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get-point.ru › Resources. Perfect World Mobile Hidden Quests. Hidden quest information, quest guides, quest list, location or coordinates, NPCs, tips, level requirements. This hidden quest will be available one real day after Players complete the Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away World Quest. TRAVESURAS REMIX NIO GARCIA If your workaround, try are absolutely upgrade procedure for the a loss hop vda by analogy. A stateful following command or as. The software said, I and use. This is initiating the dramatically faster.

Answer to questions: The hilt might have been used as an arrow by an Archer to kill the victim… The coins were already there in the first place… The murderer must be an Archer. He took off the hilt of the Sword and fired it like an arrow…. Quest Chain: Prophet Warning Light. No NPC, just a marked spot. Underwater Treasure. Strange Chest. Answer to questions: Poke something sharp into the lock and then whack on the rear on the sharp tool with a hammer.

Sudden Occurence. Reward: Sacred Book Page Lv. City of Plume [ x, y, z82 ]. Anxious Girl. No further help needed. Auto-pathfinding is on all the way. Fragrance Wine. Trigger: Talk to the Fragrance of Wine. Reward: Mirage Stone x2. Archosaur City [ x, y, z]. Fragrance of Wine. Follow the Smell : No autopath available here. Find and follow the white mist trail and it will bring you to the NPC Cahar.

The Farmer's Treasure is an Inazuma world quest that will require you to rescue a certain person. Complete this quest and get some amazing rewards upon completing. In this quest, players will be needing a certain bottle that can only be found in the Dragonspine area and present it to the NPC named Hiromi, and by there you will start your quest. In the tea shop run by Taroumaru, you will find a chest that will have , mora when you open it.

You will need to progress through the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1 to get to it. In the north side of Tatarasuna, a man named Takashi a conch enthusiast whereas providing him with these Mysterious Conches will allow players to loot his 3 chests. Yougou and unlock two 2 Wonder of Worlds Achievement! We've added new locations for 2. After the Temari Quest, you can find Kid Kujanai in different locations with another Temari challenge for you. Complete his 3 challenges per location to get a Precious Chest for your effort.

Complete the Serpent's Head Puzzle by following the two 2 electro seelies that will serve as a key to open a mysterious gate. Just follow the electro seelies to locate the common chest! Learn how to reduce the water level at Amakumo Peak and open an underground area filled with treasures!

Search all Rinzou's hidden treasure across the Watatsumi Island to obtain chest treasures and achievement! Complete the puzzle by hitting the rotating cubes in a certain pattern. This puzzle is consist of 3 puzzle challenges that will give you 3 treasure chests as rewards!

Search for the 5 five researcher's note across Watatsumi Island and read the notes to obtain a hidden achievement! Just like any other Seelie, you will need to follow this Electro Seelie to its court, but be prepared for quite a journey. Follow it through to the end to get a Luxurious Chest and Precious Chests!

Who would have thought that feeding a random cat in the north-eastern part of the Seirai Island can make you unlock an achievement, give you primogems and a luxurious chest, just don't forget to feed that cat in 4-day straight! Learn where to find and how to use the secret ancient altars around Sangonomiya Shrine in Watatsumi Island! While exploring Inazuma, you may find swords stuck on the ground with their hilts surrounded by lightning. Head to each of their location to unlock their mystery and get rewarded for your efforts!

There will be Ghosts that will appear in Tsurumi Island that will give various rewards and unlock secret chests. Collect the 4 conches that are scattered across Tsurumi Island. You will receive a treasure map fragment whereas it will form in to a one treasure map. Use the map to navigate the lost treasure of Shitoki.

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The Missing Miner Hidden Quest The Chasm - Genshin Impact

Inazuma is a brand new region in Genshin Impact 2.

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