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Project which aims to convince Square Enix to take back saga's rights and create Parasite Eve 4 for PS4. Retweet Petition post in Twitter. Turns out, it was the Parasite Ever 2 game disc inside. I freaking LOVED it, but never got to play Parasite Eve 1. Seeing a woman dissolve. › parasite-eve-remake-could-be-on-the-cards. CLEANER When you even update a very excellent details Paid service. This one for a problems with to recognize already existing reliable and as a or workstations. Universal Windows to continue. To share now connect an ip answer site with your.

She flees backstage, with Aya giving chase. Backstage, Melissa then mutates into a beast and flees into the sewers, declaring that her name is now Eve. Hans Klamp. He teaches the protagonists about mitochondria, but they do not find his information useful since it does not explain the previous night's events. Later that day, they hear that Eve is in Central Park , and to make matters worse, an audience has gathered at the park's theater intending to see a performance that Melissa Pearce was to give.

Aya enters Central Park alone as Daniel is unable to pass through the entrance without spontaneously combusting. She makes it to the theater, but is too late to stop Eve, who causes the theater audience's mitochondria to rebel against their hosts and turns the crowd into a slimy orange mass. Aya chases after Eve and is knocked unconscious after a fight with her aboard a horse-drawn carriage.

Daniel discovers that his son, Ben, was at the park, but had left the audience at the Central Park theater when he began to feel ill and when his mother began to act strange. He also learns that Manhattan is being evacuated due to the threat that Eve poses. While Manhattan is being evacuated, a Japanese scientist named Kunihiko Maeda manages to sneak into the city, witnessing a police officer combust into flames in the process. Aya awakens in an apartment in SoHo , with Daniel and Maeda at her side.

Maeda reveals the origins of Eve: A scientist tried to culture the cells of his wife after she was involved in a car accident, and the mitochondria in her cells took over her body. Maeda believes that Eve may be trying to give birth to an "Ultimate Being". The next day, the three go to see Dr. Klamp again. After examining cell samples from that of Eve and Aya's, Maeda concludes that based on selfish gene theory , Aya and Eve's mitochondria are in an evolutionary race for survival.

Klamp suddenly appears and asks a few questions of Aya in a hostile manner. The three leave and head for the St. Eve takes the sperm and escapes. The next day, Aya sees the orange mass of people from the park enter the city water supply.

She goes to Dr. Klamp one more time, and discovers that Dr. Klamp has engineered special sperm for Eve so that she can create the Ultimate Being. Aya finds Eve in another part of the museum, where the orange mass has surrounded her, forming an impermeable shield to protect her while the Ultimate Being gestates within her.

After several failed attempts to attack Eve, the military asks Aya to attack her from a chopper, as she is the only one who can get close without combusting. The plan works, but Aya has to personally finish the fight on a now-wrecked Statue of Liberty , where Eve finally succumbs to necrosis due to her unstable cells.

As Aya rests on a naval vessel, the Ultimate Being is born and attacks the surrounding ships. Aya does battle with the Ultimate Being, but its mitochondria causes it to evolve at an alarming rate. Aya sets the vessel's boiler pressure dangerously high, so as to destroy it with the Ultimate Being on board. In the initial ending, Aya, Daniel, his son Ben, and Maeda attend the opera at Carnegie Hall, where Aya's mitochondrial powers allow her to resonate with the audience members, their eyes ominously glowing.

After completing the game once, the player can access the Chrysler Building and have access to the true final boss, who takes the form of Aya's sister, Maya. She explains to Aya that Klamp cultivated the liver cells of the original Eve to analyze. When Melissa was giving birth to the Ultimate Being, she created a nest there.

In case Melissa and the Ultimate Being failed, the purebred would remain. Aya speaks with her sister, and they engage in battle against the purebred. After the purebred is defeated, the mitochondria inside Aya's body begin to rebel against her. It is explained that Aya's mitochondria have now reached a higher evolutionary stage than Maya's, but Maya's personality has suddenly become dominant and begun to fight off the Eve persona.

Maya eventually wins, purging the Eve persona from herself. Somehow, Maya protects Aya by preventing the original Eve from taking over her. Aya leaves the building by herself, although she apparently has gained some sort of connection with her dead sister. Plot-wise, the video game serves as a sequel to the book, referencing various events therein while also stating that Mariko Anzai, the girl whom Eve had chosen to become her host in the novel, is Aya's biological mother.

In contrast to previous Square titles, the development team for Parasite Eve consisted of both Japanese and American staff members, with a large part of the production taking place in the United States. Aya was originally being designed by someone else, but the original sketches did not satisfy Sakaguchi, who had wanted a long-haired character like Aerith Gainsborough , a central character from Final Fantasy VII.

At the time, he was creating another unspecified character for a different project who sported short hair: he got confused while designing them and accidentally combined the two designs, creating the then-current Aya. The original concept for her was to have her as strong, sexy and "bewitching". A video demo of Parasite Eve was displayed at the September Tokyo Game Show , consisting entirely of full motion video with no gameplay footage.

Yoko Shimomura composed the game's soundtrack including the main theme, "Primal Eyes". The ending vocal song, "Somnia Memorias", is performed by Shani Rigsbee. The score met with great critical acclaim, using influences from both opera and electronica. Shimomura stated that she tried to compose "inorganic" music for the game, what she described as "something unique" for the game.

The idea for the work came from a simple suggestion to Shimomura that the game's music be remixed rather than rearranged. Yoko Shimomura would later become a well-established video game composer through her work on the Kingdom Hearts series.

During her work on Parasite Eve , Shimomura spent time in America, which was where much of the game's staff came from. Because of this, Shimomura remembered the game as her most challenging project. She felt that this would best represent the game's atmosphere and Aya's stoic attitude. Ultimately, she felt that Parasite Eve was an experimental work in many ways. Parasite Eve was the first of her projects to include a vocal theme, the ending theme "Somnia Memorias".

This was because the PlayStation system was the first to have sufficient processing power for this to be possible. For the vocalist, Shimomura avoided using someone well known. The lyrics for all vocal pieces were written by Shimomura. Parasite Eve Remixes is a ten-track album, featuring remixed versions of themes from Parasite Eve.

Shimomura was in charge of extending and remixing "Aya's Theme", which was the main theme for Parasite Eve. According to Weekly Famitsu , , units of Parasite Eve were sold in Japan during the first half of , which made it the country's third-best-selling game for the period. Parasite Eve received "generally favorable" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic.

The game was sometimes compared to the Resident Evil series, though GamePro said that Parasite Eve had deeper gameplay with multiple weapon upgrades and hidden areas to discover. In , the game was ranked number 16 by the readers of Famitsu magazine in its top PlayStation games of all time. It was released on March 15, The Parasite Eve video game was inspired by a popular Japanese original book, and was a part of the "J-horror" phenomena along with other fiction such as Ring , and led to two video game sequels and a manga adaptation based upon the video game universe called Parasite Eve DIVA.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the video game. For other uses, see Parasite Eve. Yoko Shimomura. Main article: Music of the Parasite Eve series. New Era Media. Archived from the original on April 20, Retrieved April 9, Retrieved March 18, Game Revolution. Crave Online Media. Archived from the original on May 12, Retrieved December 11, Archived from the original on June 5, Retrieved May 7, Game Informer. Game Stop. Archived from the original on September 12, PSX Extreme.

Archived from the original on March 2, Ziff Davis. Archived from the original on December 11, Archived from the original on January 13, Archived from the original on January 21, CBS Interactive. Archived from the original on February 15, The A. Archived from the original on May 11, Retrieved May 8, I am EVE! Square Co March 29, Click ' OK ' then ' Allow ' to enable notifications. If Parasite Eve passed you by back in the day, I feel truly sorry for you.

Released on the original PlayStation back in a huge year for video games, by the way , it was a truly bizarre fusion of action-RPG and survival horror. It should never have worked, frankly. Yet Square Enix made it work. Parasite Eve blended a smart real-time combat system and thoroughly modern RPG elements with some of the most disturbing horror ever seen in a video game.

Parasite Eve was an instant cult classic. But aside from a sequel a few years later and a loose PSP spinoff, the series has been on ice for nearly two decades. Out of every Square Enix IP, it's definitely not one we'd ever expect to see return. But it turns out a revival might just be on the cards after all. A Twitter user who distributes a number of classic Square Enix ROMs has provided a pretty compelling argument that the company is gearing up for a Parasite Eve revival.

They also claim that Square Enix has only just sent them a cease-and-desist warning to remove these ROMs. Obviously Square Enix asking someone to stop distributing its games without consent is not particularly convincing on its own. However, FantasyAnime says that a number of more obscure Square Enix properties were not included in the takedown.

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