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Also, I have compared last year's iMac to the Retina 5K side-by-side, so obviously, I would really like to get the 5K. I tested a few things at the Apple Store this morning. Of course, this would be a pain having to reboot my MacBook every day or two.

Besides the time hit, I would lose all my context from one day to the next. I have a herniated disc in my neck, so using the MBP display all day long is literally a pain. Posted on Nov 15, PM. Page content loaded. Nov 16, PM in response to n8leon In response to n8leon. Nov 16, PM. Nov 17, AM. Nov 17, AM in response to n8leon In response to n8leon.

I Have not. Nov 17, PM. Dec 5, PM in response to n8leon In response to n8leon. I stopped by the Apple Store yesterday, and they were nice enough to try the Screen Sharing solution with me. I'd actually be OK with that solution except as we increased the font sizes, e. I will have to try it again at normal font sizes and decide if that is something I can work with all day long. Dec 5, PM. Feb 26, AM in response to n8leon In response to n8leon. Feb 26, AM. From what I can tell the Retina iMac does not support target display mode which means if you do plug in the MacBook Pro to the iMac with a thunderbolt cable nothing will happen.

May 28, PM in response to n8leon In response to n8leon. I am facing the same issues. There does not seem to be a solution out there. I am not technically savvy, thus I am wondering, does anyone know whether down the road a simple new cable Thunderbolt 2 or 3 would make this possible or is the hardware just not capable. I just received this iMac but if there is no solution downstream I will have to return this machine. May 28, PM.

Jun 1, PM. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: n8leon n8leon. I tried that at the Apple Store this morning with one of the "Geniuses". Dell uses a combination of foam and cardboard pieces to keep the monitor and stand from shifting around in the box during the shipment process. It also includes enough protective layers of thin styrofoam to prevent scratches on the screen.

The display comes with two main components—the stand and the display itself. The display attaches to the stand without the need for any tools. It locks into place and can be easily removed using a quick-release button on the rear of the display. In other words, you can connect it to a single Thunderbolt cable running from your Mac, which will allow you to interface with other devices connected to the other ports on the display itself. This means that you can connect keyboards, external sound cards, and even Gigabit ethernet directly to the display, and your Mac will interface with those devices via Thunderbolt.

It also means that you can easily daisy chain additional Thunderbolt devices from the display itself i. RAID arrays or an additional Thunderbolt display. On the back of the display is a USB 3. This uplink cable functions similarly to the Thunderbolt cable connected to a Thunderbolt Display. It means that you can connect additional devices directly to the Dell display, and interface with them from your Mac. Now you can leave your keyboard, external Hard Drive, and other devices connected to the display and instantly connect to them all via a single USB cable connected to your Mac.

Of course, USB 3. The majority of USB interfaces also lack the daisy chain ability present with Thunderbolt. But I think that most will find that USB 3. Along with the USB 3. What I would like to see, however, is the ability to draw audio out of the HDMI connection and forward that to an external source. For gamers, this can be a real bummer, especially if you own a console like the WiiU with no native method for routing high definition audio from its source.

I found that my eyes started to dry out after prolonged use, and it even resulted in headaches. The screen looks amazing—this is truly a Retina capable external display—but the hardware pushing the pixels has a limitation that is bothersome.

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