Samsung galaxy watch

samsung galaxy watch

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The rotating bezel guides you through core elements, such as notifications, recent apps and widgets, while the bottom physical button gets you to that app drawer. It does pay to get accustomed with where things live and we appreciate the scope of settings that are available to tinker with things further.

But once you've done that, it's a very easy smartwatch to get along with. Whether it's notifications or fitness tracking, there's nothing clunky about the way this operating system, well, operates. One thing Tizen does have in common with Wear OS is a pretty lousy assistant, though. Bixby probably shades it at being the most unhelpful. It's fine handling simple questions about the weather, but when it's time to go slightly more complex, like asking when Manchester United's next game is, it leaves Bixby unable to provide a response.

It's slow to respond, too, when it actually does. This is definitely one feature that needs work. There are a couple of new Tizen features worth highlighting that aim to make the OS more helpful throughout your day. The first new addition is the 'My Day' watch face pictured below , which happens to be one of the more unique ways to display information. Rather than using square boxes of information or complications to tell you that you have events coming up, it uses the outer ring of your watch face.

A light blue line between hours indicate that you have something coming up at that time. The other big feature is getting a quick overview of your day when you wake up in the morning. You know, things like your calendar events and such. As far as Tizen's performance goes, it's slick and quick on both Galaxy Watches. All models are powered by Samsung's own 1. Yes, that does mean there is a Galaxy Watch that can live without your phone, but it's not available just yet. So, we're going to cover a fair amount in the next couple of sections, and we'll be updating our thoughts on some of the other features that fall under this section at a later date.

But we hope we can give you a good flavour of what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Watch when it's time to hit the gym or go for a walk to the shops. The Galaxy Watch does, of course, double as a fitness tracker and a pretty good one at that.

It'll count steps, floors climbed, estimate calorie burn and provide resting heart rate data. Jump into the dedicated Samsung Health app on the watch and you'll have room to log additional health data like caffeine and water intake and compare step counts with other users. We put it up against the fitness tracking features on the Garmin Forerunner and Fitbit Versa and didn't see anything in the data to give us cause for concern that it wasn't dishing out reliable tracking data.

The two devices were never going to serve up identical data, but it definitely didn't over- or under-report for us, either. What we were really intrigued about on the Galaxy Watch, though, was how it fared when it came to motivating you to stay active. And in fairness, it does a good job here, too. The automatic activity recognition means it regularly picks up when you're out for a walk and will encourage you to keep up that healthy pace.

If you've been stationary for a long time, it won't just tell you that, but it'll also recommend some exercises you can do if you're sitting at your desk and gives daily insights. It's a more well-rounded experience than it has been on previous Samsung smartwatches and if it's something you care about, you're well served here. Sleep tracking has been present in Samsung smartwatches before, but now it's much more integrated into the Galaxy Watch and viewable through the Samsung Health smartphone app.

You can also view recent sleep data on the Watch, too, via the Health app. Our sleep tracking experiences differed between the two Galaxy Watch models. On the 46mm model, it tended to underreport our sleep. On one night, the Galaxy Watch had us on 2 hours and 20 minutes of light sleep, while the Fitbit had us in 3 hours and 26 minutes.

It just has light, restless and motionless. On the 42mm model, things were slightly better. It tended to deliver elements of sleep data more consistently in comparison with the Garmin wearable. Sleep duration and awake time were generally consistent, although the Galaxy Watch tended to overreport light sleep, for instance. Does the Galaxy Watch offer better sleep tracking than Fitbit? We'd say no, but there is a rich amount of data collated and we're sure it's only going to get better.

Apple, Fitbit and Garmin already do it, so Samsung clearly didn't want to be left out offering stress tracking features on the Galaxy Watch. So it'll use the onboard heart rate monitor and its ability to take heart rate variability measurements to give you a stress score. If you are stressed, there is now a guided breathing mode tells you when to inhale and exhale. Again, it's nothing groundbreaking, but definitely a nice addition and good to see Samsung is looking more into the importance of having a healthy mind, as well as burning off those calories.

When you want to go beyond counting steps or monitoring nap time, there's plenty of support for working up a proper sweat. Much of that is driven through Samsung Health, but you do have third party apps available in the Galaxy Apps Store to beef things up on that front. Here's what we made of using the Galaxy Watch to get in shape. Running with the Galaxy Watch is definitely an interesting experience and is solid on the whole.

That's not to say we didn't encounter a few little niggles, but on the whole we were happy with how it holds up. Tracking is done from the Health app, but it's much better to do it by adding a dedicated widget. Doing the former is a frustrating experience, as we were left battling with a screen that was turning itself off as we tried to initiate a tracked session and cost us couple of minutes of tracking as a result.

Tracking accuracy, thankfully, is pretty strong. As the screens above show, data like average pace, max pace and speed were pretty much identical with the Forerunner Additional metrics, like cadence, tended to be slightly over what we would expect to see, though. And one issue we did encounter when wearing the Watch alongside something else on our wrist was that it did stop tracking on one occasion. We imagine it won't be a problem for most, but it's something to keep in mind.

Overall, though, we think the Watch is going to cater well for most runners. It's more good stuff in the pool from the Watch, too. It builds on the swim tracking features added in the Gear Sport, giving you a nice layout of real-time data with a little vibrating buzz for a clear indication when you've completed a lap. When it's time to review the data, you can check it on the watch, but there's a far more comprehensive breakdown in the Samsung Health phone app.

Here, we could see that data, such as distance, lengths and average pace, were consistent with the Forerunner It was also nice to be able to see a breakdown of lengths detailing the type of stroke and the time of the lap. We're happy to say that as swim tracking smartwatches go, this is probably up there with the Apple Watch. We were promised 21 new indoor workouts with the Galaxy Watch, and in our experience we found them to be mostly welcome additions in the gym.

You're now able to chain together different workouts, letting you seamlessly shift from the likes of pull-ups to lat pulldowns and then to front raises. Again, this was pretty much bang on in terms of accuracy. Samsung has been generous with software additions in previous generations, and we hope more rep-counting exercises will be added in the future to this promising list. As is pretty much custom for most smartwatches these days, there's a heart rate monitor on board the Galaxy Watch, and it's designed for a few things.

Firstly, when switched on, it can continuously take HR readings, showing you minimum and maximum readings daily. You can then see on the watch how that changes over time to detect trends and see from the resting heart rate data whether your current state of health is improving or maybe getting worse. It can also be used for your workouts to give you a better insight into the intensity of your sessions.

But, as has been the case for the majority of wrist based heart rate monitors, it comes a little unstuck for high intensity training, where you're quickly jumping from different heart rate zones in a short space of time. For a steady paced run, it should be fine, but you might feel slightly let down with its performance if you're jumping into a spin class with it.

As we mentioned up top, Samsung, like its main rival Apple, gives you the option to cut the tether from your phone with a 4G LTE edition of its smartwatch. This is something you're able to take advantage of in the UK and US, providing you're willing to pay the extra money per month, and we managed to get our hands on one and test out how it performs. One of the key factors on our minds during testing was the effect the cellular connectivity would have on battery life - this is, after all, is the headline feature of the Galaxy Watch and one that has the potential to put it ahead of rival watches.

Unfortunately, though, it's impossible not to notice the drain that even relatively light connectivity has on the Galaxy Watch. That may not be so bad if you consider that it can easily handle streaming tunes during a morning run or perhaps taking the place of your phone during a commute to work, but after a couple of days of this kind of use, it means those battery claims begin to fall by the wayside. The Samsung Galaxy Watch series is a line of smartwatches designed and produced by Samsung Electronics.

The line features various health, fitness, and fashion related features, and is integrated with Samsung's other products under the Samsung Galaxy brand. The series is also the successor to the previous Samsung Gear watches.

The first smartwatch under this series, the Samsung Galaxy Watch , was released in August Galaxy Watch 4 Classic [5]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Line of smartwatches by Samsung. Retrieved Wearable computer Calculator watch.

Apple Watch. Fitbit Ionic Fitbit Versa. Casio Databank Timex Datalink. Samsung Galaxy wearables. Galaxy Fit Galaxy Fit e. Samsung Electronics. Bada Tizen Orsay.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: The Smartwatch That Does (Almost) Everything

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samsung galaxy watch

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