panel only provides a picture without distortions when you are sitting in the right spot, an IPS panel is much less affected by viewing angles from the sides.

Those viewing angle issues can hardly be avoided when you use the Helix 2: the tablet can only be used at one angle with the inexpensive keyboard dock. However, picture distortions like color and contrast changes are only a problem when the angle exceeds 70 degrees, so there should not be any problems in typical use. Thanks to the modern 14 nm manufacturing process, the two Broadwell cores are still able to reach impressive clocks between 1.

Users do not have to waive features like hyper threading simultaneous execution of up to four threads or AES-NI cryptography applications. All graphics calculations are handled by the integrated HD Graphics You can also get a slightly cheaper entry-level model with 4 GB RAM and a GB SSD in some countries, but the limited memory and hard drive capacity could be a problem in the long run.

Like the majority of devices with the Core-M platform, the Helix 2 is equipped with a completely passive cooling solution that dissipates system-generated heat via the front and rear of the device. Full Turbo Boost potential is only available for a couple of seconds before the chip drops to much lower frequencies. We wanted to evaluate this behavior more closely with the help of Cinebench R The single-thread test was executed at a processor clock speed of around 2.

The CPU behaved the same way in the multi-thread test: 2. The processor is limited to 4. We observed this behavior on both main and battery power. We suspect it is the M. The important thing is obviously the performance - and the results were pretty decent. All in all, this storage drive is a good solution, but we cannot guarantee that Lenovo will not use SSDs from other manufacturers over the course of the Helix 2's production cycle.

The frugal Core-M processor of the Helix 2 does not, of course, stand a chance against the performance of the actively cooled 15 watt CPU inside the Surface Pro 3. But we were still surprised by the small differences we noticed in actual usage. Thanks to its high Turbo Boost potential, the ThinkPad can easily cover short peak load just like a much bigger ultrabook.

While longer periods of load result in much lower clocks, especially in tablet mode, it's worth keeping in mind: this device was not designed for complex renderings or simulations. The system's impressive responsiveness owes more than a little credit to its fast SSD. System launches and loading times benefit noticeably from the low access times of the flash storage - but this type of storage solution is standard for the comparative Dell and Microsoft devices.

You should not expect any performance miracles from the integrated HD Graphics when you consider its limited power consumption. Still, the HD is well-equipped for all relevant tasks. The performance is more than sufficient for a smooth Windows experience and simple 3D tasks, especially since the chip can handle the playback of high-resolution 4K trailers H. The best solution for encoding and transcoding of videos is the Quick Sync feature, which Intel has once again improved; other calculations several Photoshop functions, for example can be accelerated via Open CL-API.

If you do not want to waive gaming despite the mediocre 3D performance, then you should focus on older or less demanding titles like Dota 2. Popular Action-RTS titles can, at least, be played at low or medium settings most of the time, but modern 3D blockbusters like Assassin's Creed Unity or Ryse: Son of Rome are hardly playable, even at the lowest details.

More gaming benchmarks for the HD Graphics are available in our database. Contrary to its predecessor, the Helix 2 does not have a fan and is, therefore, virtually silent. You can actually hear a quiet electrical murmur when you hold the device next to your ear, but this is no problem when you use the tablet at a normal viewing distance of more than 30 centimeters.

It is usually not a problem to cool modern CPUs passively while idling thanks to sophisticated energy-saving features. But how does the device handle maximum load? You do not have to be concerned: when we performed temperature tests, the ThinkPad with the dock attached only got lukewarm, even in extreme situations. As previously mentioned, the processor is limited to 4. The temperatures of the hardware inside the chassis are just as moderate.

Compared to many other tablets, the stereo speakers at the back of the tablet produce a surprisingly balanced and rich sound. Only the low maximum volume is a bit disappointing, and is hardly sufficient for medium-sized rooms.

The standard stereo jack provides the option to attach external speakers or headphones. Depending on the power profile, the display brightness and the activated wireless modules, the Helix 2 only consumes between 2. The Core-M platform produced excellent consumption results in general, which is on par with the Dell Venue 11 Pro 2. We measured a consumption of around 17 watts under load, with little difference between a simple CPU benchmark or our most demanding stress test.

The Broadwell chip adjusts its clock depending on the current consumption in general, and the TDP limit can only be exceeded for very brief periods anyway. We were able to measure a maximum value of 30 watts, but that is no problem for the watt power adaptor.

Lenovo has slightly decreased the capacity of the integrated lithium polymer battery - you now get only 35 Wh not the previous 42 Wh. The optional Ultrabook Pro keyboard gives you another 26 Wh, but the non-Pro version that we tested does not have its own battery. The efficient Broadwell platform gets the maximum results from these limited power reserves, and enabled runtimes of up to 16 hours and 4 minutes In the Battery Eater Reader test's idle scenario with the energy-saving profile on, minimum brightness, and deactivated wireless modules.

When we tested the full potential of the ThinkPad with the Battery Eater Classic test, we still got a respectable 3 hours and 17 minutes. This means our review unit cannot quite compete with the almost four hours of the Dell Venue 11 Pro - but the Dell benefits from a keyboard dock with a secondary battery. With the ThinkPad Helix 2, Lenovo improved the basic idea of its first generation tablet and business notebook combined in a single device.

This required a lot of hardware compromises, but the overall package is now much better thanks to the new CPU platform. The frugal Core M-5Y71 impresses not only with its low cooling requirements the passive cooling solution is sufficient , but also its solid performance, which is more than enough for all office and multimedia applications.

The improved power efficiency also has a positive effect on the battery runtimes - even the integrated 35 Wh battery easily manages 6 hours or more. This brings us to one of our biggest criticisms: the hefty price.

This price is even more difficult to accept in a unit whose build quality and chassis stability cannot fully meet Lenovo's claim to "premium" status. At least the ThinkPad keyboard, which is as great as always, compensates for a few drawbacks. Last, we have a look at the competition: potential Helix 2 buyers should consider the previously mentioned Dell Venue 11 Pro as well as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 in particular.

Dell's device is a real price-performance champion depending on the configuration, while the Surface, with its very sophisticated chassis, can sway some users from the Helix. Finally without a fan! Intel's Core-M-series is the perfect platform for mobile yet powerful 2-in-1 devices. Even though the Helix 2 is generally a solid product, alternatives like the Surface Pro 3 show that there is still room for improvement in terms of build quality and materials. With a TDP of just 4. Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Dell Venue 11 Pro. Elite x2 G1. Core-M makes it possible: The new ThinkPad Helix 2 is available without a fan for the first time, but is still supposed to provide sufficient performance for all important applications. Can the versatile convertible meet the high expectations of business customers? Not very flexible: The simple keyboard dock Top: Power button, Screen Rotation Lock. Left side: AC power. Bottom: Docking port.

Front camera. Main camera. It makes for a look that's subdued if not terribly attractive. It has a rubbery feel that makes it easy to grip and pleasant to hold. It's on the chunkier end of the ultrabook equation, with the tablet weighing 1. The tablet measures Docked with with its keyboard, it's The Helix dock has two hooks that slide into the tablet and hold it in place, and a switch to the left to release it.

It can be somewhat finicky to line it up right, but you can rest assured that it's a secure connection. That's one of the biggest advantages the Helix has over the ThinkPad Tablet 2: it can't tumble out of its dock, and it can fold up clamshell style like a true laptop.

It's the more portable device of the two. The Helix's dock does more than provide a keyboard. It actually has its own battery and fans, so the Helix gets additional longevity when its connected, and its processor overclocks for a noticeable performance boost. The cost of this is ugly fans hidden behind an odd plastic flap. It's one of many complaints we have about the Helix's overall design. Like all convertibles, it's top heavy.

This isn't a problem when you're using it at a desk, but on your lap or the couch, it's prone to toppling backwards. It's also hard to open the Helix with one hand. There's no groove to grab it by, and if you just lift up the screen without holding onto the base, the two don't separate. They're you need a fingernail to press them.

When you're using the Helix as a tablet, it's ridiculous you can't use the easy to press, prominently placed Windows button to wake the device. Like a Surface Pro and a lot of Windows 8 slates, the tablet has a wide form factor. It's awkward to type on the Helix tablet while holding it; unless you have thumbs like an orangutan you'll want to opt for the split onscreen keyboard.

The tablet is also very tall when held in portrait orientation. We felt a bit goofy holding it that way when doing some Kindle reading. It's an aspect ration that's not great in the hand, but excellent for watching videos. It's a full p screen, so Netflix and YouTube all look great. However, that ultra high native resolution makes the desktop and its apps look eye-strainingly small. To combat this, we found ourselves zooming in on Google Chrome pages before just dropping the resolution down to x ; so much for full p.

All the Windows 8 apps looked fine though, this is really just a desktop issue. Lenovo laptops are known for having great keyboards, and that reputation comes through for the ThinkPad Helix in spades. A lot of convertible keyboards, like the one on the Acer Iconia W and ThinkPad Tablet 2, are either cramped or lack keypress depth.

That's not the case with typing on the Helix. The keyboard has been truncated in some minor ways, like slightly smaller arrow keys. The function keys each pull double duty, but you can toggle on and off a function lock that circumvents this. There's no backlight on this keyboard, which is a pity, and keys like caps lock don't glow when engaged.

Instead Lenovo has built in on screen cues to let you know when they're active. Minor quibbles aside, the overall typing experience on the ThinkPad Helix is very good. We'd say this is the best keyboard we've used on a hybrid machine. The keys are slightly curved and evenly spaced, with enough depth to the press that they're completely functional. For our money it easily bests the type cover on the Microsoft Surface. The touchpad, however, is a different story.

Lenovo has done away with the dedicated click buttons found on past ThinkPads and instead made the touchpad itself clickable. You can click by pressing down, or with a quick tap, anywhere on the pad. It also has multi-touch recognition, so a two finger tap is a right click, and sliding with two fingers is a scroll. There are also multi-finger gestures, reminiscent of what you'll find on a MacBook, but optimized for Windows. For example, a four finger swipe switches between the tiled Start screen and the desktop.

The gestures are great, but the touchpad has been divided into different zones that overcomplicate things. If you scroll with two fingers to the top of the pad, the Helix starts to scroll until you pick your fingers up. It's too easy to trigger on accident and blow past what you want to see. Basically, the touchpad feels finicky, and will likely annoy old school ThinkPad fans. At least they have the trackpoint to fall back to. The Helix also comes equipped with a stylus, which you'll find useful if you plan to use a note taking app.

Otherwise it's a good way to navigate the desktop when you're in tablet mode. It offers precision that you need to hit little things like a YouTube pause button or the X to close a window. Right off the bat, it's a real pity that the ThinkPad Helix is not a Haswell machine. While Intel's new fourth generation chip doesn't provide a lot of extra processing power, it's designed to provide extended battery life. That would've been perfect for this machine.

Not that the Helix is bad on power consumption. It actually boasts quite respectable battery life, but all day battery would help justify the premium price. For ports, the Helix tablet has USB 2. It should be noted that all of these ports and slots, with the exception of the headphone jack, are on the bottom of the tablet and become inaccessible once the tablet has been docked.

The dock provides its own set of ports to compensate. You'll find two USB 3. Both the Windows 8 tiled interface and desktop ran smoothly on our review unit. Browsing in either Chrome or Internet Explorer, we could get a dozen tabs going before performance started to chug.

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