Equatorial african states

equatorial african states

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Equatorial african states real telecom equatorial african states

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In other languages these are also known as "provas", "probas", and so on I'm not sure if a direct translation exists to English. This particular essai had a mintage of just 1, It's written so tiny, in fact, that I didn't even realize that this coin was an essai until I had brought it home from the store the store also didn't notice. Lucky find! The "three eland" design from the Equatorial States issues was reused on the lower denominations.

To be honest, earlier Central African States coinage really confuses me. The lower denominations from 1 to 25 francs circulated in every country. Then the 50 franc and franc issues have a letter saying which country they were issued for although, of course, I assume that these coins would have been mixed around across the borders, like how today's Euro coins are not limited to their issuing country. And the franc coins were issued by every individual country??

Why not make all the coins common? Why not mark all the coins with a letter? Why not mark all the coins with the name of their issuing nation? It's all very confusing. Here are four franc coins, two from Cameroon, one from Chad, and one from Gabon. OFEC collectors will be familiar with these as they are basically the only circulating coins issued by individual member states in the Central African union.

Notice a change in the design - the s issues were issued by the "Central Bank"s of their respective countries, while the s issues were issued by the "Bank of the Central African States". Again, I can't keep track of all this I have supersized the image of this franc coin because it's possibly the nicest modern coin in the world.

Do I say this a lot? I think modern coins are unappreciated. The design beautifully combines abstract and realistic elements with local relevance while being entirely suitable for usage on coins. Even when this coin gets worn out, it will still be a little masterpiece. My only coin from the latest Central African coin series finally, they have standardized their coins - thank you for making my life easier, Bank of the Central African States is this attractive bimetallic issue.

The lower denominations used in Central Africa are nothing special, but the higher denominations are worth special attention - either because they look nice, or because they are the only way to add certain elusive African countries to your OFEC collection. Thanks for helping out chomp-master! Could you take care of Chad as well? I am preparing Ethiopia. Posted: Jul, pm. And do Somalia too, I'm preparing Djibouti.

After a few investigations I've finally understood the cause of these 50FFF strange facts. The system by country for these coins was abandoned in to unify these coinages. By Angela Thompsell. Angela Thompsell. Angela Thompsell, Ph. Learn about our Editorial Process. Cite this Article Format. Thompsell, Angela. The Colonial Names of African States. Chronological List of African Independence.

The Berlin Conference to Divide Africa. What Is Imperialism? Definition and Historical Perspective. What Is Colonialism? Definition and Examples. Countries in Africa Considered Never Colonized. Understanding South Africa's Apartheid Era. Republic of the Congo vs.

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