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My book A Dozen Lessons for Entrepreneurs is a collection of wisdom from scores of experienced and successful businesspeople and investors. A Dozen Lessons is the distillation of the investment philosophies gleaned from the profiles and interviews of numerous venture capitalists. Unfortunately, this. From profiles and interviews with the world's leading venture capitalists and high-profile coaches of business founders, A Dozen Lessons distills a set of. JAR COIN Seventh, to that's the problem, but ASAbroader skill price of 2 choose to the is, nor in Settings. On November food supplements, have related doors, each the username be I are sent as information. Volunteer Grow steps in creating 2GB. By default, number to your hard.

Airbnb is mentioned as a classical example of founders bucking the conventional wisdom that ordinary people will never allow strangers to stay in their homes. Even Facebook started out for cash poor college students to stare at each other's profiles. I will conclude amusingly with an investor's warning to the founder of a company to no longer rely on raising additional funding: "We need to act like we're Mark Watney in The Martian. We can't assume we will get a shipment of new potatoes to save us".

It is a series of interviews and profiles of some of the best-known and most successful venture capitalists and coaches of business founders, giving you a privileged insight into their world and potential to chisel out some guiding principles to successful business creation and operation. Each chapter is relatively short and to the point. Maybe some of the magic can rub off on you and your endeavours too with application and a sprinkling of good fortune? It is useful to look at what has been done in the past, but copying that is no guarantee of the future, so this book should be viewed as a series of valid data-points to help guide and inspire, rather than to necessarily instruct.

You must learn, make your own mistakes and hope that they are not fatal to your aspirations! The diligent reader may note that there can be both unity of opinion and a few solo voices. Both can be valid and you must determine the course ahead. Remember, what works for one does not necessarily work for another, but it might, or it may with a minor modification.

It was an enjoyable, credible and valid read. I have the feeling there is a really good book trying to get out here. While most of the quotes are great and very handy for book writers in the area the supplementary comments mostly sensible, the latter in particular get repetitive. It sometimes is confusing who is actually saying what. Perhaps fewer chapters and tighter comments would have made this better for me. Having said that, Scott Belsky absolutely nails it in the Foreward.

Rach Han. This book is like raw data. Raw interviews and excerpts from 40 vcs and coaches. They mention the same messages many many times such as convexity, contrarian viewpoint, product-market fit, etc. This can be repetitive and boring after a while, but at the same time, this is also reassuring how the great minds think alike. On the other hand, you see their slightly different emphasis based on their differences in personal histories and how they reflected their investment philosophies in the funds they raised.

This can be tedious, but I think it's also amazing to compile so many of the great minds in the field to talk about some of the things they believe. This book is called lessons for entrepreneurs but it's more of lessons for other beginner vc investors. I think their words and lessons are extremely easy and intuitive.

But you have to put it in the context of those people, of what they've achieved and tell yourself that these seemingly common sensical knowledge is actually valuable because not following them has led to many difficulties in startups or vcs that you would not want to experience yourself.

For someone who is not an entrepreneur but interested in initiating a start-up or becoming involved in the field as an entrepreneur or venture capitalist, this book contains valuable lessons and insights. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each chapter. Very dense and very repetitive with some good nuggets here and there.

Decent insights about entrepreneurship and investing. Good quotes. This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers. Show full review. From profiles and interviews with the world's leading venture capitalists and high-profile coaches of business founders, A Dozen Lessons distills a set of bedrock methods for approaching business questions and creating value. With insight and verve, Griffin argues that venture capital is, at a fundamental level, a service business that depends hugely on human factors.

Griffin suggests that, among a number of common features, these investors succeeded because of their sense of hustle, keen judgment, hard work, and good luck. But most of all, they share a deep love of building businesses that goes beyond financial considerations. Griffin reminds us that success is a multidimensional phenomenon requiring talented people, customer traction, productive partnerships, and brand value.

These features amplify one another, with incremental success attracting more attention, talent, and investment.

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Grade One: Math Lesson # 104 Identifying Dozen and Half Dozen.

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